ng ago, and now that he said he lost them, the corners of Bowen’s mouth twitched, “You…”

There were too many people tonight, so it was impossible to go back and find it.
Bowen looked down, took three gold coins from his hand and gave them to Ning Chu, “I’ll lend them to you first, so return them to me when you win.”

To everyone, the matchup seemed almost a sure win for one side, and everyone bet on Wuuth, resulting in low odds.

But to make a little bit of money, Ning Chu grabbed three gold coins and dropped them into Wuuth’s box.
There were no seats left on the viewing platform, so the two of them had to squeeze in on the outside, and while waiting for the duel to begin, Bowen explained to Ning Chu about the arena and standings in Crow Market.

Dueling was common among students, from verbal battles to the establishment of the Crow Market, which provided a place for dueling so that students wouldn’t fight and damage Academy facilities.

Over time, a leaderboard was created to count the number of wins and losses of all students who participated in the duel.
The more they won, the higher their points were.

When the leaderboard came out, it was like an honor roll among students, and more people jumped at the chance to prove themselves by trying to challenge those who ranked high on the leaderboard.
As more people watched, people began to place bets on who would win.

Now, in addition to actively choosing people to challenge, Crow Market also randomly drew two people on the list to fight against each other every day, and the winner got points and a substantial amount of money, while points were deducted for defeat or abstention.

When Ning Chu heard that money could be earned, his eyes brightened for a moment, but then quickly darkened.
In his case, he would only lose if he went on the field.

Bowen was still talking to Ning Chu with great interest, “Wuuth is the undefeated god of the scoreboard! Do you know what his contracted beast is? A dragon!”

Ning Chu turned his head in surprise, “A dragon?”

“Ahem,” Bowen rubbed the tip of his nose, “A sub-dragon.” He didn’t forget to emphasize, “Sub-dragons are great too! No one in the Academy has ever tamed a dragon!”

As they spoke, the two men involved in the battle entered.

The cheering reached its peak, and Ning Chu covered his ears and looked down through the gap in the crowd.
It was too far away, so he could only see two figures, one dressed in a light blue school uniform and the other in black, standing in their respective positions.

The staff let the two shake hands and bow to each other, and then the battle officially began.
Both sides’ contracted beasts were released first, and there was another cheer from the stands as the gray-brown dragon appeared on the field.

The one in black was the Wuuth that Bowen was talking about.
Ning Chu looked puzzled when he saw the contracted beast beside him, “Huh?”

Why did he think this sub-dragon looked familiar… It seemed to be a kind of ordinary dragon.

Ning Chu wasn’t sure if he was mistaken, so he opened《Dragon Island》and searched through the catalogs one by one.
Ning Chu was dazzled by a bunch of pictures of common dragons, and after going through most of them, he saw a familiar grayish-brown one.

At that moment, Wuuth stepped on the back of the dragon and flew up into the sky, so Ning Chu took the opportunity to compare it with the picture in the catalog.

——It was exactly the same.

Dwarf Dragons, as their name suggested, had short and thick hind legs, its front paws were retracted under their abdomen, and had a hard back armor extending from its spine to its tail tip, specializing in short-distance sprinting.

Looking at its appearance alone, people who didn’t know it well might really think it was a sub-dragon.
While Ning Chu was comparing the illustrations, the battle was over quickly, and the winner was Wuuth.

Bowen was excited to take Ning Chu to collect his money, while Ning Chu glanced sideways in Wuuth’s direction and gave him a few more looks.
The black-haired boy put away the contracted beast and left indifferently, oblivious to everything outside the field.

The three gold coins that were bet on were returned, and only two more were added as a reward for winning the bet.

Ning Chu returned the three gold coins to Bowen, and the remaining one was charged into the game, while the other was kept on his person for backup.

When they returned to the dormitory, it was already late, and they had a theory class the next morning.
Ning Chu lay down on his bed and opened《Dragon Island》.
The map was already unlocked, and from the overall view, the island was covered by a large area of green.

The darker the color, the more vegetation there was, and the once well established residential areas were also green.
Ning Chu tried to enter the area in the map and found that his original in-game character was gone, but he could still operate the tools to cut the trees, but he couldn’t see his character.
He followed the approximate directions shown on the profile card and found sleeping common dragon cubs in a few caves.

They were clinging to each other, lying on the ground with a thin layer of hay, not even aware of Ning Chu’s arrival.

Ning Chu wanted to reach out and touch them, but there was no prompt for him to do any interactive action.
He left the cave and found the playground again in the back of the hill that was repaired before his transmigration.
The inside and the surrounding of the playground had been covered by thick bushes, the freshly painted brand new dragon climbing frame’s paint was chipped, so Ning Chu carefully selected redwood and angled, but it looked unbearably desolate.

He sighed, cleared the playground of weeds, and went back to the residential area to cut down trees.

After transmigrating, time in the game seemed to become synchronized with reality.
Ning Chu worked until the latter part of the night, and then went hunting to catch some rabbits and put them at the entrance of the cave together with some soft fresh grass and leaves.

After doing all this, Ning Chu went offline to sleep.

After he left, a shadow appeared over Dragon Island.
The shadow flew down through the clouds and a giant dragon stopped outside the cave.

It was smooth and fit, covered with mostly purple scales that glowed softly in the moonlight, with some silvery-white scales falling on its side and the ends of its wings, short horns on either side of its forehead, and one of the longest ones growing on its brow, with its sharp tip upward.
The purple dragon saw the hay and rabbit meat at the entrance of the cave, and the outer area that had obviously been cleared, and a puzzled look appeared in its eyes.


The next morning, Bowen opened his eyes in a daze and saw Ning Chu already up and sitting on the edge of his bed, staring.
Ning Chu had just looked through his belongings, but didn’t find a single penny except for his school uniform and some books.

Seeing Bowen wake up, Ning Chu asked him, “Bowen, I want to make money.
Is there a quick way?”

Bowen yawned, “Commission and the arena.”

In the Academy, they could only rely on these two ways to earn money.

Bowen sat up slowly to get his jacket, “Those aren’t easy… What are you going to make money for?”

Ning Chu was silent for a moment and replied vaguely, “Nothing, I was just asking.”

The two of them went to the cafeteria for breakfast and then went to class together in the school building.
The academy provided food and housing, so Ning Chu didn’t have to worry about eating.
When they arrived at the classroom, there were very few people inside, and the classroom wasn’t full until the bell rang.

The teacher in charge of the lecture walked in, scanned the room and opened the textbook.

Bowen, who sat next to Ning Chu, leaned closer and whispered, “Many people don’t like theory classes… They have enough credits for the practical classes.”

The implication was that only losers like them needed to take theory classes.
Ning Chu flipped through the textbook and found the schedule of the classes.
This was the only class for the whole day, and the rest of the day was up to the students to make their own arrangements, to get their questions answered by the teacher or to practice magic on their own.

Ning Chu stared at his textbook, intending to make a trip to Crow Market.

In the afternoon, Bowen took a nap in the dormitory, and Ning Chu left quietly, returning to the Crow Market office alone.

Ning Chu stood in front of the desk and asked, “Do you have an assignment for a first year?”

The same person as yesterday took out a booklet full of cards, “Find one yourself.”

Ning Chu looked through the cards and saw a card with “Enigma Forest” written on it.

“Level 1 assignment: 30 pieces of Flocculent Fruits.
Location: outskirts of Enigma Forest.
Reward: one gold coin.”

The outskirts of Enigma Forest were generally not infested with magical beasts, and were safer than when Ning Chu had last been there.
He drew the card out, “This one…”

The staff took a glance, “The price of this one has gone up, thirty for two gold coins.”

Ning Chu’s eyes suddenly lit up, when he heard the clerk go on, “Recently there’s a magic dragon in Enigma Forest, so no one’s willing to take the orders there… You can go if you’re not afraid to die.”

“I’ll take this one,” Ning Chu said as he signed the card with a pen, “If I’m lucky, I won’t run into it.”

He said this, but he was actually thinking the opposite.
Ning Chu didn’t have a contracted beast, and it would take him a long time to walk to Enigma Forest.
He was torn for a while, and finally paid a bronze coin to take the beast cart.

When the driver stopped a short distance away from the forest, Ning Chu had to get out and walk alone.
He had made some preparations before he came, carrying a small knife he found from his dormitory and urgently reading half a magic book, although he didn’t understand anything.

Ning Chu just walked two steps into the woods and saw a fruit tree.
He took out the cloth bag he had prepared in advance and looked around while picking the fruit.
The surrounding area was quiet, with the occasional passing birds and insects, or the sound of leaves being blown by the wind.

Ning Chu finished collecting the fruit from the tree and called out into the air, “San San.”

He knew that he probably wasn’t around and couldn’t hear him.
Since no one was nearby, Ning Chu simply raised his voice and shouted, “Old San San! Are you still there?”

The sparrows in the forest were scared away by Ning Chu, and the wind was still blowing, but no dragon answered Ning Chu.
He didn’t dare to go deeper for fear of disturbing the magical beasts in the forest, and only shouted a few times while picking fruits.
He felt like the master who kept calling his dog home for dinner, but he didn’t know if Third Cub remembered him or not.

After picking thirty fruits, Ning Chu stood there for a while, holding the bag.

If he didn’t find him today, he would come back another time, there was always a chance.
Ning Chu was about to turn back along the road, when suddenly a shadow was cast under his feet.

A hot wind blew by, a heavy exhale slowly approached behind him, and the sound of a branch being crushed was heard at the same time.
Ning Chu turned around and his eyes widened in disbelief.

The red dragon retracted its wings, its huge body huddled in the woods, its black eyes gazing coldly at Ning Chu.

Ning Chu put down the Flocculent Fruit in his arms and tried to approach, “Third Cub, it’s me, I’m dad.” His tone was sour, “Do you still remember me? I had an accident that day, I didn’t mean to not come back,” Ning Chu became a bit incoherent at this point, “I built the playground at the bottom of the mountain, did you see it? I transmigrated the day I first saw you…”

At the mention of the playground, Third Cub’s tail twitched slightly.
He ducked his head close to Ning Chu and sniffed at him.
The proximity of such a huge dragon was so powerful that Ning Chu’s heart beat wildly and he reached out to touch the tip of its nose.

However, before he could actually touch its scales, it suddenly backed away.
Third Cub straightened its back and glanced into the distance.
It looked back at Ning Chu again, and then moved to fly away.

The hot wind blew Ning Chu’s eyes, so he raised his hand to block it and asked with difficulty, “Where are you going?”

By the time he tried to chase after him, Third Cub’s figure had already disappeared.

Ning Chu was lost and confused, so he opened the game to check Third Cub’s current status.

【Status: Apprehensive.】

In the blink of an eye, the status bar changed from ‘apprehensive’ to ‘excited.’

With such an emotional reaction, it should have recognized him… but why did it leave again? Ning Chu stayed in the same place for a while, but didn’t wait for Third Cub to return, seeing that it was getting dark, he took one step and left the forest.


After leaving Ning Chu, Third Cub flew deep into the forest and arrived at a lake.
There was another man by the lake, dressed in a black robe, sitting on a rock sharpening his sword, a gray-brown dragon lying quietly at his feet.

The red dragon slowly dropped down, and Wuuth blew on his sharpened silver blade and looked up at it, “Why are you so late?”

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