Chapter 29: It’s a dragon!

Ning Chu hurriedly pulled the bed curtain to cover Bowen’s view.
Bowen seemed to see a flash of black passing by Ning Chu’s bed, but he wasn’t wearing his glasses, so when he looked again, it disappeared.
He just thought he was seeing things, and retracted his head back to his bunk, “I was scared… You should be careful.”

Ning Chu answered and got into the bed curtain.

The three little dragon cubs on the dragon climbing frame were all startled by the commotion just now and stared at him in unison, as well as the little black dragon on the pillow.

Ning Chu tensed his expression and said in a whisper, “No looking!”

Third Cub and Fourth Cub looked at each other, shrinking themselves to reveal only the dragon horns on their foreheads.
Only Fifth Cub didn’t hide, she stretched out a paw and waved it forward, worried that Ning Chu had fallen.
Ning Chu gently squeezed her fat paw to show that he was fine.

He lay down again on the bed, turning his back to the little black dragon on his pillow.
He now understood why Wuuth had to hide from him, the feeling was really awkward.
He knew that he had raised a dragon, who at the same time was a big living person.

Having a human form was different from other dragons.
But Wuuth himself didn’t know this! Didn’t he ask him the other day what kind of person he would become a couple with? If he didn’t know how to get along with people, he should understand that he can’t just do things like licking faces.

However, not only did he do it, he did it because he was now a dragon, and he didn’t avoid it at all, thinking that Ning Chu didn’t know anything about it.

The little black dragon was puzzled by Ning Chu’s reaction just now, but he didn’t think much of it, and flew half a circle around to Ning Chu’s eyes, wanting to get closer to him and take a nap with him.

Without a word, Ning Chu pushed him away, turned over again and continued to face him with his back.

Suddenly left out, the little black dragon was confused, why did it feel as if Ning Chu was angry? But just now… He didn’t do anything?

The little black dragon looked at Ning Chu’s back, crouched silently for a while and then flew back to his usual corner.

As Ning Chu closed his eyes and listened to that slightest movement, he softened a little, because he couldn’t see the little dragon cub suffer.
But his weakness only lasted for a moment, and then was dispelled.

Ning Chu coldly grunted in his heart and let Wuuth reflect on himself and think about what he had done wrong.

In the afternoon, when Bowen wasn’t in the dormitory, Ning Chu wanted to remodel the dormitory bed while no one was bothering him.
However, although he had a good idea, it was very difficult to implement it.
Not only did he not have the right materials, but the baffle was also difficult to fix.

Finally Ning Chu could only give up, looking at the bed and the one, two, three, four small dragon cubs and fret.

Wuuth’s storage bag still had a lot of money, so could he move out to live? But the Academy’s location was relatively remote, so there was no place to rent a house nearby.
And he also wanted to buy another Dragon Island, so it was better to save a little, plus he temporarily couldn’t find a new way to earn money.
He also had to rely on the Crow Market arena which was too far from the Academy and wasn’t convenient… 

Wait, Crow Market!

Maybe Donald had a place to stay there, but the Academy was still in lockdown these days, so he’d ask when he could leave school normally.

After deciding, Ning Chu put back the bed curtain he had taken down.

Fifth Cub watched his movements curiously, and probably found it amusing to lower her body and shake her hind legs and tail, and lunged at Ning Chu’s hands at once.
The small wings on her back opened up again and flapped a few times with great effort, firmly hooking the curtain in the center of the bed.

Ning Chu was surprised, “Fifth Cub can fly now?”

Fifth Cub looked at Ning Chu with a tilted head and let out an “awoo”, she did feel different from before.

Fourth Cub flew over and waved his wings in the air, signaling Fifth Cub to do what he did, “Owwuwu!”

Fifth Cub quietly held her breath and exerted herself, however the wings on her back could not be used with any strength now.

Third Cub reacted quickly from underneath and caught Fifth Cub on his back, and slapped Fourth Cub’s paw.
Fourth Cub shook his head and the three young dragons soon fought together.

Fifth Cub was very interested in the small ring on Fourth Cub’s tail and opened her mouth to nibble on it twice.

Ning Chu finished the bed curtain, bought some oat grass and meat from the game, moved a small stool and put it next to the bed, telling the dragon cubs it was to eat.

Fifth Cub didn’t eat meat, so Ning Chu prepared three pieces of beef, and some vegetables.
Third Cub and Fourth Cub were the fastest eaters.
Ning Chu held Fifth Cub in his arms and fed her oat grass.

Cubbied didn’t look like he wanted to eat at all, so Third Cub turned his head and asked, “Whoo?”

The little black dragon seemed to be in a bad mood, [I’m not eating.]

Third Cub licked his paws and shared the little black dragon’s piece with Fourth Cub.
Ning Chu looked up and met the little black dragon’s eyes.

“Aren’t you hungry?” Ning Chu sighed, still reaching out to pet his head, “Still want to eat rabbit?”

It wasn’t possible that it was because of the nap, that Wuuth won’t even eat anything now.

Why didn’t he realize he was so… Ning Chu couldn’t find the words to describe it, it felt just like when he first found out that Wuuth would secretly stalk him.

When he got his attention, the little black dragon’s low pressure eased a little and he rubbed the tip of his nose against Ning Chu’s finger.
He was his little dragon, so he couldn’t watch it starve.

Ning Chu finished feeding Fifth Cub and let her play on her own, then bought another rabbit and handed it to the little black dragon.

The little black dragon took a bite from his hand and then finished eating it.


For several days in a row, the Academy saw peace on the inside and outside.
The magic dragon didn’t appear again, and not even a common dragon could be seen nearby.
The energy used to maintain the magic array was too much, and Lance Academy was far less wealthy than other well-known academies, and soon emptied its coffers.

And with the Academy on lockdown and unable to enter Crow Market, students were left without an important after-school activity and were complaining to their teachers.

On balance, the Academy removed the protective shield and issued a notice asking students to return to school early in the evening and not to go too far away.

The Beast Cleanup was also forced to stop, and the students weren’t allowed to participate, leaving the rest to the Church and the mercenary corps.

Ning Chu instructed the four small dragon cubs to remain at home, then went to the arena to find Donald.

“A place to live?” Donald’s face was surprised, “There is one… I’ll rent it to you for cheap, just five gold coins a month… But is it that your Academy’s dormitory conditions aren’t really good?”

“As you know, I’m in a special situation,” Ning Chu explained, “And it would be best for me to live alone.”

Donald understood, and led him to a room behind the animal farm, “How about here? If you don’t mind, I’ll have someone come and clean it up and make the bed.”

The space inside wasn’t large, but it was enough for Ning Chu.
Unfortunately the location was remote, there was no separate bathroom and toilet, and he had to take a detour to the arena.

Ning Chu hesitated for a moment and nodded, “This is fine, thanks.”

The house was rented for a few dragons, so even if he slept in the dormitory at night, the few dragon cubs here would be more comfortable, and he didn’t always need to worry about Bowen finding out, even afraid to make a sound.

He directly counted out the rent for two months, Donald took the gold coins, “Want to take a challenger today?”

Ning Chu answered, “Yes.”

Donald immediately smiled and asked his subordinates to bring out all the challenges he had recently received.

While Ning Chu was picking out his opponent, Donald asked, “By the way, did you get into trouble with the Church? They’ve been here several times in the last two days, trying to inquire about you.”

Ning Chu flipped through the challenge book, “And?”

“I didn’t tell them anything, of course,” Donald said immediately, “But they’re sure to come again when you show up tonight.”

Ning Chu smiled, “That’s okay.”

He wasn’t worried about them trying to find him.

Ning Chu went back to his dormitory to transfer all four dragons before the night’s battle began.
He had limited space in his jacket, so it was a bit of a stretch to fit all four at once, and they would be easily seen.

After thinking about it, Ning Chu brought them all on two separate trips.
He took Fourth Cub and Fifth Cub first and told the remaining two dragons, “I’ll be back later, don’t run around.”

Ning Chu put Fifth Cub into his inside pocket and Fourth Cub into the other side before leaving the dormitory.

At this moment, it was a crowded time at the entrance of the Academy, and most of them went to grab a spot at the viewing table early when they heard that Ning Chu was going to have a match tonight.

In the crowd, Ning Chu saw some people from the Church, who also looked like they were going to Crow Market.
One looked familiar, with a red bird standing on his shoulder, his contracted animal.

There were four of them, one less than last time.

He also signed a new contract with Fourth Cub and was now able to use lightning magic.
Ning Chu thought about it and felt that he could beat them, even if they came to his door.

With a calm expression, he passed them and walked outside the school.
Just then, the red bird that was resting on its master’s shoulder suddenly looked into the air and let out a sharp cry.

Someone around him shouted in terror, “It’s a dragon!”

Ning Chu looked up and dozens of common dragons appeared over the Academy, flying towards the gate.

As the dragons quickly approached, the surrounding students fled in a panic, and as a teacher passed by the entrance, he took out his magic staff while shouting, “Inform the dean and the other teachers!”

A few of the senior students also stayed behind and joined the teachers present to defend themselves against the dragons.

Wighton soothed the contracted beast on his shoulder and frowned at his subordinates, “Go check around, something is wrong with this herd of dragons.”

The dragons have never gathered on such a large scale before, and this looks… as if they were driven by something.

In the midst of the chaos Ning Chu temporarily hid under the eaves of the janitor’s room, feeling equally strange.
These dragons were all the same species, they were small and thin, very agile and nimble in dodging magical attacks.

In addition to dodging, they didn’t directly attack the crowd, but kept flying downward to smash the magic shield.

A few of the dragons flying at the front hissed while spewing white smoke from their mouths at the same time.
The smoke quickly filled the air and the crowd’s vision in front of them began to blur.

Ning Chu had Fourth Cub and Fifth Cub with him, and he wasn’t afraid of ordinary dragons attacking him.
However, as the smoke quickly spread around, a dragon suddenly flew closer.

It circled around Ning Chu, hooked its front claws on his shoulder clothing, and flew away with him.

Ning Chu, “?!”

Before he could react, a giant dragon flew in the distance on the wind.

The common dragon that grabbed Ning Chu flew high into the air and put Ning Chu on a dragon’s back.

It returned to the Academy entrance, called out a few times, and the remaining dragons were ordered to retreat like a tidal wave.

As the smoke cleared, the remaining people and the teacher who had hurriedly arrived looked at the air with bewildered faces.

Ning Chu, lying on the dragon’s back, shielding the two dragon cubs in his arms, raised his hand to block the howling wind and shouted, “Er Er! Where are you taking me?”

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