“>Fifth Cub was also in Ning Chu’s arms, huddled with the young dragons.
She was the youngest and was now back to being a juvenile again, and was very close to the young.
Third Cub and Fourth Cub were crouched on Ning Chu’s shoulder, while Second Cub and Wuuth were in the front.

After walking a little deeper into the forest, Wuuth suddenly stopped in his tracks.
Second Cub also stopped and landed on a tree branch, staring into the distance.

Wuuth said, “There are humans.”

Ning Chu followed his gaze and saw figures scurrying through the gaps in the tree trunks and branches, and there seemed to be a lot of them.
He pulled Wuuth back and lowered his voice, “Let’s hide, don’t let them find us.”

The vegetation was dense, and Ning Chu took Wuuth behind a bush that was about a man’s height as the people in the distance approached.

Wuuth probably had never done this kind of hiding before, frowning and looking unnatural, Ning Chu tugged his sleeve and made a “shh” motion.

The two were so close that their shoulders were leaning against each other, and the marks between Wuuth’s eyebrows disappeared quickly.

The young dragons in Ning Chu’s arms began to get sleepy after eating, and by now had fallen asleep.
A thin layer of dragon breath covered the surrounding area, isolating all senses.

When a group of people in the forest approached, Ning Chu quietly peeked out from the side.
They were dressed like a group of mercenaries, led by a wizard, clutching his magic staff and leading the way.

“Captain,” a man at the back of the group looked depressed and almost wailed, “Let’s go back, don’t look, all the dragons here have been caught long ago…”

The magician he called the captain didn’t stop, “You don’t want this month’s commission? Even if it’s a dragon egg, you have to find one for me.”

The group of people approaching footsteps gradually grew louder.
Ning Chu embraced the young dragons that had awakened, and were restlessly rolling over and wriggling.
Ning Chu hurriedly calmed them down and kept them from making noise while continuing to listen.
However, the rest of the group just rushed along, looking for signs of dragons in the forest and occasionally chatting.

Ning Chu was very concerned about their comment that “all the dragons had been captured long ago”, and when he turned his head to look at Wuuth, he received the same message from his eyes.

The group of people were about to leave the area, so Ning Chu thought about it, gave the young dragon in his arms to Wuuth, and lowered his voice, “Wait for me here.”

He got up alone and silently approached the group.

Ning Chu put on his mask and hid his form behind the trunk of a tree, raising his hand to activate the wood magic in his body.

At the end of the group was a young man who was walking on the grass when he suddenly tripped over something under his feet.
He looked down and saw that it was a vine that had hooked his ankle.
He lifted his foot, but couldn’t break free.

The group in front of him kept going, and seeing that he was about to be pulled down, he pulled out his pocket knife and bent down to cut the vine away.

At that moment, a green leaf gagged his mouth, and several more vines tied him firmly and dragged him behind a nearby tree.
He didn’t have time to make any sound, when his neck was caught by a sharp wooden spike, and he was threatened by a masked man, “Don’t make a sound, I will ask you a few questions.
After you answer, I’ll let you go.”

The young man was frightened and nodded, indicating that he would cooperate.
The leaves covering his mouth moved away, but his arms and legs couldn’t move yet.
He forced a smile that was worse than crying, “What do you… want to ask?”

Ning Chu whispered, “I just came here not long ago and I heard you say that the dragons here were all caught.
What happened?”

The young man relaxed a bit when he asked about this, “Ah… this, indeed, at least thirty dragons were transported away from here in the previous week.”

“Carried away? Taken alive?” The wooden spikes in Ning Chu’s hands weren’t loosened at all, “Who did this?”

“They’re alive, those people just want to live,” the young man scowled back, “As for who… I heard the captain mention it yesterday, I think he said it was… the Church…”

The last two words he said very softly, seemed to be very fearful of the Church.
Why was it the Church again?

The face under Ning Chu’s mask looked a little worse, and he asked, “What were they doing here?”

The young man cried, “I-I really don’t know, believe me…”

He didn’t dare to speculate about Ning Chu’s identity, afraid that he couldn’t explain.

The look on his face didn’t seem fake, and this person was weak, obviously not having much status in the team, so him not knowing more information was normal.
Ning Chu finally let go of the wooden spikes and vines, ready to fulfill the promise just now, but first knocked the young man unconscious.

He wasn’t planning to kill this person, but for insurance purposes, he couldn’t let him go back now.
By the time the team realized the man was missing and came looking for him, or he woke up on his own, Ning Chu would be long gone.

Placing the young man behind a tree, Ning Chu returned to Wuuth and the dragon cubs.
He removed his mask and told them what he just heard from the young man.

The Church was simply relentless, but it also showed that not only the Lance Academy chapter, but also the Church everywhere was targeting the dragons.
They were ruthless and cruel, and this time they took so many dragons and Ning Chu didn’t know what they were going to do with them.

Seeing that Wuuth’s face was getting sunken and on the verge of losing control of his anger, Ning Chu held his wrist, “Let’s get out of here.”

Ning Chu picked up the three hatchlings and Fifth Cub, and led Wuuth and the other dragons in the opposite direction of the group’s advance for a while, making sure the area was safe before stopping.
He stroked the sleeping hatchlings in his arms and looked at Wuuth, “Do you want to stay? Let’s put the search for the Eldest Cub on hold.”

“Wu?” Fifth Cub was curious and asked Ning Chu what he was going to do to stay and save the captured dragons.

Ning Chu stroked her horn and replied, “Robbery.”

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