Chapter 31: Lord Dragon God

The green dragon cub was still young, a little bigger than Ning Chu’s two palms, and once she stepped into the grass, she was almost completely submerged by the tall leaves, and only a pair of waving horns could be seen.
Second Cub was in a hurry and rushed over to find the little dragon cub in the grass and sniffed her.

Second Cub was so excited that he kept licking Fifth Cub’s forehead and horns, “Aowu, aowu.”

Fifth Cub was almost overturned, so she pounced on Second Cub and rubbed the white hair on his neck.
Fourth Cub also became smaller and flew back, squatting beside Ning Chu and licking his paws.
Second Cub and Fifth Cub had just met, so Ning Chu didn’t disturb them and got up to look around.

The environment here was unfamiliar, and he didn’t know how far Second Cub had flown, but in the distance there were mountains and forests, and there were several ordinary dragons in the trees nearby.
He was suddenly taken away, and didn’t know what happened to Wuuth and Third Cub at home.

The two baby dragons were still in the grass, and Ning Chu approached and tried to call out, “Er Er?”

Second Cub was lying on the ground, holding Fifth Cub in his front paws, and immediately got up and sat up straight at the sound.
He looked at Ning Chu, wagged his tail, then jumped into his arms.

Ning Chu sighed with relief, hugged Second Cub tightly and rubbed his neck hair, “I thought you only recognized Little Fifth.”

When he was taken away by Second Cub, Ning Chu guessed that the dragon swarm attacking the academy must have been done by Second Cub.
He suddenly made such a move, and since he had been at odds with other dragons for a long time, Ning Chu wasn’t sure what he wanted to do.

Luckily… His cubs were the same as before, they hadn’t changed at all.
No, except for Wuuth.

Ning Chu had been reading about it in the game for a long time before, but now he could finally touch Second Cub’s neck fur with his own hands, and he was as soft as he imagined.
He picked up Second Cub and asked, “How did Er Er know I was in the Academy?”

Upon hearing this, Second Cub’s eyes dodged a little.

Fourth Cub appeared at Ning Chu’s side, and a pair of silver pupils glared at Second Cub, “Awo!” He must have followed me there!

Fourth Cub was so angry that he scratched Second Cub again.

“Okay, okay,” Ning Chu pulled Fourth Cub away, his tone serious, “no more fighting.”

Second Cub knew that he was in the wrong, so he didn’t deny it and turned his head in Ning Chu’s arms to look at Fifth Cub.
After the fight with Fourth Cub that day, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that something was wrong, so he quietly followed Fourth Cub to the Academy.

That night, Ning Chu and Third Cub came out together to look for Fourth Cub, and he saw them from a distance and waited until the people of the Academy took away the corpses on the ground before coming out.

Third Cub followed the human Fourth Cub was willing to leave with, which Second Cub thought was strange.
Did Ning become a human?

He sent several dragons to squat near the Academy to confirm that Ning Chu was a student of the Academy and found an opportunity to bring Ning Chu here today.
Second Cub didn’t care whether other dragons recognized Ning Chu or not, he had to confirm it for himself to be sure.

And then… He met Little Five, alive.

This was the best proof that the human in front of it was indeed Ning, and he was back.

Second Cub no longer had any scruples and doubts, and buried his head into Ning Chu’s arms, whimpering, “Aowu.”

Ning Chu stroked his back, “I missed you too.”

Fifth Cub moved closer and climbed up Ning Chu’s leg, huddling with Second Cub.
Second Cub rolled over and licked the scales on her forehead.

Ning Chu looked up at the sky, “It’s getting dark, let’s go back first.”

He wanted to go back to the Academy, and Second Cub seemed to be willing to go with him, and he had just rented a new place, otherwise it would be too crowded to add another dragon… Second Cub looked up, and the doubt in his eyes was very obvious.

Why do you want to go back? Second Cub was puzzled when he knew Ning Chu was a student, did he have to go to school?

Ning Chu and him stared wide-eyed, realizing that he needed communication with Second Cub.
He had planned to rush back to school before signing the contract with Second Cub, but now he had to do the latter first.

Ning Chu turned on the contract service, and like with the previous dragons, this time the contracting wasn’t hindered in the slightest.
After the contract was done, Ning Chu explained, “Wuuth and San San are still at the Academy, I have to go back to find them.”

“Woo…” Second Cub slowly wagged his tail.
So Wuuth was there, why was he still hanging out with the humans?

Ning Chu heard Second Cub’s meaning, and didn’t know how to reply.

Second Cub arched his head against Ning Chu’s palm while saying “Aowu”, asking him not to go back.
As for Wuuth and Old San, it would be good for Old San to make a rain when they were looking for them, they used to use this kind of noise to find each other.

“But,” Ning Chu was embarrassed, “I still have to stay at the college to earn money.”

The arena was his only source of income at the moment, and it was quite substantial, so he didn’t know where else he could go to earn enough money to buy a million for the new Dragon Island.

Earn money? Second Cub’s tail stopped, “Wuu?”

Ning Chu hadn’t mentioned much about money to the dragon cubs before, because he didn’t lack any for ordinary expenses for the time being, and because Dragon Island was too expensive, he planned to tell them about it when he could get enough money.

Now that Second Cub asked him, he told them the reason.

Fourth Cub’s eyes seemed to understand.
No wonder Ning Chu stayed in the Academy, but he could still prepare food and play for the young dragons on Dragon Island! He had a special magic spell, and could also use it to build a new Dragon Island!

They took a large number of dragons out of the island precisely because there were more and more dragons and the island was getting crowded, so they wanted to find a new place to stay.

Second Cub pondered, “Aowu?” So Ning Chu was staying at the Academy just to earn money and for no other reason?

Ning Chu nodded his head, and Second Cub kept wagging his tail, a little excited.
He rubbed Ning Chu’s hand, telling him that he might have a way for him not to go back to that academy.

Ning Chu was curious, “What is it?”

Could Second Cub, a long-lost dragon, have a way to earn money? But Ning Chu suddenly realized that Second Cub did seem to be different from other dragons, he knew how to command ordinary dragons to work for him, and had more courage.

Second Cub didn’t continue, but wanted to wait until early tomorrow morning to take Ning Chu directly to see it.

It was already completely dark, the moonlight was blocked by the dense and impermeable clouds, and this was really not a good time to hurry.

“Okay,” Ning Chu looked around, “Then… we’ll sleep here tonight?”

Second Cub flew up from Ning Chu’s arms and circled around the spot, gesturing for Ning Chu to come with him.
He led the way at the front, followed by Fourth Cub, and Ning Chu followed behind with Fifth Cub in his arms.

It was very dark nearby, so Ning Chu raised a flame in his palm to light up the path in front of him.
Second Cub walked through the forest and finally came to a cave.
It was supposed to be an abandoned dragon’s lair, and the further he went in, the narrower it became.
He bought some hay from the mall and laid it on the ground, then took off his jacket and put it on the ground for the night.

In fact, the mall also had cotton and cushions, and was more comfortable to sleep on, but it was also more expensive.
Ning Chu compared the price, but didn’t buy it in the end.

At night, Fifth Cub slept on Ning Chu’s neck and Second Cub slept next to Fifth Cub, lifting his wings and resting them on her back.
Fourth Cub slept on the other side of Ning Chu, holding his tail and lying on his side, in a good sleeping position.


On Wighton’s side, he was recalled urgently and needed to return to the chapter immediately.
The scarlet bird grew in size and flew ahead of him, followed by several other subordinates who were also on their way with their contracted beasts.
His face sank like water, guessing if the one attacking the chapter was the wind dragon that appeared yesterday.

The wind and water dragons were the two most mysterious, having appeared only two or three times, and their strength ranking among the magic dragons was unknown.
The dragon swarm that came and went yesterday was also very strange… 

The scarlet bird suddenly stopped and Wighton looked up.

Ahead of him, a man stopped in the middle of the road, dressed in black, standing on the back of a contracted beast.

Wighton remembered this person, it was Wuuth.

The scarlet bird beneath him was shivering and had the thought of backing up.
Wighton calmed the contracted beast and wondered.
He heard that Wuuth’s contract beast was a sub-dragon, which was only a little stronger than ordinary high-ranking magical beasts, far from the deterrent power of the dragon family.

However, not only the scarlet bird, several subordinate contracted beasts in the rear were also very afraid, not daring to take another step forward.

Wighton secretly gripped his magic staff, “You are a student of Lance Academy? How come you’re here?”

Wuuth’s face was expressionless, and he didn’t answer his question, “Were you in the forest and killed a magic dragon?”

This matter had never been revealed to outsiders except for the members of the Church… Wighton remembered the lost Leaf Dragon horn a few days ago and sneered, “So it was you, I advise you to hand over the item before it’s too late, or else…”

“Or else?” Wuuth interrupted him and said in a low voice, “I just want you to die.”

As soon as he spoke, the scarlet bird shook even more, barely able to maintain its shape.
Wighton could only put the contracted beast away, and when he looked up again, his peripheral vision darkened violently.

The sunlight at the bottom of his feet was blocked inch by inch, and a look of fear gradually appeared in Wighton’s eyes.


The next morning, Ning Chu’s biological clock woke him up on time.
The three dragon cubs were playing around, and Second Cub and Fourth Cub seemed to have made up, with Fourth Cub wagging his tail and showing Second Cub his new tail ornament.

Second Cub didn’t bite him because of his itchy teeth.

Ning Chu remembered what Second Cub had said yesterday and beckoned him over, “Let’s eat something and go, okay?”

Second Cub nodded his head and shook his neck hair.
Ning Chu bought meat and oat grass, fed the three dragon cubs and walked out of the cave.
Second Cub flew high into the air and changed back to his adult form.
The dragon landed on the ground and lowered his head for Ning Chu to get up.

The two dragons were too conspicuous, so Ning Chu didn’t let Fourth Cub grow bigger, and let him stay in his arms with Fifth Cub.

Ning Chu sat on the back of Second Cub’s neck, tied his legs with his neck hair, and reached out to touch his scales, “Let’s go.”

Second Cub flew with Ning Chu and the two dragon cubs, and left the canyon and flew east for half an hour, slowing down as he approached some mountains.
The mountains looked a bit desolate, with little vegetation covering them, and Second Cub made his way to the center of the mountains when a huge crater appeared on the ground ahead.

Second Cub turned around and flew directly into the huge crater.

Inside, the view was dim, and only got brighter the further down they went, while there were a lot of chaotic sounds coming from it.
Someone’s voice… There seemed to be dragons.

Ning Chu turned sideways to look down, at this time Second Cub stopped.
The dragon retracted his wings and landed firmly on the ground below, raising a puff of diffuse dust.
A group of very small, strangely dressed people swarmed over, shouting excitedly, “Lord Dragon God!”


The author has something to say: 

I’m sleepy, good night everyone!

The big cub is a cold ice dragon, the blue one on the cover, and will appear soon!

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