d given him yet either.

However… Ning Chu opened the mall again and clicked on the option to create a Dragon Island.

With the new Dragon Island, he could bring all the ordinary dragons there, away from the other races, and they would never have to be hunted again.

If he couldn’t fit them on one, he could build a second one.
However, to build a Dragon Island required a million, even if he added the ones given by Wuuth, it was still not enough.

What other way to make money quickly… he didn’t know how long the school would be closed, and couldn’t seem to go to Crow Market these days.

Ning Chu turned off the game and lay back on his bed, dazed.

Or… Like the ones last night, he wouldn’t mind a few more waves.

He had a few dragon cubs in the Academy, so he did need to hide himself, but as long as he had the chance, he wouldn’t let anyone from the Church go.

Fifth Cub came up close to Ning Chu and nuzzled his earlobe at the nape of his neck.
Ning Chu rolled over and stroked her wings and horns, and turned his head to see Third Cub and Fourth Cub playing around, and the little black dragon crouching on the side of the bed.

One person and four dragons on a narrow single bed.

Wasn’t it getting too crowded… 

Ning Chu looked around, thinking about whether to pull up the bed curtain a notch, make a baffle for a simple bunk, so that all the dragon cubs could sleep on it.

As he was thinking, Bowen came back.

Ning Chu heard Bowen’s footsteps and quickly unlocked the door before he turned the doorknob, pulled the curtain and made a silent gesture to the little dragon cubs inside.

Bowen opened the door, surprised, “You’re back! I didn’t see you when I got up this morning, so I thought you were doing something…”

“I was in a bit of a hurry and left before dawn,” Ning Chu said vaguely, asking Bowen, “When I came back, the doorman said there was a special situation recently.
What happened?”

Bowen put down the textbook in his hand and said with some concern and fear, “I heard that the fire dragon is back, and it’s near the Academy.” He put his hand to his mouth and lowered his voice, “And it killed a few Church members.”

Ning Chu sat on the edge of the bed, the curtain behind him drawn tightly, as he pretended to be surprised, “Really?”

Bowen nodded solemnly, “There was a practical class in the morning, but Clark didn’t show up, so it was temporarily changed to a theory class.”

Sure enough, because of the corpse and the mark left by the dragon, the Academy put up the magic shield that rose in the middle of the night to protect the students.

Ning Chu, who had a few dragons hiding behind him, had mixed feelings and was helpless.
If he said magic dragons wouldn’t attack Academy students at all, would anyone believe him?

“Oh yeah,” Bowen went to bed for a nap before remembering something else, “the Church’s grand elder is here to ask questions from Wuuth and ‘Ning’ of the arena.

If someone among the students knew their whereabouts, hopefully they would inform the teacher or the Church in time.

Ning Chu frowned invisibly, “Questioning? What kind of questions?”

“I don’t know.”

On that map, the vicinity of the Nuba River was also marked, and he had a vague feeling that the Church’s desire to find him and Wuuth was related to Third Cub.

The group really had nothing to lose, and had to look for traces of magic dragons.

Ning Chu got into the curtain of the bed and lay down, touching the front paws of the little black dragon on the pillow with his fingers, “They can’t find Wuuth?”

Bowen’s voice came from across the room, “It seems so.
No one has seen Wuuth in the past few days.”

“I don’t think it’s a good thing,” Ning Chu poked the little black dragon’s paw again, as if talking to Bowen, and as if talking to himself, “He better not show up.”

Bowen responded casually, and the quarters fell silent immediately after.

The little black dragon lifted his paws, pressed Ning Chu’s mischievous fingers, and plopped down.
At this kind of time, of course he wouldn’t show himself.

But wasn’t Ning Chu saying this proof that he was concerned about his human form?

Fifth Cub was at this moment lying on her back in her nest on the dragon climbing frame, taking a nap, while Third Cub and Fourth Cub were huddled together in another nest above.

Ning Chu was now surrounded by no other dragons, so the little black dragon leaned closer and almost got into Ning Chu’s neck.

Ning Chu didn’t know what he wanted and held his breath.
Could it be that what he had just said was too obvious and Wuuth had found out? Wait, even if he was found out, he shouldn’t be the one who was nervous, right?

The little black dragon buried its head and rubbed Ning Chu with his horn.

At this time in the past, Ning Chu would’ve been flattered, because Cubbie was too cold, and he could count on two hands to be close to him like this.
The little black dragon sniffed Ning Chu’s scent again, even though it had been a night, he still smelled the scent of other dragons on Ning Chu.

Most of it was left by the Heavenly Thunder Dragon, and displeasure surfaced in the little black dragon’s eyes.
He was happy to see him once and for all, not to mention that Ning Chu had just cared for his human form.

The little black dragon lowered his head and licked the side of Ning Chu’s face little by little.
He was very serious, paws clasping Ning Chu’s collar, like a good black cat.

But he wasn’t.

Ning Chu froze for two seconds, while his face turned red again.


Bowen, who hadn’t fallen asleep yet, was awakened by a sudden sound and pulled back the bed curtain.

Ning Chu somehow rolled out of bed with a weird look on his face.

Bowen asked with concern, “What’s gotten into you?”

Ning Chu got up in a hurry, “Nothing… I just accidentally… This bed is too narrow.

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