Finding the dragon in the air hesitating slightly, the deacon was delighted, “Prepare the silver net!”

The Rosette Leaf Dragon couldn’t fly, so he guessed that the young leaf dragon should be on the back of the fire dragon, and as long as he succeeded in luring it out, he would be sure to capture it alive.

Then while the rain was still pouring, they would figure out how to deal with the fire dragon.

The silver net was ready, just waiting for the appearance of the leaf dragon, when the red dragon actually slowly flew downward and stopped in front of the crowd with its huge body.

The deacon was on high alert.
Was this pair of dragon horns really useful? Would the magic dragon completely treat them as a companion or not?

Then, the dragon lowered its head, and a figure jumped down.

He was dressed in black, the brim of his hat was pulled down, and the mask he wore completely covered his face.

Ning Chu didn’t bring a weapon, he just raised his right hand slightly, and several branches sprang from his palm, twisting and solidifying into shape.

Seeing this scene, the deacon’s heart was horrified, “Who are you?!”

The wood magic just now wasn’t the Rosette Leaf Dragon’s, but a human’s who traveled with the fire dragon!

As soon as he said that, Ning Chu had already launched his attack towards several people.

Ning Chu had no proper fighting skills, he was relying on instinct and various stat values pulled to their limits, plus the help of Third Cub.

He had just stabbed the branch in his hand into the heart of a man on the ground when a silver net covered him.

The silver net was engraved with a magical array that suppressed the use of magical elements and tightened up the more he struggled.

However, in the next moment, Ning Chu’s body burst into flames, and the silver net was burned cleanly.

The deacon’s heart was shocked beyond words, seeing his subordinates dead and wounded, he reached into his arms, trying to escape with the help of magic scrolls.

At this time, a dragon roar suddenly sounded in the sky.

Another behemoth shuttled through the clouds, bringing up silent lightning, illuminating its unique dragon horns and all purple scales.

Heavenly Thunder Dragon… 

It rained harder, the muffled thunder was deafening, as the deacon looked up into the air with a wobble, and a sharp pain came from his back.

The deacon fell to the ground spitting blood, a huge claw pressed against his back, his internal organs seemed to have shifted, and the disc in his arms fell out and broke.

Before completely losing consciousness, he saw the purple dragon stopping not far away, while the man in black removed his mask and ran to the dragon.


The Heavenly Thunder Dragon in his adult form had his wings retracted and electricity was flowing from the tip of his dragon’s horn on his forehead.

It was Fourth Cub!

Ning Chu was so surprised that he dropped the corpse on the ground and ran towards him, “Fourth Cub!”

Fourth Cub was originally deep in Enigma Forest, and it seemed that Wuuth’s Academy was nearby.

When he first arrived, he was really shocked by the scene in Enigma Forest, which was absolutely different from before.

Late into the night, Fourth Cub didn’t see Wuuth’s figure and intended to leave the place to look elsewhere, but was attracted by the movement on the way.

It flew closer to see if it was San San!

The red dragon was in the middle of a rage, using his claw to kill on the ground.

Fourth Cub just landed on the ground and saw another human, coming in his direction.

Fourth Cub was very alert, and the current on the dragon’s horn intensified, trying to solve this leaky fish.

Third Cub also saw it and turned his head towards him with a roar.

Fourth Cub heard the sound and put away his magic, his silver pupils looked at the human in front of him, showing a puzzled look.

Third Cub said he couldn’t kill it? Why? He just killed a human himself just now.

What was different about this human… Was it…?

Fourth Cub looked down in surprise, as this human was holding him!

The dragon’s claws were so big that Ning Chu couldn’t hold it even if he tried to open his arms, so he tilted his head and shouted again, “Fourth cub!”

As the rain stopped, Fourth Cub clearly heard this familiar call.
He looked up at Third Cub in disbelief, trying to ask him for confirmation.

But Third Cub didn’t bother to explain more, he changed back to his juvenile form and flew over to crouch on Ning Chu’s shoulder.

Ning Chu held one of Fourth Cub’s front paws, and there were still some faint electric currents left on the scales, which made his palm tingle slightly.
He was reluctant to let go of his hand, but suddenly there was an empty space in front of him.

A small purple dragon cub pounced on him and kept rubbing against his arms.

“Wu aowu…” The little dragon cub was very excited and had a bit of grievance in his voice as he licked the side of Ning Chu’s face.

Ning Chu hugged him and sat down on the ground, and finally his worries for several days dissipated, yet he didn’t forget to scold, “Why didn’t you stay on Dragon Island? What if I couldn’t find you?”

He said that, but his tone was still excited and surprised, and he lowered his head and rubbed his cheek against the side of Fourth Cub’s neck.

“Aowu!” Fourth Cub wanted to say that he didn’t run blindly, and if he couldn’t find Wuuth, he would’ve gone back.

He had no idea why Ning Chu was with Third Cub, but it was good news that he wasn’t trapped as he suspected.

After a while, the rain stopped completely before Ning Chu let go of Fourth Cub and got up.

All of the Church’s men were dead, leaving no one alive.
He took a few deep breaths and placed Fourth Cub on his other shoulder, near a pair of dragon horns on the ground.

Fourth Cub also recognized whose horns belonged to the dragon, and he tensed his spine in anger, “Wuwu…”

Ning Chu reached out and touched the top of the dragon’s horns, and the flames spread down his fingertips, quickly burning them to ashes.

He touched the irritable and unknown Fourth Cub and said soothingly, “Little Five is in Academy… She’s safe with Cubbie protecting her.”

Fourth Cub froze and looked up.

What? Fourth Cub was there? She wasn’t dead? Wuuth was also with Little Five?

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