t dragons alone, anyone would be suspicious.
But it wouldn’t be so with Wuuth, who was notoriously mysterious and unpredictable, plus himself, who was equally mysterious in the eyes of others… 

Ning Chu coughed lightly and pulled Wuuth to his side, “We still have a sub-dragon.”

The mercenary’s eyes were suspicious as his gaze surveyed him from top to bottom, “Really? Just the two of you?”

Ning Chu’s tone was confident, his attire wasn’t like a student’s, and the dragon he was talking about was right at his feet.
It let out a dull low roar as its hard tail slammed down and a small crater was created in the stone beside him.

The mercenary who spoke couldn’t help but take a half step back to steady his mind, “If you get hurt, don’t blame us for not warning you…”

The student in a blue school uniform was also worried, “We don’t know what species those six dragons are, so… Why don’t we all join together?”

Previously they weren’t strong enough, but now with Ning Chu and Wuuth, they could really try without the help of the mercenary group.

The students gathered together and Ning Chu said, “No, you guys don’t need to come.”

He looked at the Dwarf Dragon, “With the sub-dragon, we can escape in time if we encounter a situation, don’t worry.”

Other contracted animals weren’t worthy enough in front of the dragons, and those who could fly were scared stiff, plus, the Dwarf Dragon couldn’t stand a third person on its back.
At Ning Chu’s insistence, the students agreed to stay where they were.
Wuuth didn’t say a word from the beginning to the end, standing on the side like an ice sculpture.

Ning Chu, on the contrary, was different from the crowd’s imagination.
He was more approachable and soft-spoken, unlike… in the arena fighting without mercy, the big brother who was on a winning streak.
As he watched Ning Chu and the students get closer and closer, talking more and more, Wuuth pulled Ning Chu back.

He said in a cold voice, “Where’s the dragon’s nest?”

Several of the students, each of whom had been beaten by Wuuth, shut their mouths and led the way for the two.
The blue-uniformed student pointed to the distance, “Over there.”

Ning Chu looked in the direction he pointed, and there were indeed a few dragons deep in the woods.
They were quietly lying in the grass, sunbathing, and behind them was a natural cave, which was the dragon’s nest.

Ning Chu quickly looked up the taming manual, and after a few moments, he determined the species of these dragons.
They were Green Lizard Dragons, omnivorous common dragons, small but flexible, explosive, and liked to live together in groups of their kind, sometimes forming groups of more than ten.

Looking at their present state, the dragon nest should have unhatched dragon eggs.
The eggs were easy to take away, but Ning Chu had to find a way to keep the dragons and the eggs together and stabilize them so that they could move together.

He and Wuuth approached the herd silently, and Ning Chu lowered his voice, “Why didn’t you ask me?”

Wuuth tilted his head, and his eyes seemed to say, Ask what?

Ning Chu choked for a moment and skipped the topic, “Do you have a way to distract these dragons? I’ll go get the dragon eggs.”

In fact, if Wuuth went to convey the command to the dragons, they would leave.
He didn’t know what Ning Chu wanted, but he hesitated before nodding, “Okay.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Wuuth called out his Dwarf Dragon and rushed out, hissing at the dragons.
The Green Lizard Dragons were alerted and spun in place.
Wuuth threw a few magical clusters of light at the grass, and several of them immediately chased him through the forest.

The progress was so smooth and rapid that Ning Chu was dumbfounded as he rushed back to the dragon’s nest.
The cave wasn’t deep, and Ning Chu found a pile of hay in the back, with three green dragon eggs lying quietly on it.
He found a soft cloth from his storage bag, padded it with cotton and hay bought from the mall, wrapped the dragon eggs carefully, and then put a mesh bag over them.

Bending down and walking out of the cave, Ning Chu called out Third Cub.

Wuuth stopped at the end of the woods, where there was no one nearby, and he stopped his disguise, intending to let the Green Lizard Dragons leave directly.

There was suddenly a loud dragon roar, and the Green Lizard Dragons were shaken, then looked around and turned around and ran towards the back.

It came from the direction of Ning Chu, and it sounded like Scarlet Flame.
Wuuth was worried that something was wrong and immediately rushed over.

When he arrived at the dragon’s nest, Ning Chu was lying under a tree, surrounded by traces of giant dragon trampling, and a flaming red shadow flew away in the distance, followed by the Green Lizard Dragons.

Seeing Wuuth return, Ning Chu grabbed his hand and panicked, “It’s the fire dragon! I just held the dragon egg out, and it appeared… It took the eggs away.”

Ning Chu told Third Cub to take the dragon eggs away and let them hatch in a safe and deserted place, and Ning Chu chose a bag to carry the eggs, so that they could be hung directly on the neck of the dragon.

Third Cub said it could make the dragons obey, so Ning Chu came up with that as a solution.
He pretended to be afraid and scared, and although his face was hidden, his hand was trembling slightly as he held onto Wuuth for dear life.

Wuuth knew that he was pretending, so that the Green Lizard Dragons could leave with the dragon eggs, but Ning Chu’s appearance still made his heart tighten, “Are you hurt?”

Ning Chu paused and shook his head, “No, it didn’t hurt me, I was just…”

Before he could say the word ‘scared’, his mask was suddenly taken off by Wuuth.
Ning Chu was confused and quickly adjusted his expression, “…What are you doing?” 

Wuuth half-lowered his eyes and whispered, “Just wanted to confirm.”

Just now, he couldn’t see Ning Chu’s expression, so he was panicking.

“Ning?” At this time, the students who heard the dragon roar in the distance were worried about the two and all rushed over, including the people from the mercenary group.

Ning Chu’s mask was still in Wuuth’s hand, and he reacted extremely quickly, pressing Ning Chu into his arms and blocking his face in his chest.

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