San, I’ve made money!”

Third Cub didn’t have much idea about earning money, he only knew that Ning Chu was happy, so he was happy too.
He climbed onto Ning Chu’s shoulder and rubbed his cheek with his horn.

Ning Chu pulled out the box under the bed again and took the dragon egg in his hands, “Little Five will hatch soon.
Daddy misses you so much.”

As soon as he said that, a small sound came from inside the egg, as if the little dragon cub inside was touching the egg shell.

Ning Chu didn’t notice this movement, but because Bowen may come back at any time, he didn’t dare to take out the dragon egg for too long, and quickly put down the egg back in the box, hiding it in its original position.

It wasn’t long before Bowen pushed the door open and came in.

With a look of disbelief and shock, he grabbed Ning Chu’s shoulder, “Hugh, did you hear? Today Wuuth fought against the newcomer, and he actually…” Bowen covered his heart, “He admitted defeat…”

Third Cub, who was under the covers, pricked up his ears.
Wuuth was back?

“Why…” Bowen didn’t have his glasses on, his vision drifted without focus, “I’d rather he couldn’t beat him than to admit defeat…”

Ning Chu, one of the parties involved, didn’t know what to say, dryly comforting Bowen, “I think he must have… He must have his own reasons…”

Instead of being comforted by these words, Bowen’s expression became more distorted and he sounded indignant, “Do you know what those people said? They’re saying that Wuuth and Ning are having an affair! That’s why he deliberately conceded to let him win!”

Ning Chu, “…”

Bowen took a few deep breaths and closed his eyes, “Forget it, I’ll pretend nothing happened today, I’ve lost my memory…”

He left in a trance, washed himself up and went to bed.
After the lights were turned off and the dormitory was completely quiet, Third Cub quietly peeked his head out from under the covers.

It turned out that Ning Chu had said he was going to fight with someone at night, so it turned out to be Wuuth.
After he came back, he only said that he had won, and Ning Chu would’ve mentioned it if he had recognized Wuuth.

Ning Chu was sleeping at this time, and Third Cub hesitated to wake him up now and tell him that Wuuth was the little black dragon.

He opened his mouth and gently bit Ning Chu’s collar when he suddenly heard a dragon roar in the distance.

The Dwarf Dragon’s dragon roar was faint and long, with the meaning of a call.

It was Wuuth.

Third Cub let go of the collar in his mouth, and he went to the window to look, spreading his wings and flying away silently.
He came to a corner at the edge of the Academy and saw Wuuth and the Dwarf Dragon beside him.

Wuuth was sitting on a flight of steps, his eyes downcast, unknown what he was thinking, and he didn’t look surprised to see Third Cub in his juvenile form.

Third Cub dropped down in front of him and guessed: [You recognized Ning?]

Wuuth gave a “hmm”, “He has your fire on him.”

Third Cub knew this, and guessed it was because of the contract he had made with Ning Chu a few days before.

He told them about the contract, and Wuuth’s face was expressionless, “What contract, the master pet contract?”

Third Cub sat crouched on the ground: [Maybe… I don’t know.]

He had never been someone’s contracted pet before, so he didn’t know what it was like.

Wuuth didn’t say much, and pressed the matter down for the time being, asking about Enigma Forest.
Third Cub’s gaze was slightly cold at the mention of this.

He told Wuuth the original story of what happened in Enigma Forest that day, and added, [I suspect that Little Five’s death is also related to them.]

Since Little Five’s accident, people have been searching around for traces of magic dragons, they didn’t care about other dragon groups, only targeted magic dragons, trying to lure them out by various means.

Wuuth bowed his head and twisted a branch in his hand, “Okay, I got it.”

With the forest destroyed there was nowhere to go, so the dragons would certainly harass the surrounding residents, then when chaos came, he would never intervene, this was what the humans asked for.
He raised his eyes and suddenly said, “So, you were at the school with him all this time?”

Wuuth’s “he” referred to Ning Chu, so Third Cub nodded, [Don’t worry, I wasn’t found out… Before you left that day, I mentioned it to you, but you didn’t believe me.] He wagged his tail, [‘Ning’ is still the same as before, he hasn’t changed at all.]

Wuuth was silent, and Third Cub tried to ask, [Did you not tell him who you are?]

“No,” Wuuth paused, “Did you tell him?”

Seeing Third Cub shake his head, Wuuth’s stiff spine relaxed, “Don’t tell him yet, just pretend you don’t know where I am.”

He wasn’t ready for it, especially if they had met before.

And he wasn’t sure… whether Ning Chu would reject him in human form.

Third Cub was a bit puzzled, but it had the good sense not to ask more questions, [Okay.
By the way,] he remembered another more important thing, slightly excited, [Little Five was resurrected!]

Wuuth sprang to his feet, “Really? Where is she?”

[Beside ‘Ning’,] Third Cub tilted his head, but the position was awkward, so he flew to the top of the dwarf dragon’s head, [She’s still a dragon egg, but I’m certain that it’s her.
It was ‘Ning’ who resurrected her.]

Wuuth paced in place, his low voice soft, “How is she?”

[In a week or so, she will hatch from her egg,] Third Cub wagged his dragon tail, [Ning has dragon crystals, and he’s taking good care of Little Five.]

Wuuth was a little relieved, but didn’t forget to urge, “Protect her from the humans.”

Third Cub responded, while asking, [Do you want to see her? Ning is sleeping, he lives with a human, but that human isn’t very smart,] Third Cub suggested, [I’ll show you, you won’t be discovered.]

Wuuth hesitated for a moment and finally agreed, “Okay.”

He’ll just go to have a look, and then leave.

Wuuth let the Dwarf Dragon go back on its own, and he turned into his juvenile form about the same size as Third Cub and followed him through the night.

The two young dragon cubs flew a little way to the third window of the dormitory building.
Third Cub went in first, and Wuuth stopped at the window to survey the surroundings, his gaze tinged with scrutiny.

This was where Ning Chu lived.

The room was clean and tidy, but it looked rather simple, and the bathroom didn’t even have a door.
The little black dragon was about to fly in to look for the dragon egg when a familiar figure got out of bed and looked over toward the window.

Ning Chu suddenly woke up in the middle of the night from a dream, he turned over and habitually reached out to touch the pillow side, but felt nothing.
He lifted the covers and sat up, calling out in a low voice, “San San?”

When the dragon didn’t answer him, Ning Chu leaned over the bed again and looked at the place where the dragon egg was kept, but there was no sign of Third Cub.
Since Third Cub had followed him to the school, he had never left him.
Ning Chu felt strange and worried, so he was ready to look elsewhere.

He had just woken up and gotten out of bed when he saw Third Cub flying in from the balcony.

There was another small black dragon cub crouching quietly in the window, its familiar appearance in the moonlight was the same as the one from his memory.

Ning Chu was stunned for a moment, he didn’t even have time to put on his shoes, as he ran over and hugged the little black dragon tightly, “Cubbie!”

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