away by Gale.

With Little Five by Ning Chu’s side, Gale wouldn’t hurt Ning Chu even if he didn’t accept him.
Wuuth asked for a key to the room, which Donald gave him.
Donald was very curious about Wuuth’s relationship with Ning Chu and held back several times but still couldn’t ask.

Wuuth went back to the dormitory and brought Third Cub to his new residence.

Third Cub scolded Second Cub all the way, [Next time I meet him, I will burn all the hair on his tail…] 

He wanted to look for Ning Chu, but didn’t know where Second Cub would take Ning Chu to.
The contract Ning Chu made with him was also useless, and he couldn’t find out where Ning Chu was.
And Wuuth said that they couldn’t just leave the Academy, otherwise Ning Chu wouldn’t see them when he returns and they would be completely separated.

Now they could only wait patiently or watch out for Heavenly Thunder Dragon’s movements nearby.
Arriving at the new residence, Wuuth dropped off Third Cub, but left alone.

Now that it was getting late, Third Cub asked, [Where are you going?]

Wuuth tilted his head, showing half of his face, “Something, I’ll be back soon.”

With that, he pulled open the door and left.

Third Cub was the only one left in the room, and the dragon climber from the dormitory had been removed and placed in the corner before it was installed.
Third Cub squatted alone by the bed for a while, then flew to the climber in the corner and curled up in the dragon’s nest.

It was late at night when Wuuth returned to Crow Market.
He opened the door to the room, and Third Cub looked up and sniffed keenly with a twitch of his nose, [What have you been doing?]

Wuuth took off his jacket and said gently, “Killed a few people.”

The next day, news of a dragon attack on a Church branch in the region spread throughout the area.
No one saw what the dragon looked like, it appeared out of nowhere and nearly leveled the Church’s iconic tower and the entire chapter, killing and injuring many in the chapter.
Then, the dragon disappeared without a trace.

Wighton, who remained in the Academy, couldn’t search for the magic dragon and returned to the chapter with his subordinates in a hurry.

In the Academy, Wuuth watched their departure from behind a tree and got up to follow them.


The dragon with wind magic flew very fast and hesitated slightly when it heard Ning Chu call out to him.
Ning Chu struggled to move forward, clutching a loop of hair on the dragon’s neck to stabilize his body.
He also had to protect the two little dragon cubs in his arms, and Fourth Cub tried to come out, but Ning Chu pressed him back into his clothes.

No matter what Second Cub’s purpose was, he didn’t want the two dragons to fight in the middle of the road.
Second Cub flew for an unknown amount of time before coming to a stop in a ravine.
He shook his body and placed Ning Chu on the soft grass.

Ning Chu looked up, and now he had a chance to take a good look at the grown-up Second Cub.
He looked similar to what Ning Chu remembered, with yellowish-brown scales covering the top of his head and back, a white belly, and white hair growing around his neck and at the tip of his tail.

In the past, Ning Chu thought that Second Cub was like a dog, not only because of his personality, but also because of his distinctive scale color and fluffy body.
Although Ning Chu couldn’t touch him through the screen, he felt that he must be like a puppy when petted.

The dragon’s gaze was scrutinizing, and the tip of its nose spewed out dangerous dragon breath.
As he approached Ning Chu with his head down, a purple shadow suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.

Fourth Cub turned back to his adult form to block in front of Ning Chu and roared at Second Cub.
Remembering his last revenge, he swung a claw at him without any reason.

Second Cub dodged quickly and the two dragons quickly fought with each other in the air.

Ning Chu hurriedly retreated to the side and said anxiously, “Get down!”

Fourth Cub heard Ning Chu’s voice and hesitated, and was swiped by Second Cub’s tail.

Fifth Cub looked up from Ning Chu’s arms and saw the two dragons in the air, “Wu?”

Second Cub was about to sneak in when he noticed that Fourth Cub was wearing a new decoration on his tail.
He swooped over when he suddenly heard a familiar sound.

It was really soft, so soft that Second Cub almost thought he was hallucinating.
He stopped in the air and looked over to where Ning Chu was.

Ning Chu was wearing a silver-gray school jacket, and there was a small green shadow in his tightly guarded arms that was immediately visible.

Fifth Cub saw that it was Second Cub and happily called out again, “Aowu!”

Fourth Cub swung his dragon wings, and Second Cub, who was frozen in the air, was slapped and fell straight down.

Boom! Ning Chu closed his eyes, and when he looked over again, the dragon had disappeared, and was replaced by a small yellow-brown dragon cub, running towards him.
He seemed to have forgotten that he could fly, weaving in and out of the dense grass like a puppy who heard the call of his master.

When he was close to Ning Chu, Second Cub stopped.
He panted sharply and spun around anxiously, as if he couldn’t believe what he saw.

Ning Chu squatted down and put Fifth Cub on the ground, “Don’t you two fight anymore.
It’s not good if Little Five sees you…”

Fifth Cub rubbed Ning Chu’s hand and turned her head to Second Cub who was still frozen and didn’t dare to go forward.

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