little black dragon had low air pressure, it clearly saw Ning Chu’s action, how come he suddenly wouldn’t hug him? When he was a human, he couldn’t figure out how to turn back into a dragon and become like this.

Ning Chu finally just rubbed his head, and arranged the blanket to prepare for sleep.

The little black dragon looked at him sullenly and went back to the corner alone.

When Third Cub saw that he had left, he immediately fluttered onto Ning Chu and rolled around, begging to be patted.
Although he could follow Ning Chu out openly, he didn’t have time to play at all, okay? He needed to hide in his clothes, but he needed to be cuddled too!

Ning Chu caught Third Cub and leaned over the bed to scratch his chin and the soft scales on his belly.

The little black dragon turned his back to Ning Chu and was resting on his back, with the tip of his tail moving occasionally.


The next morning after Bowen left the dormitory, Ning Chu took the initiative to come over to the little black dragon.
He touched the little black dragon’s tail, “Cubbie?”

After getting up from a nap, Ning Chu figured it out.
He still thought that the idea of associating Wuuth with Cubbie was outrageous, and if his dragon could really turn into a human, how could Third Cub not tell him and need to change back to his juvenile form to hide his whereabouts? More importantly, how could he leave Cubbie out in the cold because of an uncertain guess? Wuuth was Wuuth, and his dragon was his dragon.

The little black dragon swept Ning Chu a faint glance with little reaction.

Ning Chu forced him into his arms and buried his face in the coolness of his neck, “Cubbie?”

The little black dragon was caught off guard, his tail tensed up straight, then slowly relaxed.

Ning Chu had enough, while stroking the little black dragon’s horns, said, “Cub, I finally learned what your innate skill is yesterday.”

The little black dragon was alert, and his dark red eyes were suddenly raised.

“It’s dark enchantment magic, right?” Ning Chu didn’t notice the little black dragon’s unusual behavior, as he continued talking to himself, “My cub is really powerful… But I still can’t make a contract with you.”

Cubbie’s species and innate skill had been unlocked, but there was still no option for him in the contract service.
The little black dragon clasped Ning Chu’s top under his paws and started to get nervous.

Ning Chu was still in doubt as to why he couldn’t sign a contract with Cubbie, and he was running his hand along the little black dragon’s spine, “If I can’t sign one, forget it… I haven’t seen you as an adult yet, you must be very beautiful and powerful.”

Third Cub’s adult form was a real dragon, and Cubbie, as a legendary with a higher rarity than it, deserved to be stronger.
He took the three dragons and hid them in the school, but felt like he wronged them.

When the right time came, he wanted to go back to Dragon Island to see everyone… 

The little black dragon was still in the midst of tension when Ning Chu suddenly talked about this, and he wasn’t sure if Ning Chu had found out his identity.

Was that why he didn’t hug him last night? But now Ning Chu’s attitude seemed to be different.

Ning Chu had something very important to do today.
He put down the little black dragon, got up and changed his clothes to get ready to leave.

He took Third Cub with him and left enough food for the two dragons guarding the house before heading out.
As soon as Ning Chu left, Wuuth took his human form in the dormitory.
He didn’t hesitate for long, but still picked up Fifth Cub and loaded up the oat grass.

In any case, Ning Chu and he had agreed yesterday that they would go out together even if his identity had been exposed.
The two went out one after the other and met in front of the school.
Ning Chu was obviously waiting for Wuuth and waved at him from afar when no one was looking.

Ning Chu made sure Wuuth saw him, then walked to an out-of-the-way spot and changed his jacket to hide Third Cub, just as Wuuth came by.

“I’m going over to the Nuba River today, are you coming?” Ning Chu took out his mask.

Wuuth responded, “Yes.”

He watched Ning Chu’s expression carefully and was slightly relieved to see that he wasn’t angry and didn’t mention the dragon or dark enchantment magic.

Ning Chu’s words in the morning before he left should just be coincidental.

‘Ning’ was mysterious and possessed strange powers, and Wuuth had always known that.
He had resurrected Little Five, made unheard of contracts with other dragons, and now could learn of his magical innate skill, which wasn’t normal.

As for his identity… 

Sooner or later, it wouldn’t be able to remain hidden.
Wuuth watched as Ning Chu put on his mask and stood silently in place.
As a “human” and Ning Chu’s contact, the feeling of dragon type was completely different.

Perhaps because Ning Chu was now a human, he was also a “human” and was treated as such by Ning Chu.
When he was in dragon form, he was no different from other dragons in Ning Chu’s eyes, they were all his “cubs”.
So, Wuuth wasn’t going to confess for now.

Ning Chu put on his mask, “Let’s go.”

Nuba River was in the north, the road had been cleared of magical beasts for a long time, so they could directly head to their destination without walking, so Ning Chu proposed that they could ride Wuuth’s contracted beast.

Wuuth naturally had no problem with it and released the Dwarf Dragon.

The second time he stepped on the dragon’s back, Ning Chu was much more skilled and wasn’t as unstable as yesterday.
Wuuth stood behind him as usual, he was half a head taller than Ning Chu and wouldn’t be blocked from view.

On the way, Ning Chu asked Wuuth, “Did you read the bulletin board yesterday? A dragon’s nest was found near Nuba River.”

“A dragon’s nest?” Wuuth frowned.

“Yes,” Ning Chu tentatively said with a slight sideways glance, “If the nest can’t be transferred successfully, they may just clear it… Including the young dragons in the nest.”

He had to find a way to take the dragons and their hatchlings before that happened, and with Wuuth around, maybe he could help.
Although Wuuth had a dragon as a contracted beast, he still had to confirm Wuuth’s attitude towards dragons.

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