o find, some people even said that every time they disappeared, they actually entered a certain realm, which was Dragon Island.
Only dragons could enter, and the dragon king was the only legendary dragon on Dragon Island.
Successfully taming or killing the dragon king would let anyone command all the dragons, and gain the immense power of the dragon race.

But this statement was too unbelievable, and five magic dragons’ magic being given by the dragon king was in similar rumors, and wasn’t true in the slightest.
Ning Chu had heard it once in Crow Market, but no one believed it at all.

If Fifth Cub was captured by that team, they wanted Fifth Cub to lead the way to take them to Dragon Island… But they ended up killing Fifth Cub and all the young dragons.

Ning Chu has no difficulty in imagining what these people did.
His guess was basically the same as what Fifth Cub said.
Third Cub was so angry that he flew in the air furiously, and the flames in his mouth didn’t stop, splashing on the bed curtain and burning a hole the size of a fingernail.

For the first time, the little black dragon didn’t stop Third Cub’s reckless behavior.
His pupils were red, and his sharp claws uncontrollably flexed.

When he found these people, he would tear them into pieces.

Ning Chu lowered his eyes and smoothed Fifth Cub’s spine while reassuring her, “It’s okay… it’s okay.
I’m here.”

Fifth Cub slowly calmed down and fell asleep again with her head buried in Ning Chu’s neck.

It was normal for her to be sleepy in the past few days since she had just broken her shell, so Ning Chu didn’t go to the arena at night and focused on staying with her in the dormitory.

For the next three days in a row, Ning Chu didn’t accept any challenges and didn’t appear in the arena.
The rumors started to spread among the students that he had signed up for the Beast Cleanup, so he wasn’t available recently.
In fact, Ning Chu stayed in the dormitory whenever he was free since Fifth Cub wasn’t emotionally stable yet and was very clingy to him.

Every day when Ning Chu went to class, she watched him leave, and when Ning Chu was coming back, she waited for him early and jumped into his arms first.
At night when he slept, the little black dragon’s place was also occupied by Fifth Cub, and the little black dragon went back to sleep in his original corner.

In the past few days, Ning Chu hadn’t been idle in the game, he had slowly built Dragon Island into its original form, with residential areas, play areas and feeding areas, the captive animals had grown up so there was no worry about food reserves, and the previously abandoned playground had been renovated.

Coupled with the help of Fourth Cub, the island’s little dragon cubs were living more comfortably than before, each growing very sturdy.

As for the Beast Cleanup, Ning Chu hasn’t signed up for it yet, but he did have the intention to.
Especially after he had signed a contract with Fifth Cub, he could already use wood magic without any problems.
Now all that was missing was a reasonable explanation for how he went from being a scum with poor to almost zero innate skill to becoming more powerful than the strongest student in his class.

Ning Chu picked a time to go to the teacher’s office and find Clark.
She was surprised by Ning Chu’s arrival and thought he had come to ask for help, showing an expression of relief and approval, “Go ahead.”

Ning Chu said, “Teacher, I’m going to participate in the Academy’s Beast Cleanup.”

Clark immediately lost her smile, “What nonsense are you saying? Shouldn’t you know the best how weak you are?”

“Teacher, actually I…” Ning Chu bowed his head and sighed, pretending to have no choice, “In fact, my innate skill isn’t what I’ve shown in class.”

Clark looked him up and down, “Is that true?”

“A while ago my innate skill suddenly skyrocketed, and I was too scared to tell anyone or show it.” Ning Chu was very nervous, afraid that Clark would see what was going on, and this reason sounded inexplicably awkward, but now, Ning Chu could only continue to go along with it.
“Recently, the beasts have been rampaging, and I wanted to do my part for the Academy, and I don’t want to be my old weak self again.”

Clark’s eyes were suspicious, not clear how much she believed, as she looked up slightly, “What innate skill do you have now? Let me see.”

Ning Chu quietly confirmed that no one was passing outside the office, before his hands gathered a cloud of wood aura, instantly knocking down several books on the table behind Clark.

“Sorry…” Ning Chu walked over and picked up the books and set them up again, and Clark’s eyes suddenly lit up.

The magic Ning Chu had just used was simple, but the concentration of magic elements contained in it and the speed was beyond the ability of students of his age.

Clark was half convinced and got up to look at Ning Chu again, “You’ve improved… How did you change so much?”

Ning Chu said he didn’t know, and he was trying to figure it out.

In the end, Clark speculated that it was likely that his innate skill was extremely high but had been suppressed for some reason at an early age and had only recently been able to break through.

Ning Chu immediately confirmed, “You’re right, I think so too.” He tried to ask again, “So then, the Beast Cleanup…”

Clark said, “The power of high level magical beasts is not ordinary, you…”

“Don’t worry, I won’t act alone,” Ning Chu immediately added, “I had coincidentally met with Bly of the mercenary group earlier, I will team up with him.”

At the critical moment, Ning Chu used Bly’s name.

“You know him?” Clark raised an eyebrow and resumed her seat in the chair, “Okay, I’ll give you permission to go.”

She took out a round pin from the drawer with the Lance Academy logo engraved on it, and by wearing it, one could participate in the Beast Cleanup and could enter and leave the Academy freely.

Clark handed the pin to Ning Chu and said, “You can skip the rest of the class and the credits will be recorded as usual.”

Ning Chu took the pin, “Thank you.”

Clark agreed to keep Ning Chu’s innate skill a secret for now.

Before Ning Chu left, Clark warned, “Your safety is most important, don’t be a hero.”

Ning Chu thanked her again and left the office.
With this one thing settled, Ning Chu began to worry about how to coax Fifth Cub again.
He was worried about the danger outside, so he wanted to leave Fifth Cub in the dormitory and let Cubbie take care of her, and he would only take Third Cub with him.

The reason for leaving Cubbie behind was that he was afraid of being found outside, unlike Third Cub, who had been around Enigma Forest before, so he wasn’t worried about him showing his true form in case of any unexpected situation.
Fifth Cub’s eyes were filled with tears as soon as she heard that he wasn’t taking her with him.
Her paws grabbed Ning Chu’s collar and refused to let it go.

She had been resurrected once and was more sensitive to things like separation, especially since Ning Chu had been away for so long.
She didn’t want to stay in the dormitory, she wanted to go out with Ning Chu.

Ning Chu patiently coaxed, “I’m just going to class, I’ll be back soon, and it’s dangerous outside, there are many bad people.
You’re safest here.”

Hearing Ning Chu say that there were bad people outside, Fifth Cub slightly shivered and started to hesitate a little.

Before Bowen came back, Ning Chu fed her oat grass, bought several toys, and played with Fifth Cub for a long time.
Finally, Ning Chu repeatedly promised that he would come back as soon as possible, and Fifth Cub sullenly agreed.

The next morning, Bowen urged Ning Chu to go to class, and Ning Chu smiled awkwardly, “I… I’m taking a leave of absence.”

Bowen’s eyes widened beneath his lenses, “You took off time again? Aren’t you afraid that Clark…”

Ning Chu answered him evasively, “It’s okay, I told Clark yesterday and she agreed.”

Bowen’s expression was puzzled, but he was in a hurry to get to class, so he didn’t ask more questions and nodded, “Okay then, I’ll go first.”

After the students on the floor went to class one after another, Ning Chu changed into another outfit and put on a loose jacket outside.
There was a large pocket on the inside of the jacket, and Third Cub could be hidden inside.

He picked up the Fifth Cub and kissed her on the forehead, “Wait for me.”

The little black dragon stared intently, his eyes fixed on Ning Chu’s lips.
Fifth Cub was put back on the bed, she whimpered a few times and turned her head on the pillow to face Ning Chu with her tail.
Ning Chu knew she was still a little upset and sighed silently.
He bent down and rubbed the little black dragon squatting next to the bed, “Cubbie be good at home too, take care of Little Five.”

The little black dragon was still staring at his lips, but Ning Chu didn’t even notice, and got up to put on the brooch Clark gave him yesterday.
He tucked Third Cub into his jacket and pushed the door open.

At this time of the day, most of the students were in class and there was little movement in the Academy, so Ning Chu relied on the pin and made it out of the school.
He first went to the arena to pick up his usual mask from Donald.

Knowing that Ning Chu was going to participate in the Beast Cleanup, Donald half-joked, “My place has gotten a lot cooler since you haven’t been here lately.”

Ning Chu’s current popularity was as high as Wuuth’s, plus there were rumors that the two knew each other somewhat, making his identity even more mysterious.

Ning Chu smiled, “I’ll be back to earn some money.”

He said goodbye to Donald, left Crow Market and went to a hidden corner nearby, made sure no one was around, and put on his mask.
The mask firmly concealed Ning Chu’s face, along with his teal pupils, and otherwise didn’t affect his vision or movement.

Outside the school he had to use Hugh’s identity, but outside the school, he was “Ning”.

Inside the dormitory, the little black dragon played with a rattan ball with Fifth Cub for a while, and then suddenly changed back to his human form and sat on the edge of the bed.
Fifth Cub knew that Wuuth had a human form and had seen his face before, so she was only slightly stunned, not surprised.
She licked her paw and pushed the rattan ball.

Wuuth caught the rattan ball, picked it up and put it aside, “Come with me.”

He picked up the Fifth Cub, hid her in his collar, and took her quietly back to his dormitory building when no one was around.
Wuuth was in a special situation, the dormitory he was given allowed him to live alone, and there was no one else in his room.

Wuuth put down Fifth Cub, found a black jacket similar to Ning Chu’s from his closet, and put it on.
He pulled up the jacket, half squatted in front of Fifth Cub, and gently scratched Fifth Cub’s chin like Ning Chu did, asking, “Do you want to go find your dad?”

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