ent it hit the magic shield.


But if he went in through the gate, since it was the middle of the night, it would definitely arouse suspicion.

Ning Chu had no choice but to say to the two little dragon cubs, “We can’t go back tonight, so we’ll see what happens in the morning.”

Luckily, he always had a school jacket in his storage bag, a habit he developed after Wuuth gave Ning Chu his jacket once before.

The two little dragon cubs had no problem with it, Third Cub squatted quietly on Ning Chu’s shoulder, Fourth Cub was a little anxious to see the live Fifth Cub soon, but since Ning Chu said so, he still wagged his tail to show that it was okay.

So Ning Chu took the two dragon cubs and walked in the opposite direction of Enigma Forest for a while to make sure that there wouldn’t be any people coming nearby, and planned to spend the night on the lawn under the trees.
It had rained and there were still some water stains on the ground, so Third Cub sprayed a mouthful of dragon breath and the surrounding area became dry instantly.

Ning Chu sat down against the tree trunk, and Fourth Cub immediately got down in his arms, looking at him blearily.

Ning Chu stroked his head, and he had something to ask him.
He opened the game’s contract service, “Little Four, come sign a contract with daddy, okay?”

Like the previous two dragons, Ning Chu didn’t encounter any resistance from Fourth Cub, and the contract was signed very smoothly.

Ning Chu tried to adjust the data, and when he raised his hand again, a few strands of electricity appeared at his fingertips.
Now, he had another innate skill to use.

Ning Chu put away the magic element and looked at Fourth Cub with a serious face, “What’s going on with you and Two?”

Fourth Cub whispered “wuwu” and stretched his tail out in front of him to show Ning Chu.

There was a small band on the tip of his tail, which was already half damaged, and all the stones set on it had fallen off, leaving only half of it stuck on the tail and wavering.

Fourth Cub complained, “Aowu, wuwu…”

He bit my tailpiece! He did it on purpose!

Ning Chu’s expression turned strange for a moment, he was both distressed and a little bit tempted to laugh.

“It’s okay, I’ll buy you a new one, it will be better than this one,” Ning Chu coaxed as he removed the small ring from Fourth Cub’s tail, “You two… Did you two really fight? No injuries, right?”

“Wu-wu.” No, he can’t hurt me.

In fact, Second Cub was just trying to piss him off on purpose, without really getting into a big fight with him.

Fourth Cub told Ning Chu that he spotted the suspected Second Cub’s whereabouts on his way over and went looking for him.
After finding Second Cub, Fourth Cub told him that Ning Chu was back and that he had reappeared on Dragon Island, but his state was different from before.

Fourth Cub wasn’t sure what Ning Chu’s situation was, so he said he didn’t quite understand, and was anxious to help Ning Chu.
Second Cub didn’t understand and thought Fourth Cub was lying just to trick him back to Dragon Island.

Fourth Cub showed him the decoration on his tail, saying that it was given to him by Ning Chu after his return.
Second Cub not only didn’t believe him, but also chewed the tail ring when Fourth Cub wasn’t looking.

Fourth Cub was so angry that he chased after Second Cub and fought with him, forfeiting his magic element for a while, making it rain in that area for two days, and many humans saw him and spread the news.

Ning Chu sighed, “I can buy more if you break something, but don’t be so reckless next time.”

Not only would it reveal his whereabouts, it would also send many innocent people into a panic.

Fourth Cub hung his head down and saw Ning Chu pulling out another tail ring from somewhere.
This one was silver with a lavender jewel in the middle, which matched the color of his scales!

Fourth Cub’s previous depression was gone and he watched Ning Chu put it on him, spinning around excitedly twice.
He came to Third Cub, who was resting on the side, and showed him the decoration on his tail.

Third Cub sniffed at the tail ring and turned his head away with little interest.

Ning Chu stroked his head, “Do you know where he is…? Do you know where he is now?”

“Ao…” I don’t know, he’s gone.

Ning Chu sighed silently again and continued, “Then how did you find him? It was raining tonight, so I wasn’t sure if it was you and wanted to come out and try to find him…”

“Ao…” I came here to find Wuuth… 

The contract service couldn’t fully translate every pronunciation of the dragon language, but Ning Chu clearly heard the word “Wuuth”.

Before Fourth Cub could finish his sentence, he was pounced on by Third Cub who flew over and fell into the grass.
Third Cub hurriedly covered Fourth Cub’s mouth with his dragon wings to make him stop talking and turned his head to look at Ning Chu.

Ning Chu sat under a tree and smiled, “Wuuth?”

Unaware of the truth, Fourth Cub kicked away Third Cub and slapped him in annoyance, shaking off the grass leaves he had accidentally gotten on him.

He flew back to Ning Chu’s lap while continuing, “Ao wuwu!” Yes! He had told me that he was in the Academy of something.
I wanted to come and find him, so I left Dragon Island.

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