Ning Chu’s spine stiffened, and he could only think of one thing.

This is… a dragon?

The sunlight overhead was blocked tightly, a huge shadow was cast on the ground, and the trees kept falling over.
A hot wind was blowing, and the exposed skin felt like it was burning, sore and aching.

Ning Chu’s brain was in a state of shock, his body lost inertia, so he was unable to move backward to avoid it, but someone was faster than him, and blocked in front of him.

This person was in clothing unfamiliar to Ning Chu, holding a wooden staff, before he mouthed words, and a silver light tightly covered the both of them.

The dragon’s claws slapped on the silver barrier, and Ning Chu took this opportunity to quickly hide behind a tree not far away.
He pinched the back of his hand hard.
It hurt, so this wasn’t a dream.

There were about a dozen people around, defending themselves against the dragon’s attack, with all kinds of weapons in their hands, most of which were a wooden staff Ning Chu had just seen, as well as some swords and other weapons.

In the midst of the chaos, several balls of light of different colors smashed into the dragon, which didn’t hurt it, but with a wave of its wings, swept them away.
This was the woods, and the dragon’s size was too big, so it couldn’t move around easily, but its target wasn’t the crowd in front of it.

It turned around and focused in another direction.

Ning Chu looked far away and there were several very large iron cages there, which the red dragon easily destroyed with its sharp claws.
Several smaller dragons flew out of the iron cages and fled in all directions, filling the area with high and low dragon cries.

The people around watched all this and couldn’t stop it.

When the last dragon flew away, the dragon claw flattened the iron cage, its dark pupils were ice cold.
It opened its wings, making the surrounding temperature increase.
Its back was slightly erected, and a red light gathered in its mouth, as if there were flames flowing.

Ning Chu heard a trembling person nearby, the tone of his voice filled with despair, “We’re finished…”

However, the dragon didn’t attack, it collected the red light at the last moment, tilted its head and let out a roar, the whistling wind blowing hard.
It then turned and flew away, disappearing from sight in a few moments.

Witnessing the whole process, Ning Chu’s legs were a little weak.
He hung his head and found his clothes were also really unusual.
He was wearing silver-gray long pants, a wide cloak-style jacket embroidered with white trim, and a pair of leather boots on his feet.

There was something pressing against his heart, and Ning Chu reached out and pulled a wooden staff from the inside of his jacket.
The staff was thick at one end and thin at the other, and looked very old, with the words “water” and “wood” carved into it.

Next to the staff was a folded hard card, which read “Second level assignment: three plants of Soul Rejuvenating Grasses”, with a handwritten signature at the bottom: Hugh Ning.

Ning Chu was looking at it when someone came over and tapped him on the shoulder.
It was the man who told Ning Chu to dodge earlier.
He was tall and stout, with a thick beard and a heavy sword in his hand.
The bearded man thought Ning Chu took out his magic staff to defend himself and said in a warm voice, “Don’t worry, it won’t come back.”

The language was still unfamiliar and odd to him, but it reached Ning Chu’s ears without any communication barrier.
He forced out a smile and nodded his head.

If he wasn’t dreaming, then he had… transmigrated.
Ning Chu took a few deep breaths and calmed himself down.
Although this kind of thing was very unbelievable, he could accept it quite easily.

Before he lost consciousness, he only remembered that he had been in a car accident.

Was he already dead? Did he transmigrate then?

The giant dragon that appeared just now, and the clothing and weapons of the group of people in front of him proved that the world he came to was foreign.
Besides, once he opened his eyes and almost died again, Ning Chu’s heart was pounding really hard, so he put away his wooden staff and leaned his back against a tree trunk.

He could just hide himself, and in fact, there was a chance to take advantage of the chaos to leave.

But Ning Chu didn’t go.
For one, he wasn’t clear about his current situation, and the second reason was… 

The red dragon inexplicably reminded him of Third Cub.

It and Third Cub looked very much alike, both had reddish unadulterated scales, black dragon horns, even the angle and direction of its curved horns were the same, the only difference basically was that one was a juvenile, while the other was an adult.

Ning Chu then dismissed this idea.

It was fantastic enough to transmigrate over to a different world, so how could the dragon he raised in the game appear here?

The people around him were counting the wounded, and Ning Chu debated whether he should do something about it, when the bearded man spoke up again, “You’re a student from the nearby Lance Academy, right? How come you came here alone?”

Ning Chu was caught off guard and opened his mouth, “…Yes.”

The words he uttered automatically became the same language as the bearded man’s, who didn’t pursue the matter, but simply assumed Ning Chu was stunned and hadn’t returned to his senses yet.

While they were talking, a young man approached, his face still in shock, “Captain, why did it… Why did it just leave?”

The bearded man he called captain gestured for him to look around, “There are trees everywhere here, and it didn’t strike because it was concerned about that.”

It was these woods that saved them, if they had run into this dragon elsewhere, they would’ve been burned to a cinder by now.
The bearded man’s eyes turned to the damaged iron cage, before he calmly said, “It only made this trip to save its kind… That last was a warning to us.”

The young man sighed and looked sad, “After days of work, there’s nothing left.”

A person passing by heard him say this, and said in passing, “If you can save your life, be satisfied, that’s the way it is in this business.”

From their conversation, Ning Chu got two clues.
The first was, he didn’t know them, he just bumped into them by chance.

The team should be here specifically to catch dragons, the bearded man was the captain, but unfortunately all the ones he had captured were saved by the red dragon.

As for the identity of this body… Ning Chu looked down at his jacket and found a circular pattern sewn with gold thread on the top of his left chest, on which the word “Lance” could be faintly seen.

The third piece of information was that he was a student.

The team counted the wounded and had someone use healing magic to treat their wounds.
The bearded man called for someone, “Fei Rui, you are responsible for sending this child back to Lance Academy.”

Ning Chu was touched, “This is too much trouble for you…”

He was polite, but in reality he didn’t know the way back to school, so it was nice to have someone willing to escort him back.

The bearded man laughed, “It’s no trouble, besides, I’m an old acquaintance of your vice president.”

Fei Rui, who was shouted at by the bearded man, responded, “Yes, Captain.”

Fei Rui still had some things in his hands, so he trotted to his companion before coming back.
Ning Chu was waiting quietly, while listening to the conversation between the bearded man and the others around him, “Captain, what should we do now? Go straight back, or…”

The bearded man pondered for a moment, “How many cages are left?”

“There are only two intact ones left.
We should be able to fix two more after catching more tonight.”

Ning Chu followed Fei Rui and was about to leave, when he heard the bearded man say, “We can’t return empty-handed.
Fix the cage by tonight… The Scarlet Flame Dragon doesn’t stay in this area often, and most likely won’t come back.”

Ning Chu just took a step outward, retracted, turned around, his expression stunned, “Scarlet Flame Dragon?”

The breed of Third Cub was none other than Scarlet Flame Dragon.
Could there be such a coincidence? The same look and features, the same species name… 

Seeing Ning Chu’s young age, the bearded man thought he hadn’t heard of the Scarlet Flame Dragon and explained, “It’s also called a Fire Dragon.
Its attribute is fire, and one of the most frequently seen of the five magic dragons, I also heard some time ago that it lived at the Moka River…”

Ning Chu murmured and repeated the words of the bearded man, “Five magic dragons…”

His thoughts were in disarray, and an extremely bold thought gradually emerged in his mind.

Fei Rui urged from the back, “Shall we go?”

Ning Chu didn’t move, but spoke with determination, “I… I’m not going back to school, can I come with you guys?”

Looking at the bearded man’s surprised expression, Ning Chu hurriedly added, “I won’t give you any trouble, I just…”

He wanted to confirm his suspicions and had to find a suitable reason to stay with the group.
Ning Chu was in a hurry and took out the piece of cardboard he had on him, “This! I have to find three Soul Rejuvenating Grasses before I can go back.”

The bearded man took the card and looked at it, then looked around Ning Chu and said with slight surprise, “You’re only a first year, right? How come you’ve already started receiving second level assignments?”

There was one more thing he didn’t mention, Ning Chu didn’t look like a student who could take up a second level assignment.

Ning Chu couldn’t answer, but the bearded man didn’t ask too many questions and returned the card to Ning Chu, “It’s really dangerous for you to be alone in the forest, so stay with the team for now, Hugh.”

The bearded man read out the name on the card, so Ning Chu calmly answered and said gratefully, “Thank you.”

He wanted to say he could give them some money as payment or something like that, however, when he quietly touched all the pockets on his body, he found nothing, so he had to give up for now.
With the help of healing magic, the wounded recovered quickly, and as it was getting dark, Ning Chu followed the group to another wide clearing in the woods and prepared to set up camp for the night.

On the way, Ning Chu learned that the bearded man was called Bly, and he was a member of the Shenggang Mercenary group, and took a commission to form a team here, with the intent of capturing dragons.
With the commission of the mercenary group, he had to take a dragon back to get paid.

At night, someone was responsible for repairing the broken cages, and the camp was lit up with a lot of lights.
Ning Chu ate some dry food sent by the team and looked for a chance to chat with Bly.

“Can you tell me a little about dragons?” Ning Chu looked like a poor student who had never seen the world, “I’m curious.”

Bly took a liking to this clean-looking and polite student and nodded his head in response, “Sure.”

Ning Chu sat on the low stool and listened intently.
Bly said that the dragons were a race that suddenly appeared at a certain time.
They were powerful, far more than other magical beasts, and had odd characters that were extremely difficult to tame.
Even now, not many people could have a dragon as a summoned beast.

There were many types of dragons, and adult dragons were generally similar in size to elephants, but there were a few exceptions.

“You remember the Scarlet Flame Dragon you saw today, right?” Bly lit a finger-thick rolled cigarette and took a puff, “Its combat power ranks second among the five magic dragons, so this time it was our luck that the terrain made it dare not set anything ablaze and all the dragons that were captured were still alive… Otherwise, no one would be able to walk out of Enigma Forest alive today.”

Ning Chu was silent before he asked, “The five magic dragons… What are they?”

“In addition to the Scarlet Flame Dragon, there’s also a Heavenly Thunder Dragon,” Bly exhaled a few smoke rings, squinting back, “I can’t remember the other names… I only know there’s also a water dragon.”

Ning Chu mumbled in his mind: Frost Dragon.

“Wind dragon.”

Gale dragon.

“Green dragon.”

Rosette Leaf Dragon.

All of them matched.

Ning Chu’s brain buzzed, and the other things Bly said after that didn’t register for a moment, so he came back to his senses and asked, “So why are you trying to capture dragons?”

“For money.” Bly said bluntly, “Even though it’s only a hybrid sub-dragon, it’s worth five hundred purple gold coins.
If we catch any, they will be dissected for magic material, or sold to a taming farm.
The market is good.”

Bly looked at Ning Chu, “You don’t have your own contracted beast yet, do you? Practice well, and try to tame a dragon in the future, even if it’s a sub-dragon.” Perhaps Ning Chu’s silence was too long, so Bly paused and added, “The five magic dragons are more brutal and fierce, and their whereabouts are unpredictable.
Trying to domesticate them is the same as provocation.
There’s only one consequence: certain death.”

It took a long time for Ning Chu to find his voice, “They’re so… Scary?”

“A creature capable of inspiring fear,” Bly put out the cigarette and got up, “It’s late, get some rest, you need to leave with the squad in the morning.”

The Soul Rejuvenating Grass grew in dense grasses and could be found along the route they passed, and if they were lucky, they may be able to find it all in one day tomorrow.

Ning Chu also stood up, said goodbye to Bly and went back to the tent he had set up.
The campsite was limited, so 2-3 people lived in each tent, and Ning Chu was assigned to Fei Rui, but he was still outside and didn’t return yet.

Ning Chu took off his jacket and folded it up, and lay down in his corner.
He couldn’t sleep yet, and repeatedly thought back to what Bly said.
The magic dragons’ characteristics in this world were indeed similar to the rare dragons he raised in the game.

But Ning Chu couldn’t connect the soft and cute little dragon cubs in the game with the ferocious and violent dragons that Bly mentioned.

The first day he transmigrated over, he had to stay in the squad, and didn’t know if it was the right choice.

Ning Chu tossed and turned, puzzled, when an electronic tone suddenly sounded in his ears, “The system has been loaded.”

Ning Chu suddenly got up and looked around, but there was no one else in the tent but him.
Then, a familiar image appeared before his eyes.

It was…《Dragon Island》’s loading screen.

After the animation loaded for a few seconds, the game interface appeared completely, and Ning Chu was still in shock when a system message popped up.

【’Fifth Cub’ (Rosette Leaf Dragon) has died.
Resurrect her?】



Addis note: This isn’t revealed until chapter 53, but I think it’s important information as the author only refers to the dragon cubs as “it” throughout the entire novel.
It’s the only thing that really irritates me about the novel and I want to make their genders clear chapter one just in case me or my editor, Monkey, make any mistakes changing the ‘it’ to their correct pronouns.

MonkeyNote: I left it as “it” until Ning Chu realizes they’re his little draggos~ 

Big/Eldest Cub: Frost Dragon, female, water/ice magic, ice blue

Second Cub: Gale Dragon, male, wind magic, yellow-brown and white

Third Cub: Scarlet Flame Dragon, male, fire magic, red

Fourth Cub: Heavenly Thunder Dragon, male, thunder magic, purple and a little silver

Fifth Cub: Rosette Leaf Dragon, female, wood magic, green


Cubbie: ????, male, ????, black with red eyes

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