Chapter 34: Good boy

Second Cub was pretending to be asleep when he heard Ning Chu woke up and wanted to take a quiet look.
When he opened his eyes, he met Third Cub’s gaze from above.
Both cubs froze for a moment, and Third Cub reacted by showing his teeth to Second Cub, who turned his head and ran away.

The fiery flames were about to reach his tail, but Second Cub nimbly dodged, and Third Cub spat out a ball of fire that smashed into the cabinet behind him.
Fortunately, the cabinet was made of iron, and the flames disappeared after leaving only a faint mark, without touching any flammable objects.

Ning Chu couldn’t breathe a sigh of relief before Second Cub dodged the fire and glided through the air, reversing his direction and shaking his wings.
A fierce wind blew in the direction of Third Cub, and Third Cub’s body skewed, the flames almost burned his nose, and the books and miscellaneous items on the cabinet were all blown off, falling to the ground.

Third Cub was so angry that his dragon’s horns smoked, and he was holding his fire to attack again when his vision was suddenly blocked.

Ning Chu scowled and lowered his voice, “San San! No fighting in here!”

There were many other students in the dormitory, if they made a commotion and were discovered, there would be no time to hide from so many dragons plus him.

Seeing Ning Chu, Third Cub was a little less angry and didn’t chase after Second Cub for his sake.

Second Cub flew behind and waved his tail proudly, Ning Chu turned to him and said, “You too! What did I tell you on the way here?”

Fourth Cub, who was watching the show, licked his paws in small increments, as he and Second Cub had already fought yesterday and he could barely count himself as a winner.
Fifth Cub was very worried at first, but she slumped down as she watched, thinking that with Ning Chu and Wuuth around, nothing would happen.

Second Cub stiffened up and silently flew to the cabinet and crouched down.
Ning Chu went to the door and watched for a while, found no one noticed the commotion here, locked the door and turned around.

“You two,” Ning Chu gestured to Second Cub and Third Cub, “pick up everything on the floor.”

Second Cub and Third Cub looked at each other across the room, both reluctant to join the other.

“No more fighting,” Ning Chu went back to the bed and picked up Fifth Cub, “Little Five is watching, are you brothers showing her how to behave properly?”

Third Cub was the first to move, biting the books on the floor and putting them on the shelf.

After the clutter on the floor was cleaned up, Third Cub flew over, “Aowu…”

Ning Chu caught him, “I’m fine… Little Five and I are back, aren’t we?”

Thinking of Second Cub suddenly taking Ning Chu away, Third Cub was still very angry, tilting his head and rubbing his horn against Ning Chu’s palm, “Aowu?”

Second didn’t bully you, right?

“How could he bully me?” Ning Chu laughed, “We went somewhere else on the way and got delayed in coming back.”

He talked about going to the mines with Second Cub, and the intention to find a chance to try out a new way to earn money.
At the mention of building a new Dragon Island, the little black dragon and Third Cub looked up.

The other dragon cubs were hearing about Ning Chu’s abilities and the new Dragon Island for the second time and didn’t react as much as before.
Several dragons and Ning Chu were thinking the same thing, with the new Dragon Island, the dragon herd could all move there.

The new way of earning money turned out to be Second Cub’s idea, and the look Third Cub threw at him softened slightly.
For the sake of Ning Chu’s face, one could ignore the fact that he had taken Ning Chu away.

To try a new method, one would have to find enough dragons first, and the odds were that they wouldn’t be able to stay in the Academy.
Thinking about it, Ning Chu looked at the little black dragon.

After learning earlier that Wuuth was the cub, Fourth Cub also told Ning Chu the reason why Wuuth stayed in the human academy.
He wanted to learn more magic and spells, and the human race was the most thorough in the study of magic and the versatility of spells.
He initially hoped that ordinary dragons would be able to hide their whereabouts on their own, but later found that ordinary dragons not only had low talent, but also had limited intelligence… Then he gave up for the time being.

After having transmigrated, Ning Chu understood that he could only use magic through the game’s contract service, and he couldn’t learn anything in the Academy, which would only be a waste of time.

But Wuuth was different, if he wanted to stay… 

The little black dragon made contact with Ning Chu’s gaze and slowly moved closer.

“Cub,” Ning Chu stroked his head, wanting to ask but not knowing how to ask, “How did you… How did you find me today?”

The sooner you tell the truth, the sooner you confess, the sooner he might forgive.

The little black dragon looked at Third Cub and let him speak.
Third Cub immediately crossed his hind legs and tried to scratch his neck, but held back, “Aoo…”

He told Ning Chu that when he didn’t come to pick him and the little black dragon up yesterday, and that they had gone out to look for him until they caught his scent a short while ago and came looking for him.
In fact, excluding some of the details, it was indeed telling the truth.

At this point Second Cub sensed that something was wrong, Wuuth obviously had a human form of his own, how could he still let the old three explain?

The little black dragon’s dark red eyes cast him a glare, [No more talking in front of him.]

Second Cub, [?]

“So that’s how…” Ning Chu stared at the little black dragon and let out a soft “hum”.

The little black dragon heard it, and there was a trace of confusion in his eyes.

Was he angry or not angry? Could it be that Ning Chu was blaming him for not finding out and chasing after him right away? The little black dragon reflected on himself, moved closer and put his front claws on Ning Chu’s legs, “Aowu…”

Ning Chu’s eyes widened, almost suspecting that he had heard wrong.

From the day the little black dragon broke his shell, the number of times he made a sound could be counted on one hand, Ning Chu once thought he was a mute.

Now he heard something, Cub… No, was Wuuth acting like a spoiled child?

Ning Chu picked up the little black dragon and lifted him a little higher.
He imagined Wuuth’s face, expressionlessly saying “aowu” just now, and struggled to hold back his laughter, “Let me hear it again?”

The little black dragon stiffened his tail and ignored Ning Chu’s request.
He didn’t know what was wrong with him just now, but he had used his dragon form too much during this period and had been affected by the other dragons.

Ning Chu didn’t relent, “If you call out again, I will not be angry.”

The little black dragon had no idea why he was angry, but the offer was so tempting that he hesitated.

The four dragon cubs next to him watched quietly, eyes wide open, and the little black dragon turned his head and swept them over one by one.
Third Cub looked up at the ceiling, and Second Cub flew away with an uninterested look, crouching on the cabinet, actually still quietly watching them.
Fourth Cub turned his back and blocked Fifth Cub’s eyes with his dragon wings.

The little black dragon turned back, his voice even softer than just now, “Aowu…”

No matter what, Ning Chu couldn’t refuse a little dragon cub that was acting spoiled.
He left all the things Wuuth did behind and couldn’t help but kiss the little black dragon on the forehead.
He stopped halfway and put the little black dragon down and just stroked his head, “That’s a good boy.”

The time in the dormitory passed very quickly, and soon it was dark.

Ning Chu had planned to come here to look for Wuuth and Third Cub, but now that he had found them, he didn’t want to leave.
Wuuth “won’t come back” anyway, the Academy was closed at night, and he didn’t want to go back to the dormitory, so he simply slept there.

Wuuth was given special treatment, he could live in a dormitory by himself, and there was only one bed.
He usually didn’t interact with people, even if someone saw a light in the room, no one would disturb him.

Ning Chu checked the door lock and closed the window, bought some things from the mall to make a simple dragon nest and placed it in the open space opposite the bunk.
There was enough space for all five dragons to lie in the nest.
Ning Chu got up, satisfied and took out the clothes he carried in his storage bag before he went to take a bath.

The dragon cubs approached the nest one after another and sniffed around, while the little black dragon crouched in place, his eyes confused and puzzled.

If he remembered correctly, this was his dormitory.
Why did Ning Chu seem more comfortable than him in his own dormitory, not treating himself as an outsider, and not afraid of being discovered by “Wuuth”?

With the sound of water coming from the bathroom, the little black dragon still couldn’t understand, so he put aside this matter for the time being.
He went to the door of the room, spit a mouthful of dragon breath, reinforcing a defense shield.

When Ning Chu came out, the little black dragon was crouching by the bed, and the rest of the dragon cubs had gone into the dragon’s nest to play.
Fifth Cub was lying on the edge of the nest, chewing on the hay laid underneath and pulling it out, with Second Cub close behind her.

“What’s Little Five doing?” Ning Chu said as he approached and picked up Fifth Cub, “Are you hungry?”

The little green dragon shrank her paws in embarrassment, she seemed to have eaten more in the past two days, she was still so hungry after eating a meal at noon, she hadn’t had time to tell Ning Chu.

Ning Chu touched Fifth Cub’s stomach and bought some oat grass and dandelions.
Fifth Cub was really hungry and ate all the grass.

“Little Five has grown up a little bit,” Ning Chu scratched the little dragon cub’s round chin, “From now on, if you are hungry, just tell daddy.
Daddy can still feed you.”

Fifth Cub rubbed his hand and turned her head to play with the other dragon cubs.

At night, Ning Chu left Fifth Cub with him, while the other dragons went to their nest.
Ning Chu put them in the middle of the nest, “The bed is too small, you can sleep here.”

Fourth Cub obediently found a place to lie down, and Third Cub came to be next to him.
Second Cub was alone on the other side of the nest, facing the direction of the bed.

Ning Chu turned off the light and went to bed, and Fifth Cub slept next to him.

In the middle of the night, the little black dragon got up and flew to the bed and laid down on Ning Chu’s neck.
When Second Cub saw it, he was also excited and quietly followed him to lean against Fifth Cub.

Third Cub’s eyes were open in the darkness, but he noticed Second Cub’s movement and saw him sneaking to the bed to sleep.
Not to be outdone, he too flew over.

After a while, Fourth Cub opened his eyes in a daze and found that he was the only dragon left in the nest.
He wandered to the bed and curled up beside Ning Chu.

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