he net, it was extremely difficult to break free from it.

Bly went up to check it out and was amazed, “How can there be such a thing here?”

Such a large net was enough to capture four or five high-ranking magical beasts, or… was it to catch dragons? The silver net was triggered and there were no other traps around, so Ning Chu went under the net and moved the stones.

Several gray dragon eggs appeared in front of him.
No wonder those ordinary dragons were trying to get over here just now, they had smelled the scent of dragon eggs.

The rest of the group gathered around and watched Ning Chu take the eggs out.

Bly looked around and asked, “Who put them here?”

Even the people of their former mercenary corps wouldn’t have used such tactics to capture the dragons, not to mention the fact that the cleanup was intended to drive away and move the beasts, not to trap them.

Ning Chu shook his head, “I don’t know, I just got here too, and I almost got caught in a trap.”

The two students heard Ning Chu’s voice for the first time, and hearing his gentle tone, they thought he was not as unapproachable as the rumors said, so they were tempted to talk to him, but didn’t dare to approach because Wuuth was standing next to him with a cold face.

Bly looked at the eggs one by one, making sure they were all intact, and he said, “Take these away first, hide them in a safe place where a herd of dragons can find them.”

His proposal was the most appropriate and there was no one to refute it.
Bly told his men to collect the dragon eggs and planned to leave this place first.
He looked to both Ning Chu and Wuuth, “Where are you going to go? Why don’t we go together if you’re going the same way?”

One of the students nodded in agreement, “When it’s over, we can go back to the Academy together.”

Naturally, he was speaking to Ning Chu.
Wuuth was always alone, so it was pretty unusual for him to walk with Ning Chu.
Ning Chu hesitated for a moment and nodded his head, “Okay.”

Since he had met him, he wanted to ask what was going on, and since Bly was there, he might be able to reveal his identity to him when the time was right.
As for Wuuth, Ning Chu wasn’t teamed up with him, so he didn’t care about him.

The student who spoke turned his attention to Wuuth, who surprisingly agreed, nodding slightly, “Sure.”

Ning Chu couldn’t help but turn his head to look at him, but Wuuth’s profile was cold and indifferent, not revealing any emotion.
He hugged his jacket tightly and didn’t say much.
So the group left in pairs, the silver net still hanging in place, empty inside.

According to Bly and others, they received a request for help from a residential area, so they broke away from the group to take a look, and when they turned back, they changed directions and ran into Ning Chu.

On the way, Bly was interested in Wuuth’s contracted beast and asked, “Is it a sub-dragon? What’s its name?”

Wuuth wasn’t quite used to being this close to other people and having to answer these kinds of questions, so he frowned for a long time, “Grizzly.”

The Dwarf Dragon followed the group not too far behind, looking very obedient and docile.
Bly sensed that Wuuth didn’t really want to talk, so he gave up his questioning.
They went to a hill some distance away from the grove and placed the dragon’s eggs in the grass at the bottom of the hill.

The thick grass was as high as a man’s calf, so the dragon’s egg couldn’t be found without a deliberate search.

Just then, a student walked up to Ning Chu, “Ning, do you remember me? I challenged you once…”

Ning Chu tilted his head to look at him.
This person did seem a bit familiar, as if he had indeed met him in the arena, but he forgot when it was.
He nodded, “I remember.”

The student was excited to hear him say that and smiled shyly, “I lost too quickly that day, it was a bit embarrassing.”

He was at least in the top 20 of the leaderboard, but he was defeated by Ning Chu with fire, and retired in the dust.

Ning Chu was silent for a while and said comfortingly, “It’s okay, it’s just a match.”

His easy-going attitude gave the student more courage, and he couldn’t help but ask Ning Chu, “You’re a third year, right? Did you and Wuuth… Did you and Wuuth know each other before?”

Being a first year was impossible, except for Wuuth, there was no way there would be a second person with an innate skill that was that terrifying, and second years didn’t seem to have heard of anyone with a fire innate skill that was particularly outstanding.

Third year students were basically no longer involved in the arena, but there were exceptions.
Ning Chu wasn’t sure how to answer him when Wuuth’s voice rang out from behind them, “Why do you ask so many questions?”

The student immediately shut up and got up to back away.

Wuuth didn’t come forward and just stood behind Ning Chu in silence after he said that.

Ning Chu suddenly had a strange feeling, as if Wuuth really knew him.

His gaze fell on Wuuth’s face through the mask.
Wuuth looked at him for a moment, turned around and walked away with the Dwarf Dragon by his side.

Bly and the others hid the dragon eggs, and the small group of people continued to set out.
There were more and more magical beasts along the road, both high and low ranking.
Bly didn’t have a cage to catch them, so they mainly drove them away.

Ning Chu was a bit more talkative than Wuuth and soon became familiar with Bly in his new disguise.
Bly was equally curious about him, “If they hadn’t recognized you, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you were a student.
Why are you wearing this mask?”

Ning Chu raised his hand to touch his face and replied casually, “Because I’m ugly.”

Bly laughed, not taking it seriously and added, “You look a lot like another student I met once… He’s also from Lance Academy and his name is Hugh.”

Bly couldn’t say exactly what the resemblance was, except that they both had a similar temperament and tone of voice.
Ning Chu was unfazed, “Hugh? Never heard of him.”

He noticed from the corner of his eyes that Wuuth seemed to glance at him from behind.

At noon, Bly arranged for the group to stop for a rest and lunch.
He was well prepared, carrying a lot of dry and canned food with him, packing several students’ rations together.

When he gave Ning Chu the canned food, Ning Chu waved his hand, “I’m not hungry…”

Bly was very insistent, “You can go over there to eat alone, so we can’t see your face.”

Ning Chu had no choice but to accept, “Thanks.”

Third Cub was also hungry, so he could take this chance to feed Third Cub some food as well.

Ning Chu took the dry food and canned food and walked some distance by himself, then made sure no one was nearby, before taking off his mask.

Third Cub climbed out of his clothes.
He had been feeling stuffy for a long time and finally got some air.
Ning Chu bought rabbit meat from the mall and put it on a clean stone.
He opened the dry food and took a bite, “I wonder if Little Five has eaten properly.”

Third Cub, who was gnawing on the rabbit meat, paused, then lowered his head and continued to gnaw.
The rabbit was quickly destroyed by Third Cub alone, and Ning Chu wiped his paws and mouth, before tucking him back under his clothes.
He put on his mask and took a few steps forward, then suddenly stopped where he was.

Ning Chu’s eyes were sharp and he saw a dragon’s tail showing in the distance, so he quickly approached, and it turned out it was Wuuth and his Dwarf Dragon.
When Wuuth was spotted by Ning Chu, he didn’t hide, but looked up at him.

Ning Chu asked coldly, “What are you doing following me?”

Wuuth heard him speak in such a tone for the first time, so he frowned slightly and didn’t reply.

Ning Chu had just gone to eat, and he was worried that the two students would come over and peek, so he stood guard.
Seeing that Wuuth didn’t answer, Ning Chu seemed to ease his attitude a little and asked him again, “Do you… know who I am?”

Wuuth couldn’t figure out Ning Chu’s purpose for asking, but he wasn’t good at lying and opened his lips, “Hugh.”

He knew that if he paid too much attention to Ning Chu while in human form, he would definitely be noticed by him, so he used this to cover up his other identity.

Ning Chu took off his mask and his eyes widened, “How did you know?”

Wuuth wouldn’t answer anymore, as he silently leaned against the tree trunk without speaking.
He still had his usual expressionless look, but Ning Chu felt that his aura was no longer cold.
Ning Chu put his mask back on and lowered his voice, “Forget it… Don’t tell anyone.”

Wuuth watched him move and suddenly took the initiative to ask, “Why did you say you were ugly?”

There was a faint change in his expression, as if… he was really confused about this matter.

“…” Ning Chu hugged his jacket tightly, “No reason, I was just joking.”

With that he turned away and headed back in the direction of the group of Bly and the others.

Wuuth was still leaning against the trunk of the tree, returning to his usual aloofness and stoicness.
He looked down and gently pulled back his jacket, holding a few oat grass stalks in his raised right hand.
Fifth Cub poked her head out of his pocket and opened her mouth to bite into the oat grass.

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