Chapter 43: Ning Ning

Wuuth’s healing magic worked quickly, and Ning Chu’s pale face recovered slightly, his breathing also calmed down.
In the end, Ning Chu had only ever fought in the arena with students from the same school, most of whom were second years, and it didn’t take much effort to kill a few people from the Church with the help of Third Cub.
He didn’t expect this thing to have side effects… No, it shouldn’t be called side effects, he had been negligent, treating the golden fingers given by the contract service as omnipotent.

Just now the pain Ning Chu felt as if his entire left shoulder was removed, in addition to the game gave data, he was just an ordinary person, even the original body’s magic and spiritual power couldn’t be sensed.

If Wuuth hadn’t helped him block most of the attacks, he would have been here immediately after adjusting his data.
The fine sweat on his forehead rubbed off on Wuuth’s collar, and he struggled to sit up a bit, but Wuuth held him down.

“Don’t move.” Wuuth’s voice rang out from above his head with a vague grumpiness and anger, and Ning Chu couldn’t help but look up to see the expression on his face.

But the room was too dark, and the curtains were tightly drawn, so nothing could be seen except a little blur of shadow.
Ning Chu hung his head again, silently.
As far as he could remember, Wuuth had never spoken to him in such a tone.
Who was he angry with?

Wuuth moved gently, his warm palm covering the wound.

Ning Chu was injured before his eyes, so he couldn’t restrain his emotions, he just wanted to return to the location of the Church immediately, and stomp the culprit under his dragon claws and tear them to pieces.

Several other dragon cubs were awakened by the commotion and flew over to check on him, including Fifth Cub, who had fallen asleep and ran over to him in the darkness, her eyes full of worry, and she couldn’t help but yawn.

Ning Chu was held in Wuuth’s arms and couldn’t get up.
With his other hand, he touched the cubs’ heads one by one in the darkness, “I’m fine, don’t worry.”

Fifth Cub tilted her head to see if Ning Chu’s injuries were serious, climbing up Ning Chu’s legs and then up his shirt.
She fought to flap her dragon wings behind her, and it actually worked a little bit, as she felt her body suddenly lightened and was lifted upwards.

However, Fifth Cub had never flown on her own before, and was very unfamiliar with this feeling, even a little frightened.
Her pair of dragon wings stopped again, and Fifth Cub hooked his clothes to try again, but she couldn’t find the feeling she had just felt.

She had to climb up and move to Ning Chu’s other shoulder to twitch her nose.

When Wuuth released his hand while he was treating Ning Chu, Fifth Cub saw that the wound wasn’t serious, only half the length of her paw, and Ning Chu’s face looked much better.
She put his mind at ease and quietly laid down on Ning Chu’s back shoulder before being grabbed by Wuuth and put on the bed.

When Ning Chu felt less pain on his shoulder, he moved, “Are you done?”

Wuuth gently lifted him up and pulled his clothes for him, “I’ll go outside again to look for a cure for the wound.”

He hadn’t learned much healing magic and was no match for magicians who specialized in healing arts.

Wuuth said he was about to get up and leave, Ning Chu grabbed him, “…No, I feel much better, besides, it’s really late, where are you going to find it?”

He didn’t say the most crucial thing, Wuuth had no money on him… he was in such a hurry to go out, even if he could find a place to buy medicine, he couldn’t afford to pay.
Would he just steal it?

Seeing Ning Chu acting as usual, Wuuth hesitantly returned to the bedside, “Does it still hurt?”

He had never seen Ning Chu in such pain, even his lips were bloodless, and his heart was tightening as if it was only now beginning to beat again.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore,” Ning Chu himself reached out and pressed it, his brow furrowing slightly, “There’s still a little… but it’s not a problem.”

In the darkness, Wuuth reached over and probed Ning Chu’s forehead, which was dry and at a normal temperature.
He withdrew his hand and sat quietly on the edge of the bed without moving.

The other dragon cubs were driven to sleep by Ning Chu, who fastened the button of his collar, “You…”

His eyes gradually adapted to the darkness, and he could vaguely see a bit of the outline of Wuuth’s face, which looked very elusive in the dull atmosphere.

Ning Chu asked, “Did you just get angry?”

Wuuth froze slightly, and again heard Ning Chu say, “You’re… not angry with me, right?”

He thought for a moment that Wuuth was obviously worried about him, and the anger in his words was directed at those in the Church.
Wuuth was silent and suddenly reached out and touched the side of Ning Chu’s face.

Ning Chu was caught off guard and leaned back, “…What are you doing?”

Wuuth’s fingertips still seemed to have a delicate touch, then he withdrew his hand, “Why do you ask?”

It was a subtle feeling, he used to pay attention to Ning Chu whether he was angry or not, never thought that one day it would be the other way around.
Ning Chu’s expression and tone were cautious when he asked him, and his eyes were tentative.
Like some small animal, it was tempting to squeeze.

“It’s nothing,” Ning Chu felt the two were too close at the moment and quietly moved back, “I’m really fine, it’s just a small injury, I’ll take care of it in the future.”

Next time, first treatment, or take some medicine and then transfer the data over, he didn’t know if it would work…

Wuuth, however, was wondering in his heart what Ning Chu’s reaction would be if he said he was angry.
He whispered, “Yes, I’m angry.”

“……” Ning Chu almost didn’t react, “Huh?” His dumbfounded look made Wuuth even more dumbfounded. 

He pressed on, “You asked me.”

Ning Chu was still frozen, and Wuuth began to regret it again.
He wrinkled his brow, “No, not angry.”

Ning Chu, “……”

Ning Chu turned his head away from the dragon who was repeatedly teasing him and prepared to lie down to sleep.
The next instant his wrist was tightly gripped and Wuuth was a little anxious.
He could feel that tonight Ning Chu was different from before, treating him differently.

Where exactly, he couldn’t say, but he wanted to capture the moment.

“Ning…” he tried to call out Ning Chu’s name, but because he wasn’t quite familiar with the pronunciation, he called out the wrong one, “Ning Ning…”

Ning Chu’s spine stiffened and he stammered, “You, what did you call me?”

He jerked back his hand, red-faced and lay down on the bed to cover the quilt, “It’s late, go to bed, you have work tomorrow…”

Wuuth’s face couldn’t hide the loss, but Ning Chu said to sleep, so he didn’t want to continue to disturb him.
He turned back into a small black dragon and went back to the other bed to lie down.

Ning Chu’s eyes were closed, but he couldn’t sleep at all.
His heart was beating fast and the heat on his face hadn’t dissipated.

Wuuth wasn’t… quite right.
His own reaction seems to be a bit abnormal as well.
Could it be that… 

Could it be that Wuuth liked him?

Ning Chu was startled by this thought of his own and huffed gently.
But he quickly reacted, Wuuth wasn’t even very good with people, did he know what ‘like’ was? Wuuth was the dragon he had raised, and with this layer of relationship in place, besides a few other dragons, the one closest to Wuuth was him.
So, it was also that he was overthinking.

Ning Chu tried to adjust his breathing, throwing out all the thoughts in his head.
If there was something wrong, he was the one who was most wrong, right?

Ning Chu had no relationship experience, and he never seemed to like anyone in particular since he was a kid, and he was friends with everyone.
There have been some people who have approached him, he was good-looking and pale, both boys and girls, Ning Chu didn’t have feelings for them, therefore all were rejected.

But he was no longer inexperienced, had never eaten pork but saw a pig run, and wasn’t so slow that he knew nothing.
It was difficult… but how did he not realize his sexual orientation before? No, sexual orientation was sexual orientation, but also… couldn’t directly prove that he had feelings for Wuuth, perhaps he was just more sensitive to the same sex closer contact.

Ning Chu closed his eyes and thoughtlessly, suddenly heard a faint sound coming from the other bed beside him, followed by the sound of dragon wings vibrating.
He didn’t open his eyes to see, quietly pretending to sleep.

A dragon cub flew to Ning Chu’s bed, made sure Ning Chu was asleep, and found a suitable position between Ning Chu’s neck nest and the pillow.
It pressed its front paws gently on Ning Chu’s cheek, retracting its claws, leaving just the warm pad of flesh, breathing close enough to sniff the hair around Ning Chu’s ears.

This dragon seemed to be bigger than the other baby dragon cubs, in addition to a pair of dragon horns, there was a small dragon horn that protruded slightly between his forehead, and the slightly rough surface rubbed against Ning Chu’s cheek.

He seemed to feel that it wasn’t enough and wanted to leave a stronger scent on Ning Chu’s body, moving closer to lick the small patch of skin and reddened earlobes in front of him for a long time before he was satisfied.

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