Chapter 1: Transmigration

Year: 2021

Genre: BL, dragons, elves, dwarves, children, app, god, powers, childcare

Novel Status in Country of Origin: 112 chapters, complete

Translator: Addis

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

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Ning Chu downloaded a western fantasy app called “Dragon Island” during winter break, in which you can raise various small dragons.

The game was beautifully drawn and unique, and the little dragon cubs are super cute and lovable, so Ning Chu quickly got hooked and raised a dozen of them with crazy funds.

The little dragon cubs vary in character and preferences, and Ning Chu works early and late every day, hunting and cooking, cutting down trees and building houses, sewing clothes for the little dragon cubs, playing with them, and singing children’s songs to put them to sleep.

Unfortunately, before the little dragon cubs grew up, Ning Chu met with an accident.

When he opened his eyes again, Ning Chu transmigrated.

He came to a strange and different world where there were wizards, dwarves, elves, half-therians, and… giant dragons.

Ning Chu was unlucky to have just crossed into a dragon slaying battle, where the huge creature raised its claws at him in the dusty atmosphere.

But… the red scales, the curved horns, and the hot flames coming out of its mouth…

This dragon, how come it was so similar to the cubs he raised?


Legend says that dragons are the product of God’s creation.

God favored the dragons, gave them great strength, a long life, and raised them personally.
But from a certain day, the miracle disappeared and God abandoned the dragons.

The young dragon cubs lost their love and care, wailing in the cold night, stumbling to grow up, and eventually became ferocious and tyrannical dragons.

Later, God came again.

Ning Chu: oooh my cubs, daddy is back!


1v1, except for the ML, other dragons will not turn human

Chapter 1: Transmigration

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Prior to the incident, Ning Chu was playing《Dragon Island》.
There were several new toys and costumes in the mall, and he had just spent a fortune in kryptonite to clear a spacious area at the foot of the mountain and set up a small playground while it was still day in the game.

——When the little dragon cubs woke up and saw it, they would be very happy.

《Dragon Island》was a mobile game Ning Chu stumbled upon.
The developer probably had little money since the advertising was very minimal.
It was an illustration of a blue sky, a mountain and a few small dragon cubs with a promotional message, ‘Do you wish to raise dragons?’

This sentence made Ning Chu download it and he quickly became addicted.

The game belonged to the raising and building category, the style was excellent and the gameplay was unique.
It started on an island, which came with some common dragon eggs.
The shopping mall was quite complete, from various tools, food, herbs to toys and other useful items, and the game resources could be exchanged for real world credits.

Dragon eggs needed to be purchased and were categorized into common and rare levels, as well as legendary, which could only be obtained through hidden missions.

Ning Chu maneuvered the short-legged little man all over the map, did the newbie quests, and successfully hatched the ordinary level dragon eggs given to him.

There were many types of dragons in the game, and after hatching, the system gave him a taming manual, showing the hobbies and personality of the species hatched.

The common dragons were rather rigid and mechanical, and except for eating, drinking, shitting and running around the map every day, they weren’t affectionate to Ning Chu.

After Ning Chu raised a few common dragons, he set his sights on the rare classes.
Rare dragons were smarter and cuter, and could have different personalities and could even recognize their owners.
There were currently five types of rare dragons, but they couldn’t be purchased directly, only bought through a special credits, and it depended on luck.

His luck was kryptonite.

Ning Chu looked at the balance of his wallet, directly bought all the gift packs, and drew all of the five rare dragons at once.
The five rare dragon eggs were of different colors and had their own cool names; Frost Dragon, Gale Dragon, Red-Flame dragon… 

In addition to the five rare dragons, there were also some ordinary dragons drawn, adding up to more than a dozen dragon eggs.

The game’s character crouched next to a pile of dragon eggs, while Ning Chu’s eyes on the other side of the screen gradually became excited.

Kryptonite in the game was only used to draw rare dragons, hatching dragon eggs and taming dragon cubs required players to work hard to manage them.

So every morning and night, Ning Chu constantly harvested the land, collected supplies, built houses for the unborn dragon cubs, and bought a variety of materials.
Finally, the five rare dragons hatched one by one, and Ning Chu renamed them in the order they broke their shells: First Cub, Second Cub, Third Cub, Fourth Cub and Fifth Cub.

After finishing the taming manual of all the dragon cubs, a system prompt popped up in front of Ning Chu.

“Congratulations, you have collected all the illustrations! You have successfully unlocked the hidden mission! One legendary dragon egg will be awarded!”

Ning Chu: Ah… So simple?

The dragon egg was put into his inventory, so Ning Chu took it out to check it.
The egg was even bigger than the rare dragons’, and it was pure black in color, with some irregular patterns on the surface of the egg shell.

Grade: Legendary

Status: Good 

Temperament: Undetermined

Age: Not hatched yet

Species: ????

Innate Skill: ????

“Kinda mysterious…” Ning Chu muttered to himself, putting the dragon egg into the hut to hatch as usual.

As for the name, Ning Chu wanted to call it “Sixth cub”, but also wanted to distinguish it from the other rare dragons.
After all, it was a legendary cub.

Ning Chu held his tongue for a while and wrote “Cubbie” in the new nickname field.

After waiting for half a month, the status of the legendary dragon egg finally changed to “about to hatch from its shell”.

In order to let the cub see him as soon as it opened its eyes, Ning Chu checked online dozens of times a day, crouching next to the dragon egg.
A baby dragon cub came to the hut alone, with light green scales, four slightly darker claws, and two forks at the base of its horns.

【’Fifth Cub’ is acting spoiled towards you.】

At the same time, a childish aowu- came to Ning Chu’s ears.

The little man in the game who had “Ning” above his head, turned to the little green dragon, made the interactive action of “petting”, and then picked it up.

This one was one of the five cubs, a Rosette Leaf Dragon, which was the smallest of the rare dragons, and was also the only rare dragon without dragon wings, so he loved to cling to Ning Chu.

After he started to feed the rare dragon, Ning Chu also found a very special feature of the game: he could talk to the dragon cubs directly.
He put on the headset and turned on the in-game microphone.

“What’s wrong with Little Five?” Ning Chu asked, scratching the chin of Fifth Cub while checking its status, “Are you hungry?”

Fifth Cub was only the size of Ning Chu’s two palms in the game, looking at Ning Chu with black round eyes, and after a while buried his head in his arm to find a suitable position to lie down.

Fifth Cub was normal in all aspects, her mood was good, so Ning Chu closed the panel, when he heard a crack.
He turned the game view and saw a small red exclamation point appear above the dragon egg beside him.

The shell was finally broken!

Ning Chu was so excited that he let go of Fifth Cub and approached the dragon egg, taking things out of the package one by one.
A small blanket, a milk bottle, three flavors of milk powder, a small piece of fresh rabbit meat and a handful of young grass.

Ning Chu didn’t know the habits of this legendary dragon, whether it was carnivorous,  herbivorous, or omnivorous, so he simply prepared a little bit of everything.
There was another crack and a larger crack appeared on the surface of the egg shell, so Ning Chu waited with bated breath.

A large piece of egg shell fell off.

A small black dragon was sitting squarely inside the eggshell, its wings hanging down on both sides of its body, and in addition to a pair of horns, a small horn was protruding from the center of its forehead, its eyes opened, revealing its dark red pupils.

“Cubbie,” Ning Chu called it, while operating the character to reach out to hug the little black dragon, “I’m your father.”

The little black dragon nimbly dodged, and even though it obviously was a 3D model, Ning Chu somehow felt the little black dragon’s eyes showed a trace of dislike.
He gave up for now, and picked up the food on the ground, “Cubbie, which one do you want to eat?”

The little black dragon didn’t even look at it and ignored Ning Chu, but picked up the eggshells on the ground and nibbled on them little by little.

“How can you eat eggshells?” Ning Chu was surprised, neither the rare nor the ordinary dragons did this.
Those eggshells in the past were collected by Ning Chu and thrown to the mall to exchange for supplies.

Even after successfully breaking the shell, the type and talent in the little black dragon panel was still “???” The system hinted that it was up to the player to discover them.
The dragon’s personality was also different from those of the newborn dragon cubs, so Ning Chu was convinced that this was really a legendary dragon.

While the little black dragon was gnawing on the eggshell, Fifth Cub quietly approached and secretly finished eating the tender grass on the ground.
After chewing a small piece of eggshell, the little black dragon got up and turned around, just lying down in the eggshell and closing its eyes, letting him know that it was going to sleep.

Ning Chu dithered for a moment and laid the small blanket next to the eggshell.

It was time to feed the dragon cubs, so Ning Chu left the hatchery without disturbing the little black dragon.

After about a week, the little black dragon ate all of its eggshell before it began to eat the food Ning Chu gave it.

He only ate meat, and he loved fresh rabbit meat, so Ning Chu immediately bought ten pairs of small rabbits from the mall and kept them on the lawn by the lake.
The little black dragon was different from all the other dragon cubs, because except for eating and sleeping every day, it was just looking for a place to sit quietly.
He didn’t like toys and didn’t mix with the other dragon cubs, so Ning Chu was worried that he was being isolated.

Ning Chu slowly found that the little black dragon was eating less and less, but the status on the panel indicated that it was full.
Was it possible that a legendary dragon didn’t need to eat?

Ning Chu was puzzled until one day when he came back from chopping trees, he saw Third Cub holding a piece of rabbit meat it had just grabbed and placed it in front of the little black dragon like a treasure.

The little black dragon sniffed it, then slowly ate the rabbit meat before Third Cub opened its dragon wings and flew away.

Third Cub was a Scarlet Flame Dragon, naughty and aggressive, always liked to bully the other dragon cubs, and gave Ning Chu the most headache, so he had never seen it act like this.

Ning Chu hadn’t figured it out yet, when he saw Fifth Cub trot over with a handful of fresh oat grass and carefully gave the grass to the little black dragon.
The little black dragon hesitated a little longer this time, then it raised its front paws and pulled the oat grass to its body, meaning it accepted it.

Fifth Cub happily spun around on the ground and trotted off again.

Ning Chu watched with amazement and immediately went to give《Dragon Island》a five-star review.


As more and more land opened up on Dragon Island, the variety of things that could be bought in the mall was increasing.
Some of the advanced toys and amenities required kryptonite, and Ning Chu didn’t bat an eye when adding them to his cart.

The number of dragon cubs was also increasing, but he didn’t know if it was a system glitch or what, but rare dragons couldn’t be drawn for the time being, Ning Chu could only buy some ordinary dragons to hatch.

This morning, he just finished buying a set of mall rides, carrying tools to clear an area at the foot of the mountain.

The time in the game was different from reality, the screen was a little dark, so Ning Chu set up street lights, which took him half an hour.
He put down his phone and rubbed his wrist, planning to go to breakfast first.

After the summer break, Ning Chu lived alone at home.
He went downstairs and out of the neighborhood, crossing the street to eat at a familiar noodle shop.
There was no one around, and while waiting for the light to turn green, Ning Chu turned on the game and set up the last bit of stuff.
He looked at the result with satisfaction and took a few screenshots.

When the light turned green, Ning Chu put away his phone and looked up.
He had just taken a step when an ear-splitting horn sounded next to him.
An out-of-control car was coming toward him at high speed, and Ning Chu had no time to dodge.

Before he lost consciousness, many images swept through Ning Chu’s mind: parents, friends, classmates, past experiences and memories, and finally settled on what he had forgotten.

——He hadn’t prepared breakfast for the baby dragons.

A new batch of dragon eggs would hatch in the next two days, and there may not be enough room to sleep for all of them.
There were only three rabbits left, and he hadn’t had time to buy new ones.
The black cub was finally getting a little closer to him, and he touched its dragon horns yesterday… 

A long darkness came, it seemed like a long, long time had passed, while it also seemed like only a moment.

“Beep — host is bound.
Locking medium, transmission in progress.”

Ning Chu vaguely heard some mechanical sounds, along with the increasingly strong roar in his ears, as his body senses were gradually recovering.

He could feel his blood flowing again, his stiff bones were no longer heavy, and when the light in front of him was getting brighter and brighter, Ning Chu subconsciously opened his eyes.
He saw greenery, woods, grass, and sunlight obscured by smoke and dust.

“The system is loading, please wait patiently…”

Where is this place?

Ning Chu’s brain was in chaos, as he looked up in bewilderment, at the behemoth standing before his eyes.
Its wings were slightly open, it was as tall as a four-story building, covered in red scales, with a pair of backward twisted dragon horns on its forehead.
It stomped on the ground with its hind legs, followed by a threatening hiss.

Many trees around were crushed, and some figures scurried around in panic.

Not far away, someone seemed to be talking.
Ning Chu was a little slow before he turned his head to look.
The man was dressed peculiarly, and his mouth shouted strange words, but Ning Chu somehow understood what he meant.
He was saying, “Get out of the way!”

The red beast raised its front paws, and the sharp claws slapped hard in Ning Chu’s direc

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