m, I can do without it.”

Ning Chu was confused, “When did I hate it?” 

Wuuth stood under the tree and tried to reach out to Ning Chu’s side of the face.
He was halfway there when Ning Chu grabbed his hand and wouldn’t let him get any closer.
Ning Chu vaguely understood Wuuth’s meaning, “No, I don’t hate it…”

“I could approach you when I was in dragon form before, but not in human form,” Wuuth lowered his eyes at Ning Chu, his voice low, “and now that I’ve turned back into a dragon, I can’t in this form either.”

He seemed to be accusing himself, and Ning Chu opened his mouth and tried to explain, “Don’t think too much about it, I don’t hate your human form because… because what you’re doing by turning back into a dragon is also equivalent to doing it in human form, which is inappropriate…”

Ning Chu always saw Wuuth’s face when the little black dragon licked him, and he couldn’t accept it no matter how much he psychologically built himself up.

“Is that so?” Wuuth heard this expression for the first time, and his expression looked as if he got it, and as if he didn’t.
It wasn’t appropriate to call Ning Ning, it wasn’t appropriate to approach him in his dragon form, since he said he didn’t hate his human form.
Wuuth reached out to Ning Chu again and gently touched the mark on Ning Chu’s face that had been cut by the sharp teeth.

Thinking he still cared about hurting him, Ning Chu didn’t duck and cooperated by tilting his head, “Don’t look, I’m not hurt enough to need healing…”

Then Wuuth came closer and kissed him on the spot of the wound.

Ning Chu’s brain exploded and his words stopped abruptly.
He wasn’t sure if Wuuth just touched it with his lips, or if it was the same as when he was in dragon form… Ning Chu didn’t dare to look deeper, the heat was spreading rapidly from within and it felt like his fingertips were burning.

Wuuth backed away, frowning and raising his hand to probe Ning Chu’s cheek and forehead, “Why is it so red?”

He was worried that something was wrong with Ning Chu’s body, but found that he was only feverish.
His heart was beating fast, and Wuuth counted the beats without moving.
It was similar to the sound of his heartbeat when he first took Ning Chu into his arms.
It was also the first time he tried to be close to Ning Chu in human form while he was awake.

Wuuth didn’t have much hope, but he didn’t expect Ning Chu to hide.
There was just a strange reaction.

Ning Chu pulled off Wuuth’s hand and immediately let go, trying to back up but against the tree trunk behind him.
He took a few deep breaths and tried to adjust his expression to make himself look serious, “Don’t do such things in the future…”

He would really misunderstand.

However, to Wuuth, Ning Chu’s voice was a bit small and half-intimidating, nothing like when he used to resist him.

Wuuth’s lowered palm clenched and unclenched unconsciously, and he said, “Okay.”

He had a hunch that he had to say yes now, or else Ning Chu’s only bit of relief would disappear again.
Ning Chu was still leaning against the trunk of the tree, his eyes as defensive and nervous as a small animal.
He had promised himself, and he still hadn’t relaxed.

Wuuth began to remember the last time Ning Chu was in a good mood.

It was today, he revealed his dragon form in front of Ning Chu, Ning Chu seemed to like it, and even took the initiative to approach and touch his scales.

Ning Chu liked to hug the baby dragon cubs and rub their heads and squeeze their claws, Wuuth and the other dragons knew that, so when they wanted to get close to Ning Chu, they would take the initiative to get pampered by him and let him hug them.

Wuuth wanted to give it a try too.

“Go to the back of the mountain?” He rarely did this, and his tone was a bit unnatural, “To see how the dragons are doing.”

A sudden change of topic, raw but effective, and Ning Chu’s attention was successfully diverted, “Mn… okay.”

Wuuth turned alone and walked to the clearing, not waiting for Ning Chu behind him to follow.
Ning Chu was puzzled, took a step, and a giant dragon appeared in front of him, the huge body accidentally crushing a few trees.

A few elves in the distance saw and gave a cry of surprise, the things that they were holding things in their hands dropped, looking at the dragon that appeared out of nowhere for a long time and couldn’t snap out of their daze.

Ning Chu was also stunned, he didn’t expect Wuuth would change back to adult form.

Was he trying to… take him to fly back?

The back of the mountain wasn’t far, in fact, there was no need for such trouble… But Ning Chu looked at the huge dragon hanging his head down in front of him, and was very moved.

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