nd ask their advice.”

When he and Wuuth had settled the Church, they would take the dragons directly to Lough Valley and then see if they could leave them behind.

Ximan was still a little worried, “Just the two of you? Plus this little dragon cub?”

The little dragon cub was belittled and spewed out a mouthful of wind in anger, rolling Ximan around several times in place.

“Okay, you guys be safe,” Ximan braced his dizzy head and left Ning Chu the direction and location of the Lough Valley, “I’ll meet you at the mouth of the valley.”

He re-masked and left, leaving Ning Chu and Wuuth behind, along with Second Cub who crouched obediently under Ning Chu’s gaze.
In the distance, all the cages were loaded onto the transport truck, counted and ready to go.
The leader of the group looked around to make sure there was nothing unusual and let the transport start.

The iron cages were locked with the dragons inside, the transport couldn’t use the magic beasts to pull the load, so it needed someone to take turns to use magic energy to drive the transport cart forward.
The direction they went was outside the city, Ning Chu and Wuuth followed close behind to keep the right distance and waited patiently.

The transports soon left through the back gate of the city and made their way to a remote forest road.
Several vehicles slowed down, with people guarding on all sides, holding their magic wands tightly as they surveyed the surroundings warily.

Last night someone invaded the woods to destroy the magic formation, and in the end failed to catch the person.
They must be more cautious today, not allowing an accident.
The surrounding area was very quiet, the transport truck traveled halfway, and a figure suddenly appeared in front.
He was dressed in black, with a mask on his face, no weapons in his hands, and no contracted beasts around him.

The Church group was immediately alerted and stopped the transport.

Someone spoke up, “Who are you? I advise you to leave before you get in the way.”

The figure didn’t move, so the Church’s leader of the operation elders came forward, measuring him with narrowed eyes, “Last night was also you? Why are you alone, so insolent?”

Wuuth said coldly, “It was me.”

He didn’t come alone.

A dragon roar sounded from behind, and the Church elder’s face changed and he turned around subconsciously.
A fierce wind whipped his robe, and the dragon descended from the sky, his dark eyes filled with rage.

Ning Chu sat on the back of Second Cub’s neck, gripping the neck hair to stabilize his body, “Destroy the iron cages and release the dragons.”

At the same time, before the Church team could regain their attention, Wuuth also moved.
Dark magic easily strangled several people in front of him, before he came to the Church elder, “Last night it was you who injured him?”

The Church elder’s eyes were shocked, “Who are you?”

Last night’s two people fled in haste, he didn’t take it too seriously, there were very few people who had the courage to oppose the Church.
But the sudden appearance of the magic dragon disrupted all his plans.

Wuuth whispered, “You’re not qualified to know.”

The dragon in the air was huge but agile, and it was extremely difficult to hit with their attacking magic.
Second Cub dodged the attack while flying and blew through with a mouthful of hurricane wind.
The black cloth covered by the iron cage was blown away long ago, and the dragons inside were all very excited when they saw the dragon appear.

Nearby were woods, so Ning Chu couldn’t use fire magic, and only used wood and thunder magic, and used vines and branches to bind the people underneath, and then inject thunder magic into it.
A large number of people soon fell behind, and Second Cub took the opportunity to fly down and bend the cage with his claws, and the dragon inside escaped through the twisted gap.

“Roar!” Second Cub told the dragons to follow the command and not to leave.

They hadn’t eaten for a long time and were all exhausted.
Second Cub didn’t let them engage in battle, but went to wait in the woods not far away.

On Wuuth’s side, the Church elder was surrounded by several helpers, and while Wuuth’s strength wasn’t weak, he actually failed to kill the elder.
Wuuth was now in human form, his power and movement was limited.
He gradually became impatient and his body shape began to change.

It was the time of day where the sun was clearly the strongest, but, now, the sun seemed to be blocked.
The refreshing coolness gradually spread with the shadows beneath their feet, causing fear to sprout.

When the second dragon appeared, almost everyone stopped.
There was no point in struggling, and it was too late to escape, only death awaited them.
They didn’t even have time to think about which one of the magic dragons this dragon was.

The few people closest to the black dragon were even shivering and fell to their knees.
With an expression of fear and madness on his face, the Church elder squeezed a few words out of his teeth, “You are a… dragon.”

After Ning Chu and Second Cub rescued the last dragon and finished the surrounding area, they saw the black dragon swinging its front claws and the Church elder was slapped away, smashing into the trunk of a tree and spitting out blood, losing his breath.

Ning Chu got down from Second Cub, looked up at the dragon and couldn’t help but hold his breath.
This was the first time he saw Wuuth in his adult form.

The dragon’s body was pitch black, and his body size was two or three times bigger than Second Cub’s.
Ning Chu’s two hands couldn’t wrap around his thick horns, and his dark red pupils were slightly drooping, reflecting Ning Chu’s silhouette.

At the moment of meeting the dragon’s eyes, Ning Chu didn’t know if it was an illusion, but his gaze seemed to become softer and more docile, as if he wasn’t the one who was angry and killed humans just now.
He slowly lowered his head and approached Ning Chu, who was walking towards him.

Looking at the behemoth in front of him, Ning Chu’s heart beat a little faster.
He took a few deep breaths, reached out his right hand and gently touched the scales on the dragon’s muzzle.
Warm, a little rough to the touch… 

In the next instant, the dragon disappeared in place and changed back to his human form.

Ning Chu’s hand happened to be placed on the side of Wuuth’s face, he froze for a moment and swiftly retracted.


The author has something to say: 

It was his dragon snout that was touched! He did not touch the other ‘dragon!’1


Translator Notes:

The chinese word for gigantic dragon is 巨龙, however, the same two characters are also used as slang for a big dick.
So she’s saying that Ning Chu touched the actual snout of the dragon, not his dick.
I thought it was funny.

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