, so Ning Chu and two other students rode on the elephant, so that all four students could return to the Academy as soon as possible.

Wuuth watched Ning Chu get on the elephant and then looked at the Dwarf Dragon next to him, but didn’t stop him in the end and got on the back of the Dwarf Dragon alone.

Wuuth’s Dwarf Dragon flew behind them slowly at a distance.

Ning Chu’s situation was unique in that there were many people coming and going at night, and he didn’t want to wear a mask into the school and be mobbed, so before he arrived at the Academy, Ning Chu said he had something to do and left by himself.
He got off the back of the elephant, and Wuuth stopped as well.

There was no one else around, so after the Ironhoof Elephant left with the other two students, Ning Chu took off his mask and looked at the approaching Wuuth, making Ning Chu wonder if this man wanted to go with him.
However, Wuuth just opened his storage bag and took out a silver-gray school uniform jacket from it.

Without saying a word, he threw the uniform to Ning Chu, then stepped on the Dwarf Dragon and left.
It was only a few minutes before and after, Wuuth and the Dwarf Dragon’s backs were getting farther and farther away, and Ning Chu was a little confused with the jacket in his hand.

I think… It means that he doesn’t want me to be exposed, right? After all, even without the mask, he would probably be recognized by the two students today if they bumped into him in this outfit.

Third Cub climbed out and squatted on Ning Chu’s shoulder, sniffing the clothes in Ning Chu’s hand across the air.
The school uniforms were made according to the students’ personal sizes, so Wuuth’s was a little too big for Ning Chu, but it didn’t matter.
He straightened his clothes before walking towards the Academy.


Inside the dormitory, Bowen had just returned and took his pajamas to the shower.
The moment the bathroom door closed, the little black dragon appeared at the windowsill.
It grabbed a small green dragon by the back of its neck and flew all the way into Ning Chu’s bunk.

Ning Chu returned to his dormitory and the first thing he did was to check on Fifth Cub.
He pulled open the curtain of the bed, and the little black dragon and Fifth Cub were crouched beside each other on the bed.
Fifth Cub knew that there was someone else in the dormitory, so she gave a very soft “aowu” and came running towards Ning Chu.

The thin and small dragon wings on her back faltered a little bit, and then returned to her original form, picking at Ning Chu’s sleeves and climbing up.
Ning Chu closed the curtain of the bed and hugged Fifth Cub while leaning against the head of the bed.
He touched Fifth Cub’s tiny horns and asked quietly, “Did you behave at home? Have you eaten well?”

Fifth Cub nodded heavily, and Ning Chu curled his lips and gave him a kiss on the forehead.

After waiting for a day to see Ning Chu, Fifth Cub was happy but then remembered that she had seen Ning Chu feeding other dragons during the day.

She was a little upset and angry with Wuuth for not letting him see Ning Chu.

Fifth Cub broke away from Ning Chu’s arms, lay on top of him and turned around, showing his tail towards him.
Ning Chu was perceptive enough and gently poked the tip of her tail, “Huh?”

The little black dragon flew over at that moment, and while Ning Chu was half leaning against the bed, he squatted below Ning Chu’s collarbone, a pair of dark red eyes looking at him from above.

Ning Chu, “?”

Why did it feel that after a day out, these two little dragon cubs were acting a bit strange?

Ning Chu touched the little black dragon’s horn, while the little black dragon quietly lay on his body.
He couldn’t roll around and show his belly like Third Cub, so he tilted his head haughtily, sniffed Ning Chu’s fingertips and moved forward a bit.

Ning Chu squeezed his horn and gave him a kiss on the forehead.
The little black dragon finally got up satisfied and went back to his usual corner.

Ning Chu’s hands were empty, but at the same time, he seemed to have a vague understanding of what the little black dragon was conveying.
Fifth Cub still had her back to Ning Chu, so he stuck his hands under Fifth Cub’s front paws and turned her around, holding her up in front of him and shaking her gently, “What’s wrong, little cub?”

Bowen came out of the bathroom, his footsteps getting close to the bed across the room, so Ning Chu’s voice lowered, “Are you angry? Sorry, I’ll come back earlier next time.”

Fifth Cub would prefer Ning Chu to take her out with him, but she also knew Ning Chu had his own intentions.
She wasn’t grown up yet, and her strength was far less than before, so all the more reason for her to be obedient.
Fifth Cub’s chubby paws pressed against Ning Chu’s face and she rubbed her head against him.

The wings on her back opened up again, and a faint wood magic element lingered in them.

At night, before Ning Chu went to sleep, he opened《Dragon Island》.
As usual, he checked the situation on the island, where the little dragon cubs were, if there was any place that needed to be cleaned or repaired, if there was still enough food… 

Ning Chu looked around and then went to feed the animals at the back of the hill.
Halfway through feeding, he suddenly realized that he didn’t see Fourth Cub today.
Usually, when he came every night, Fourth Cub would be the first to show up, or sometimes wait for him.

Ning Chu opened his profile card and Fourth Cub’s location showed【Unknown】.

Fourth Cub wasn’t on Dragon Island.

Ning Chu knew that he would leave Dragon Island every day during the day and come back at night, but he was quite late today, so Fourth Cub should’ve been back by now.

Ning Chu was worried and went around to the location where Fourth Cub usually liked to crouch to wait for him, and wanted to wait a little longer in the game.
He arrived at the residential area and found something strange in the open space in front of him.

There were some branches and rocks in the clearing, forming a crooked “Ning”.

Next to it was another design, which Ning Chu identified for a long time before he could vaguely see that it looked like a dragon.
At the end of the tail was a pebble of the whitest color, which was… The ornament he gave to Fourth Cub? This was Fourth Cub?

Ning Chu was bewildered, not understanding what the two patterns on the ground meant.

He waited in the game until midnight, but Fourth Cub didn’t come back, so he went to bed, intending to return tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Fourth Cub was flying in the night sky.
All this time Ning Chu appeared almost every day, but he just didn’t show up and couldn’t be touched.
Fourth Cub felt that this wasn’t right.
He thought about it all night last night and guessed that Ning Chu must be trapped for some reason!

Fourth Cub was very anxious and didn’t know how to help Ning Chu.
So he was ready to go find Wuuth first and tell him the news, but left a message on Dragon Island, hoping Ning Chu would see it.

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