topped, whispering, “Woooo…”

Ning Chu was forced to turn his head to look at him, and he came very close to him, the side of his face was rubbed by the neck hair, the serious atmosphere was gone.

“Get down here,” Ning Chu pushed Second Cub’s head away and pointed to the grass, “and go stand there.”

Seeing that he seemed to be really angry, Second Cub obediently flew to the grass and crouched down.

The little dragon cub was too short for Ning Chu to keep his head down, so he simply sat cross-legged across from Second Cub.

Ning Chu imitated Wuuth’s usual expressionless face, “What did I tell you guys before I left the dorm today?”

“Aowu…” Stay at home.

“Did you do as you were told?”

“Aoo…” N-No.

“Why didn’t you listen?”

Second Cub was silent for a moment and moved forward to lie down a little, trying to explain, “Aowu…”

He was very worried when Ning Chu was away for too long, so he wanted to come over to check.

He put Fifth Cub on his back and left the dormitory together with Fourth Cub, following the scent and saw the Church congregation downstairs hurrying towards the meeting room.

Fourth Cub remembered how these people were dressed and told Second Cub about it.
Second Cub turned back into a giant dragon and asked Fourth Cub and Fifth Cub to hide in his neck fur before appearing to help Ning Chu.

Second Cub bit Ning Chu’s cuff and gave it a tug, telling him that he knew the score and that no one had discovered the secret of becoming smaller or hurt the students in the Academy.

“I could’ve solved it without you coming out,” Ning Chu added with a stern face, “You just wanted to come along for the ride.”

Second Cub had been skinny since he was a cun, and then he was used to being alone outside, so he probably didn’t care much about the consequences of doing things, and thought he could just run away if anything happened.

Ning Chu saw Second Cub hanging his head and softening his attitude a little, “When you’re with everyone, you have to think about more things.
You can’t just do whatever you want to do.”

Fifth Cub straightened up on one side, “Awo!”

She said she was quite happy, feeling like she used to play with several dragons, even though Ning Chu wasn’t there.

Ning Chu looked at Fifth Cub and smiled a little, stroking Second Cub’s head, “Okay, next time, don’t act without permission.”

And this time actually… Second Cub was seen by the students.
Second Cub rubbed against Ning Chu’s palm and turned to fly away.

“Wuuth,” Ning Chu called out, also pointing to the grass in front of him and saying calmly, “You come here as well.”

The little black dragon was still a little uncomfortable hearing his name.

In the past, when he was in dragon form, Ning Chu would only call him “cub”.

Ning Chu watched the little black dragon fly closer and said, “Change back.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Wuuth appeared in the same place, sitting cross-legged in the same position as him.

Ning Chu was satisfied with his cooperation and looked at him, “Go ahead and speak.”

Wuuth’s eyelashes twitched a little, “Say what?”

If someone else had asked this, Ning Chu would have thought he was playing dumb on purpose.
But this person was Wuuth, so one couldn’t beat around the bush with him, otherwise he really wouldn’t understand.

“Why were you hiding it from me?” Ning Chu glared at him, “Letting you take care of Little Five in the dormitory, you actually turned around and secretly took Little Five out, and followed me…”

His expression and tone were clearly angry, and Wuuth whispered, “I’m sorry.”

“If I hadn’t found out, how much longer would you have kept it to yourself?” What Ning Chu didn’t understand the most was still Wuuth’s reason for hiding it from him, “Don’t you want me to know that you can change into a human?”

Wuuth looked at Ning Chu in silence and spoke only after a long time, “Your… attitude when I’m in my dragon form and when I was in human form was not the same.”

In human form, he always seemed to annoy Ning Chu, and it was hard to guess what he was thinking.
Whereas as a dragon, Ning Chu treated him better and was willing to get close to him.

Ning Chu froze, not expecting Wuuth to say that, he was a bit confused, “Different?”

Different attitude… That was because he didn’t know Wuuth was a cub, one was a new friend he had just met and the other was a dragon he had raised.

Thinking Ning Chu didn’t understand him, Wuuth leaned over and extended his hand to him.

The tips of his long fingers were about to touch the side of Ning Chu’s face when he ducked back.

Wuuth then turned back into a small black dragon and flew over to lie on Ning Chu’s collarbone, rubbing his chin with the tip of his nose.

It all happened so fast that Ning Chu didn’t react to the sudden approach of the little black dragon, so he didn’t dodge.

The little black dragon looked up at him, as if to say: this is it.

Even if Ning Chu knew who he was, he would still dodge in the face of his approach and touch in human form.

Ning Chu felt the place he had just been rubbed by the little black dragon was burning, and he scrambled to grab the little black dragon from his shoulder, “No… I…”

Now even when in his dragon form, he wasn’t willing to be close.

The little black dragon disappeared from Ning Chu’s hands and was replaced by Wuuth, who changed back again.

Wuuth grabbed his wrist in time and pulled him over and sat him down, stepping back to the distance they were at.

He looked at Ning Chu silently, with imperceptible anxiety appearing in his eyes.

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