the inn.
The city was lit up at this time, there were many people coming and going, and compared to here, Lance Academy’s area was like they were in the suburbs.

Ning Chu looked at the streets and people passing by, there were people in all kinds of clothes, Ning Chu also saw people with half masked faces, or wearing masks.
Thinking about it, he took out his own mask and handed it to Wuuth.

Wuuth took it, but was a bit puzzled, his eyes questioning Ning Chu.

“Put it on,” Ning Chu explained, “Your face is too conspicuous.”

Wuuth’s temperament was cold, like a large human-shaped freezer.
With his face, walking in the street would cause almost everyone to turn their heads to look at him.
Since there were a lot of people, it was better to let him cover up.

Wuuth cupped his mask and hesitated, asking, “Because I’m ugly?”

“…What did you say?” Ning Chu almost laughed out loud and shook his head, “Of course not, why would you think that…”

Wuuth let out a “hmm” and obediently put on the mask.
The question he asked just now did not seem like a joke, could it be that… because he was a dragon, he didn’t know whether a human face was beautiful or not?

Ning Chu speculated, suddenly realizing that in Wuuth’s eyes, he may also look ugly.
And the other young dragon cubs, every time they looked at him, did they also think he was ugly?

He was torn for a while and couldn’t help but ask Wuuth, “So do you think I’m ugly?”

Wuuth looked up, his eyes under the mask swept between Ning Chu’s eyebrows, and whispered, “No, I don’t.”

Ning Chu was relieved when the beast cart stopped in front of an inn and the owner turned around, “You two, here we are.”

The inn in front of them looked quite large, with four floors, and two people stood at the door to welcome guests.
Ning Chu got out and paid, and took Wuuth inside.

There were two types of rooms, single and double, similar to the standard single rooms in his previous world, except that the single rooms had a better environment and were a bit more expensive.
He and Wuuth had dragon cubs with them, so no matter how he thought about it, it was more appropriate to choose a double room.

The double room was 10 gold coins a night, plus one gold coin for snacks, but Ning Chu didn’t ask for snacks to save money.

When they received the room card and key, the inn staff took the two upstairs.
After entering the room, Ning Chu locked the door and immediately released the three dragon cubs from the storage bag.

Second Cub came out with a rattan ball in his mouth, and once he saw he had arrived in a new environment, he dropped the ball and flew around the room.

Ning Chu closed the curtains to block all views from outside, and temporarily took out a bed to put all the baby dragons in.
The three baby dragons woke up on the way here, but they didn’t dare to make a sound because of Wuuth’s aura, and now they finally got some fresh air and “whimpered” a few times.

They were probably hungry, and Ning Chu was busy making dragon milk.
Fifth Cub watched Ning Chu feed the baby dragons, but she wanted to eat herself, so she climbed onto Ning Chu’s lap to pamper her.
She rolled over to reveal her soft little belly and patted her two claws on it, “Woo— aoo—”

“Are you hungry too?” Ning Chu squeezed Fifth Cub’s paws and bought her some of the grass she usually ate.
After feeding the hatchlings and Fifth Cub, it was time to feed the other three dragons.

Wuuth was always by Ning Chu’s side, wanting to help but not knowing how to do it.

After finishing the dinner for all the baby dragons, Ning Chu went to the window and pulled back a curtain to look out.
The streets were still full of people, and the area around the inn seemed to be basically stores, selling everything.

There was a scent approaching behind him, and Ning Chu turned his head, “Shall we go out tonight?”

“Yes,” Wuuth replied without thinking, and then asked, “What will we do?”

“Ask around,” Ning Chu said, “so many dragons have been taken outside, there’s no way the people here don’t know about it.”

On the way here just now, Ning Chu saw several waves of people dressed in similar attire, which should belong to different mercenary groups.
The Church must have hired them for capturing so many dragons in a short period of time.

Second Cub flew over and said he wanted to go too.

Ning Chu’s face was stern, “What are you going to do? It’s no fun hiding you in my clothes and not being able to come out.”

“Aoooo…” Second Cub sounded aggrieved and crouched by the window looking up at Ning Chu, trying to make him believe him.
He wasn’t going out to play! He also wanted to help.

Ning Chu couldn’t resist the petty little dragon cub, and being looked at by such a pair of round eyes, his attitude immediately softened.
He stroked Second Cub’s neck hair, “Will you really listen to me? When we go out, you have to hide well, don’t cause trouble.”

“Aowu!” Second Cub wagged his tail to tell Ning Chu that he would do as he was told.

Ning Chu then nodded, “Alright.”

Ning Chu left the other dragons alone, and Fifth Cub knew that they had to go out, so she lay down on the side of the bed.

Ning Chu stroked the three baby dragons’ heads one by one, and told Third Cub and Fourth Cub, “Take care of Little Five and the three baby dragons at home, we’ll be back soon.”

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