a time when Second Cub did keep to himself, but he would always come to visit and leave again soon.

What happened afterwards, it was even less clear.

After a long time, Ning Chu said, “I have to go over there.”

Neither Second Cub nor Fourth Cub knew yet that Fifth Cub had been resurrected, and if it was really them, they might still be near West Point.

Third Cub didn’t agree, Second Cub and Fourth Cub weren’t stupid, they must have hidden or left after the fight, so Ning Chu would only find nothing if he went there.

When Wuuth entered the Academy to learn magic, the first thing he learned and taught them was to change their forms, so Second Cub knew that as well.
Besides, Second Cub’s speed was the fastest of all dragons, so if he really wanted to hide, he would have fled somewhere.

Of course, Third Cub hid the fact that Wuuth taught them how to change their forms, saying only that Second Cub also knew how to become smaller.

Ning Chu heard what Third Cub meant, and his thoughts were half dispelled.
He sighed long and hard with mixed feelings.
Not only was he worried, but also the fact that Second Cub had broken with the other dragons made his perceptions begin to change.

Ning Chu reflected that after transmigrating, he seemed to treat the six dragons, including Cubbie, as if they were young cubs before.
In fact they have grown up, so their temperament had changed from before, and they were also smart and knew how to hide.

Their power far exceeded that of other races, and if not for the fact that there were only a few of them, the entire continent would be the world of the dragons.
After Ning Chu adjusted his strength and magic elemental value to 40, he defeated almost everyone at the Academy, becoming invincible.

He wanted to keep the dragons by his side, believing that this was the safest for them, but never thought that compared to them, he was the weakest.

Ning Chu struggled for a while and picked up Third Cub, “San San, would you like to stay with me? You have to hide every day at school, I’ve made you suffer.”

Third Cub cocked his head and looked at him with strange eyes, then licked him on the chin.
What kind of stupidity was he talking about? What do you mean by “made you suffer”?

Ning Chu understood what he meant, and raised his hand to wipe his face, getting some comfort in his heart.
He picked up the little black dragon again and asked it again, “Cubbie won’t mind me, right?”

The little black dragon didn’t move, but his eyes fell on his chin.
The Scarlet Flame Dragon had left his scent there, and it was an eyesore.
He couldn’t do such a thing, what with all the rolling around and showing his belly… The little black dragon’s tail wagged a little, staring intently at that piece of skin.

Being a human wasn’t good, being a dragon… he could do better.

The little black dragon endured and endured again, tilted his head and licked at the place where Third Cub had just left its scent.
His own scent covered it, giving him great encouragement.
His claws pressed Ning Chu’s face and carefully masked all other scents with his own.

Ning Chu was simply flattered as he stroked the little black dragon’s back, “Okay, okay, I get it…”

The little black dragon looked up, gave Ning Chu a satisfied look, and flew back to the corner.


In the afternoon, Ning Chu planned to go to Crow Market as originally planned, to take the challenge to earn some money, and to inquire about the two magic dragons at West Point.
He didn’t bring the dragons with him and went out alone.

As soon as Ning Chu left, Wuuth immediately transformed into his human form.
He opened the door to his room, “I’m going out.”

Third Cub wasn’t surprised by this kind of behavior.
He carried a rattan ball and played with Fifth Cub, or told her about what happened after Ning Chu went out.

Donald was very happy to have Ning Chu back in the arena.

“Everyone was expecting your return,” Donald said, “and Wuuth hasn’t been back since you left.
He was randomly drawn for the matchup the day before yesterday, and he never replied, so it ended up counting as a forfeit.”

“Wuuth?” Ning Chu didn’t know about this, and hesitated with his hand sorting his clothes, and told Donald directly, “He’s been as unavailable as I have been lately.”

Donald heard something in his words, “He was with you? I thought you didn’t know him.”

Ning Chu put on his mask and said vaguely, “Now I do.”

When it was time to enter, Ning Chu found his old round shield and walked out backstage.
Donald had let the news out in advance, and the viewing platform was filled to the brim with people today.
Seeing Ning Chu appear, all kinds of cheers and miscellaneous sounds reached the peak.
At the same time there were many people shouting Ning Chu’s name and looking towards the back.

Ning Chu didn’t have to look to know that Wuuth was coming.

Wuuth had returned to the Academy as early as he did, and given his performance the last few days, Ning Chu would’ve been surprised if he hadn’t come to the arena today.
However, the crowd on the stage seemed to be more excited today, and Ning Chu’s ears were buzzing from the noise, so he turned down the sensitivity level a bit.

The battle soon began, and today Ning Chu took on the twelfth ranked student, who was also a fire magician.
Ning Chu hadn’t been active for a few days, so he was a little sluggish, but he still managed to win very well.

When Ning Chu looked up after the match, Wuuth hadn’t left yet.
The crowd at the viewing platform saw him and Wuuth looking at each other and suddenly burst into a louder roar than before.

Ning Chu was confused when he suddenly heard a man shout, “Ning, are you and Wuuth a couple?”

This person shouted with the enchantment of the magic element, the voice was loud and clear, and then blended into the crowd and hid, it was impossible to find out who had the guts to do so.

Ning Chu, “…”

Outside the field, Wuuth’s face was expressionless.
What was a couple?

The field gradually quieted down, seemingly waiting for Ning Chu’s answer.

Ning Chu cleared his throat and said, “No.”

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