y, Ning Chu saw a group of men patrolling the woods and some large transport trucks parked outside, and someone was pushing out a black cloth-covered cage, preparing to move the dragons.
Now it was broad daylight, Ning Chu pondered whether to take advantage of the lack of people to do it immediately, or to follow these people all the way out of the city to find a safer environment, or to wait until the night.

The two men were hidden behind an abandoned house on the outskirts of the city when Wuuth suddenly turned his head and raised his hand to swing a fog blade at a distant bush.
The man behind the bush hastily withdrew, but was still unable to dodge the fog blade hit.
He cried out in pain and covered his arm, and even though he was discovered, he didn’t run away, but approached Ning Chu.

Wuuth’s eyes were cold and his right hand gathered magic again, Ning Chu tugged on Wuuth’s sleeve and whispered, “Wait.”

He recognized this man as the elf from the woods last night, and he didn’t expect him to show up again today.
Wuuth moved, not killing him immediately, he gathered his dark magic, condensed into a sharp knife against the man’s throat, not allowing him to take a step forward.

The elf raised his hands to show that he meant no harm, “Hello, I think we met yesterday.” He removed his mask straight away to reveal his pointed ears and green eyes, “My name is Ximan and I come from Lough Valley.”

Ning Chu and Wuuth looked at each other, both found it very strange.
Why did this man suddenly announce himself, did they know each other well?

Ximan saw Ning Chu and Wuuth both half reacted, they were both wearing masks and could not see their expressions, he began to doubt his judgment and looked at Ning Chu suspiciously, “Are you… not an elf?”

Ning Chu was silent for a moment, “…I’m not.”

Dare to be misunderstood, thinking he was the same race? Ximan opened his dark green pupils incredulously, “How is that possible? I saw it all yesterday, your wood magic is so pure that it’s unbelievable…”

Elves had only one kind of magic talent, that was wood, and each one was extremely gifted, this was their unique advantage, which wasn’t comparable to any race.
That was why Ximan was so excited when he saw Ning Chu’s vines on his way to escape yesterday.

“……” Ning Chu’s tone was sincere, “I’m really not.”

This was a big misunderstanding, he wasn’t using his own magic element at all, but Fifth Cub’s.
Fifth Cub was a dragon, and had nothing to do with the elves.

In the distance, the Church people were still carrying the cage, no one noticed their situation here.
Ning Chu looked at the bewildered Ximan, “Why did you come here last night?”

Perhaps it was the pure wood magic that made Ximan naturally kind to Ning Chu, he wasn’t the least bit wary and replied, “Some humans almost intruded into Lough Valley the other day, the clan elders asked me to come and see what was going on.”

Lough Valley was in the forest not far west of the city, where the elven clan lived deep inside, forbidding outsiders to enter, and had always been uninterrupted by other races around it.
He used the words ‘almost intruded’ was mild, the day the outer boundary of Lough Valley was crossed, his people thought someone invaded.

Repairing the boundary, the clan elders sent Ximan out to find out what was going on, he first went to the big woods outside the city to look for a circle, and looked for movement to come here, only to find the dragon herd.

The elves have never been friends with outsiders, so it was unlikely he was in league with the Church.

Ning Chu tugged on Wuuth’s sleeve and told him to let Ximan go.

“There seems to be a misunderstanding, and I’m not one of your clan,” Ning Chu said politely, “We still have very important things to do, so you should go back first, it will be dangerous if that group finds out.”

Ximan looked to the woods, “You mean them?” He looked indignant, “It’s these humans, in order to catch dragons everywhere, they damaged the woods, destroyed our boundary without even an apology and left…” Ximan finished turning his head and turned to Ning Chu and Wuuth, “I intend to rescue these dragons and take them to Lough Valley.”

Ning Chu froze and almost thought he had heard wrong, “What… what?”

“I intend to save the dragons and teach these people a lesson,” Ximan repeated again and added, “The Mother of the Forest embraces all things, and the Elves are one of them, and we live in peace with all things, including dragons, of course.”


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