oor open a little, blocking Josh’s view from inside the room.

When he saw that Wuuth was really in the dormitory, Josh sighed with relief, “I finally found you… You should come with me to the conference room.”

Wuuth stood still, “To do what?”

Josh knew that he would never go with him unless he could explain, so he raised his hand and wiped his forehead with his sleeve, “The other elder of the Church is coming…”

Wuuth’s eyes sank slightly, “Looking for me?”

“It’s like this,” Joe sighed, “the Church elder who came back last time, called Wright something… He was recalled to the chapter a few days ago, and somehow never arrived, and was found this morning…”

Died in the middle of the road.
Along with several of his subordinates, their death was extremely tragic.

The Church people found a large amount of dark magic residue near the corpse, and in this area, only one student of Lance Academy was gifted with darkness, Wuuth.
When the Church came to the door, the school instructors were surprised that even if the talent happened to be the same, how could a first year student kill a Church elder?

When his own student was suspected, Josh was the first to disagree and wouldn’t go to bring Wuuth there.

“I just want to meet with him,” said the Church elder who came this time in a much gentler manner than Wighton, “To ask where he was the other day, and not to convict him.”

Wighton had been sending letters back to the chapter, reporting all his movements outside to his superiors, among which was the mention of Wuuth.
There had been so much going on around Lance Academy for some time; the burning of Enigma Forest aside, the fire dragon appearing several times, and a second magical dragon that couldn’t yet be identified, and a swarm of dragons attacking the Academy without causing any casualties.

After the chapter was attacked, there was actually a large amount of dark magic elements remaining, which was temporarily pressed by the Church not to disclose to the public.
However, far outside of Lance Academy, Wighton’s group suffered a very similar experience.

In addition, the letter he sent back specifically mentioned Wuuth, saying that this student was superbly gifted, but somewhat unpredictable, and that it would be best if he could be included in the Church, but if not… 

The Academy didn’t want to clash with the Church, under the persuasion of Clark, Josh intended to come to Wuuth’s dormitory to try his luck.

“It’s just a trip and back, it won’t take long,” Josh said reassuringly, “Not that I doubt you, of course.
Who would believe that the Church elders died under a first year student?”

Wuuth listened indifferently, still standing in the doorway without moving.

Josh was that he was a little shorter than Wuuth, and when he looked up into his eyes, his voice got smaller and smaller.
He inexplicably had a terrifying and absurd thought in his heart, could Wuuth really have done it?

Josh stared blankly at Wuuth, his white beard curling up, “You…”

“Teacher,” Wuuth said with downcast eyes, “I’ll go with you.”

He wanted to refuse, after he went and met the Church people again, he couldn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t be able to resist to strike again.

But if he didn’t go, Josh might get into trouble.
As his only teacher, Wuuth had the most contact with Josh at the Academy.
Other dragons might not understand, but Wuuth knew that Josh was a good human.

He turned and glanced towards the room, as if there was someone else inside, and he had already closed the door tightly when Josh glanced behind him.

Ning Chu hurried back, just in time to run into Josh and Wuuth passing under the dormitory building.
He looked at them blankly, what was this about? He had only been gone for a short while, there were still several dragons in the dormitory, Wuuth shouldn’t have left easily.

Wuuth also saw Ning Chu and turned his head to meet his eyes.
The look of confusion and concern in Ning Chu’s eyes was obvious, and Wuuth subconsciously stopped in his tracks.

When Josh saw this, he looked between him and Ning Chu and said, “Wuuth will come to the meeting room with me and will be back soon.”

Ning Chu responded, “O… Okay.”

After saying that Josh led Wuuth to leave, and walked a little way forward, Wuuth turned back again.
Ning Chu was no longer in the same place, probably went back to the dormitory first.

The feeling of doubt he had yesterday came up again, did Ning Chu… 

It was a little strange.
Wuuth’s brow slowly creased as he finally figured out what was so strange about Ning Chu these days.
He didn’t seem to avoid the person “Wuuth” at all, he brought some dragons to live in his dormitory, just saw him appear, and didn’t worry that the dragons in the dormitory would be discovered by him.

Wuuth could be basically sure that the worry in Ning Chu’s eyes just now, was for him.
With Ning Chu’s reaction like this, could it be that he already knew about him? But why didn’t he mention it? During this time, there was nothing else unusual about the other dragons.

Between Wuuth’s wandering, Josh had already brought him to the Academy’s conference room.

Josh pushed open the door, there were more than ten people sitting at the long table inside the room, and they all looked towards the door when they heard the movement.
There were a few instructors inside, the rest looked dressed up, all from the Church, a total of eight people.

Wuuth walked into the conference room and closed the door with his hand.

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