Chapter 38: Sleeping Out in the Wild


Ning Chu was still sitting, coughing lightly to hide the awkwardness he felt earlier.
He probably understood Wuuth’s meaning, he felt that Ning Chu would be distant when he was in human form.

“Well, you…” Ning Chu tried to organize his words, “Don’t think too much.
Being able to become human is just one more identity, it doesn’t mean that you’re not a cub…”

Wuuth still looked at him without speaking, his thoughts unknown.
But at least it was a confession, although not of Wuuth’s own accord, he hid it from himself for reasons Ning Chu could never have imagined, and now there was no way to be angry with him.

Ning Chu rubbed the tip of his nose and changed the subject, “What happened in the Academy meeting room today?”

Wuuth’s face sank slightly at the mention of this, “They were provoking me.”

Whether it was asking him about Ning Chu, revealing their desire to join the Church, or finally speaking out against him, every bit of it made him angry.

They had to pay for Little Five’s death, and he couldn’t tolerate the provocation that came to their door.

Wuuth only said that much, not mentioning other details, while Ning Chu also didn’t ask more questions.

He didn’t dwell on the issue of whether to kill or not, the Church maliciously hunted the young dragons, killed Fifth Cub, and seemed to be trying to find Dragon Island.
If those people stood in front of him, he might not be able to hold back either.

“But you’re still too impulsive,” Ning Chu sighed, “You shouldn’t do it at the Academy, there are so many of them.
There are chapters everywhere, what if you reveal your whereabouts?”

Ning Chu also cared a little bit, to solve them privately and not be so hasty to leave, have time to clean up the scene, and then look for these people who could take anything with them.

Wuuth lowered his eyes and obediently said, “I understand.”

Ning Chu asked again, “Did you really kill Wighton?”

Wuuth responded, “Yes.” He then added, “Not at the Academy, outside.”

Ning Chu nodded reassuringly and urged him, “In the future, try to tell me what you want to do first, so I can feel more comfortable…”

Wuuth answered again, looking hesitant, “There’s one more thing.”

At Ning Chu’s questioning look, Wuuth continued, “I attacked a Church chapter.”

Ning Chu froze and asked hastily, “When? Were you found out?”

His concern and nervousness was noticed by Wuuth, and Wuuth whispered, “No.”

He had checked the map that day and found the closest chapter to Lance Academy.
He transformed into a dragon, his form hidden in the darkness, and only just as those inside heard the alarm of the shield breaking, the tower and the surrounding buildings collapsed.

After doing all this, Wuuth transformed back into his human form and left silently.

At that time, not many people were actually left in the chapter, and it wasn’t as deadly as the Church later claimed to the public.

Ning Chu was relieved to know that Wuuth wasn’t discovered and said, “You’re not allowed to act without permission again.”

Without thinking, Wuuth answered, “Alright.”

Ning Chu looked at him a few more times and whispered to himself, “He’s quite obedient at this time…”

In fact, including before, no matter whether Wuuth was in human form or dragon form, he was always submissive in front of Ning Chu.
He was even more impulsive than Second Cub when he wasn’t watching him, doing whatever he wanted.

After the questioning, Ning Chu got up, “Shall we rest here tonight?”

It was almost dark, and sine the neighborhood was sparsely populated with trees, there shouldn’t be any people passing by at night.
Tomorrow morning, they would set out again to look for the Eldest Cub.

The young dragon cubs were fine with it, as was Wuuth.

The creek was relatively open, Ning Chu intended to go further inside, to find a safer place, and casually took out the disc again.

The pointer was in a different state than before, shaking slightly at the bottom of the yellow area and eventually falling to a quiet stop.
Ning Chu looked at it several times to make sure the pointer hadn’t moved again, and put the disk away.

He walked ahead, holding Fifth Cub in his arms, who flew over and crouched on his shoulder.
She was followed by Wuuth, and Second Cub and Third Cub, who were playing along the way.

Before it got dark, Ning Chu stopped at the edge of the woods.
He used fire magic to make some light orbs hanging in the air for illumination, and bought meat and grass for Fifth Cub from the mall.

Fifth Cub was already hungry and couldn’t wait for Ning Chu to feed her, so she ran happily to the oatmeal pile.
The rest of the dragons ate the raw meat, but Wuuth didn’t want any.

He had no intention to turn back into a dragon and sat under the tree with Ning Chu.

It seemed inappropriate to eat raw meat in human form.
Ning Chu wanted to eat some dry food by himself, but he hesitated to buy another rabbit and went outside to build rocks and branches, intending to roast it and share it with Wuuth.

The smell of roasted meat attracted several other dragons, and Fifth Cub moved closer to sniff it and moved away in disgust.
Second Cub tried to stir up the fire, but Ning Chu chased him away.

Midway through the roast, Ning Chu asked Wuuth, “Where’s your contracted dragon?”

He remembered that he had just let Wuuth out to feed them together.

But Wuuth said, “I don’t have a contracted dragon.”

Ning Chu was confused, “That Dwarf Dragon is not your…”

Wuuth took out a storage bag from his body and released the Dwarf Dragon.

The Dwarf Dragon lay meekly on its side and Ning Chu was surprised, “You… You’ve been keeping it in the storage pouch?”

In his perception, he hadn’t fully digested the information that Wuuth wasn’t human, and now understood that Wuuth couldn’t make a contract with another dragon or magical beast.

“Mn,” Wuuth reached out and stroked the top of the Dwarf Dragon’s head, “This storage pouch is of the highest level, and living things can stay in it for a whole day.”

It would be easier to have a magical beast in human form, but ordinary magical beasts didn’t dare to go near dragons at all, let alone Wuuth.

Wuuth could only choose a dragon that outsiders have rarely seen with him, and outwardly call it a sub-dragon.

It turned out that he used such a method… The advanced storage bag was very expensive.
Ning Chu twirled the branch, “You’re quite rich.”

Wuuth moved and withdrew his hand, “The rest of my money, I gave it to you.”

He had earned a lot in the arena, but usually didn’t need to spend too much money, and this storage bag was his most expensive object.

What was left on him was given to Ning Chu.

Ning Chu blinked and said slowly, “Oh… I can’t take all your money, it’s unnecessary.”

Ning Chu felt a little uneasy about using Wuuth’s money.
He couldn’t say exactly what was awkward, but he just didn’t want to touch Wuuth’s money.

When the rabbit was done, Ning Chu gave Wuuth half of it and bought a piece of meat for the dragon.

Wuuth suddenly reached out his hand and handed him the storage bag.

Ning Chu didn’t take it, “What are you doing?”

“For you.” Wuuth looked at Ning Chu and kept his hand up until Ning Chu took the pouch.

Wuuth summoned the Dwarf Dragon who had finished eating the meat and placed his palm on his forehead, “Go.”

Now that he and Ning Chu had left the Academy, it was no longer safe for the Dwarf Dragon to follow them.

Ning Chu watched Wuuth let the Dwarf Dragon leave, and then looked down at the storage bag in his hand, but finally took it.

This meal of roasted rabbit, until the two of them finished eating and cleaned up the fire, Wuuth obviously felt Ning Chu’s getting better, as he didn’t resist his approach.

Perhaps as Ning Chu said, his human form was just another identity, he might not have been able to adapt to it before.

Ning Chu wouldn’t fail to be close to him.

At night, Ning Chu laid a homemade cushion under the tree and made a pillow.
The cushion was wide enough to accommodate him and all the little dragon cubs, and when he woke up, he rolled it up and stuffed it into his storage bag.
However, this way Wuuth also had to turn back into a small dragon, or he couldn’t sleep.

When he discussed it with him, Wuuth had no problem with it.

Ning Chu took off his jacket as a quilt and slept on one side of the cushion, next to the five little dragon cubs who had each chosen their position, and the little black dragon covered this simple bed with a thin layer of dragon breath.

Fifth Cub, as usual, lay on the side of Ning Chu’s neck and slept until midnight, when another figure squeezed over.

Ning Chu had just fallen asleep and was awakened by the movement, and opened his eyes in a daze to see the little black dragon.
He subconsciously pushed it, “You’re too close…”

All the other dragons could, but Wuuth couldn’t.

Pushing the little black dragon away, Ning Chu turned his back to it and fell asleep again with Fifth Cub in his arms.

The little black dragon stared at Ning Chu’s hair and was a bit annoyed.

It was fine when he was in human form, why was it like this again?

There was still a lot of space on the other side of the cushion, so Wuuth went straight back to his human form and moved Fourth Cub a little further away.
He slept next to Ning Chu, also lying on his side.

There was a nice smell in Ning Chu’s hair, and Wuuth couldn’t help but sniff it.

The source of warmth and heat was right behind him, and Ning Chu had fallen into a deep sleep by now, unconsciously leaning back.


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