acted beast, inexplicably recognizing who he was during the arena, the exact same magical innate skill, having a partially similar personality… And his attitude towards the dragons.

In fact, the sudden appearance of Cubbie on the windowsill of his dormitory at first was too much of a coincidence, and Ning Chu was too happy at that time to think deeper.

And later, Cubbie gave him a storage bag filled with purple gold coins, saying it was his own.

Ning Chu suddenly stopped in his tracks.

Wuuth saw this and stopped with him before asking, “What’s wrong?”

Ning Chu, who hadn’t been wearing his mask after removing it earlier, calmly looked at Wuuth seriously.
Then he withdrew his eyes, “Nothing.”

Based on this alone, he still wasn’t completely sure.

Ning Chu wouldn’t ask directly and Wuuth would definitely deny it if he really hid it from him.

But why would he hide it from him?

Ning Chu took a few steps and stopped again, “Let’s go back, I don’t want to walk anymore.”

Wuuth listened to him on everything and nodded, “Okay.”

Ning Chu hesitated for a moment and stood up with Wuuth.


Ning Chu returned to the dormitory without incident, and the first thing he did was to look for the three baby dragon cubs.
He pulled back the curtain of the bed.
Third Cub and Fifth Cub were sleeping in the nest of the dragon crawler, and Cubbie was lying alone on the pillow.

Ning Chu sat down on the edge of the bed and picked up the little black dragon.
He caught the little black dragon under his front paws and lifted him up to shake it in front of his eyes, “Cub?”

The little black dragon lifted his eyes to look at him in response.

Ning Chu picked him up and leaned him against the bed, “Did you have a good day at home?”

He gently stroked the scales on the little black dragon’s neck, and the little black dragon tilted his head and squinted his eyes in comfort.

Can this Cubbie really be Wuuth? In fact, if he wanted further proof, all he had to do was take Cubbie out and see if Wuuth would appear at the same time… 

The handle of the dormitory door was turned from outside.
Ning Chu quickly arranged the bed curtain to cover everything inside the bed before Bowen came in.

Bowen entered the room, saw the slippers under Ning Chu’s bed and called out, “Hugh?”

Hearing Ning Chu’s voice from inside the bed, Bowen looked down to change his shoes, “This weather… it was fine just now, but then it changed.”

As if in response to his words, a muffled thunderclap sounded in the distance.

The sleeping Fifth Cub was awakened, opened her eyes and looked around, and found that he had returned pretty early today.

Third Cub and the little black dragon looked up at the same time and looked towards the direction of the thunder.

Ning Chu was also a little surprised, he had only been back in the dormitory for a short time, and earlier it didn’t look like it was going to rain outside at all.
He remembered the days of heavy rain at West Point, and immediately got up to go to the balcony.

The sky was rapidly darkening, with dark clouds coming down in the distance, a world different from the one Ning Chu entered.

Fourth Cub’s innate skill was the thunder system, which was also a very rare magic element, as a child he was able to make a small area rain.

If the weather was too good and too sunny for a long time in a row in the game, Ning Chu would ask Fourth Cub to help out.

Was Fourth Cub responsible for this rain?

As the raindrops fell quickly, Ning Chu put his hand out the window and as he looked down, he saw some people in silver robes hurrying by under the dormitory building.

It seemed to be the Church.

Bowen also came to the balcony and Ning Chu watched them walk away, “What are they doing here?”

“You mean the Church?” Bowen put away the clothes that had dried during the day and turned his head to look at them, “I don’t know.”

Ning Chu kept an eye out and went back inside.

It rained until the early hours of the morning, and in the middle of the night Ning Chu quietly got up and woke up the three little dragon cubs.

“I feel Fourth Cub coming,” Ning Chu’s deliberately low voice was half covered by the sound of the rain, “I want to go look for him.”

Fifth Cub was the first to pop up, “Aowu!”

She wanted to go too!

Ning Chu stroked her head, “Wait for me at home.”

He wasn’t completely sure yet, and with the rain and cold wind outside, he didn’t want Fifth Cub to get cold.

Fifth Cub hung her head in defeat and tucked her front paws underneath her.

Third Cub and the little black dragon looked at each other, and Third Cub took the initiative to fly into Ning Chu’s arms.

The previous thunder was indeed the Heavenly Thunder Dragon’s movement, although it was not sure if Little Thunder was still in the same place at the moment, he could take Ning Chu to look for him.

But at this hour, the school gate was closed, so Ning Chu had to leave from somewhere else.

He quietly changed his clothes and carried Third Cub to the roof of the dormitory building.

It was still raining, so Ning Chu pulled up the hood of his jacket and put it on to walk into the rain.

The roof was open and high enough to see half of the Academy and the Crow Market on the side.

Third Cub emerged from Ning Chu’s arms, his small form stretching and changing in the darkness.

A few moments later, the red dragon slowly landed on the roof and lowered his head for Ning Chu to climb up.

Ning Chu sat on the top of Third Cub’s head, holding tightly to one side of the dragon’s horn, “Let’s go.”

Third Cub didn’t dare to move too much, and ascended carefully in the rain, raising his wings in the direction of the dark clouds.

Meanwhile, a man pushed open the Academy’s conference room door, holding a disc in his hand.

The disc’s needle swung wildly, hovering in the red zone.

This magical tool was so finely crafted that it could capture the minuscule residue of elements in the air.

The disc having this kind of reaction could only mean one thing.

The fire dragon was here and was very close.

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