Celebrity, Juliet Karenina.

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Born from a Korean mother and an English father.

She made her debut as a Hollywood child actor at the age of six with beauty worthy of the title of “Worldwide Beauty.”

Since then, through various work activities, she has grown into a powerful actress by winning three awards for Best Actress in a Drama, Movie, and Musical at the Golden Globe Awards in the U.S., respectively.

Not only that, she used her unique and exceptional sense of fashion to successfully launch her personal brand named at the age of 21.

The existence of “Juliette Karenina” itself is the value of the brand.

The sales of , which were soaring day by day, eventually established her as a businesswoman with annual sales of tens of billions of dollars, and at the age of 24, she was also selected as one of the “World’s Most Influential Ten Assets” by the New York Times.

[If someone wants to talk about the perfect life, raise your head and see Juliet Karenina.– “Celeb Lady” The movie, directed by John Ezerton]

[Is there anything in the world that doesn’t go the way she wants? — ”Blanc de Juliet” exclusive promotional model, Claire Collins]

Her life, which was loved and envied by a lot of people all over the world, was perfect from the moment that she was born and there was not a single failure at all.

It was a life that was surprisingly well suited to the modifier of a ‘Promising Future’.

Until yesterday.

“What the……”

I need to calm myself down, humble words, kind words.

My Mother taught me to be very careful with words and actions, since I have a public image that I need to maintain.

“Mom, I’m sorry.”

But I just can’t.
This is a situation where I can’t stand without swearing.

I looked into the mirror and rubbed my chubby cheeks here and there.

“Oh, she’s such a cute pig.”

…… What am I talking about?

No matter how much I look at her, she really looks like a premium edible pig that was well-fed and then steamed right after.

But she had gorgeous red hair, subtle golden eyes and a sleek milky skin that gave her that aristocratic elegance, but that’s all that she had.

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The face that was boasting an area that could be said to have gone far up to Manchurian plain that was useless no matter who self-claimed it and the chin fat that dropped far stretched below which covers the boundaries of her neck.

(TN/N: Manchurian plain is a central lowland of northeastern China, also known as the Amur valley; the FL used this phrase because Manchuria consists of a large field; she might refer to it as a Large Field.)

Just how much did she pick up and eat? Even though I was wearing an A-class dress, my back and stomach were so tight, which is making it difficult for me to breathe.

What’s surprising is that she only looked like a middle school student.But, what’s more surprising is…….

“Calm down, Juliet.”

It is true that this fat lady is none other than me, Juliet Karenina.

“I look less than 160 degrees tall, but I think I weigh around 80? No, I think 90 would be the correct one.”

I muttered as I groped my bulging stomach like Namsan Mountain and released it.

Whether it was 80, 90, or 100, in fact, I had never weighed this much before, so it was difficult to accurately estimate.

“I don’t know, but I looked super-obese right now.
It’s not just because I don’t want to see it, but I think diet is essential for health.
I wouldn’t be shocked if I had a heart attack tomorrow because of high blood pressure.”

I gave advice to the young lady inside the mirror with a bitter look on my face, like a doctor who just diagnoses a stranger.

Still, I couldn’t calm down.

What I mean is.

“But this is…….”

I grabbed the corner of the expensive looking mirror and cried.
The misery was indescribable.

“… I just can’t believe that it’s me.”

It was exactly eight hours ago, when I opened my eyes in this desperate situation.

* *-ˏˋ ━━━━━━ ʚɞ ━━━━━━ ˊˎ-

So, basically I was in Korea until I opened my eyes with this body.

“I want to show you what life is like as a human being, Juliet Karenina, not just a well known actress.”

Ugh, it was right after my last declaration of retirement, which really killed me.

After announcing my retirement that shocked many of my fans around the world, I turned into a small daily YouTuber in my mother’s country.

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The trend these days is YouTubers.

[Juliet TV, achieved 10 million subscribers in just one month.]

[Juliet Karenina, how long will her influence last?]

[World celebrity, Juliet Karenina… Tens of thousands of SNS followers.]

[Juliet Karenina, 2 billion per SNS promotional advertisement post? The ‘trend’ certification that has not yet cooled down.]

The second act of my life, my new goal is to achieve 100 million views in every video I uploaded, was about to start in Korea.

On the same day, I was busy finding and reading the comments from a ‘Rubetter_pig’ which is among the thousands of comments that started running as soon as I posted an SNS post.

Rubette_pig: You are so pretty.
I envy you so much.
A completely different life from me.

Rubette_pig: Such a pretty face, a slim body, and people around you just love you so much.
I’m so jealous of you.

Rubette_pig: I want to live just like you, even just for just one day.

Rubette_pig: Do I look suspicious of whether or not I was a fan, because of my strange ID, do I seem to be a bit precarious.

And the last comment that I saw was a bit alarming.

Rubette_pig: I decided to die today, Juliet.

Based on my last memory, I asked my manager to investigate the identity of ‘Rubette pig’ and fell asleep with a worried mind.

“Oh, my lady! You’re finally awake!”

And the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was a little girl sitting next to my bed while dozing off.

Since I was a celebrity from a very young age, I had a history of suffering from various rumors, death threats, and life threats that ordinary people could not ever imagine.

So, at first, I was like, ‘Was I kidnapped?….’  is what I thought, but I tried to calm myself down, so that I could think rationally.

“What do you want?”

Even if I don’t ask, I knew that it would be money.

So, the question is how much exactly would she ask for.

“… What?”

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However, after she confirmed that I was definitely awake, the girl brought in an old white-bearded grandfather who looked at me as if I was crazy, instead of telling me the purpose of the kidnapping.

It was the same thing for the sweaty grandfather, who was called “Councilor”, after asking me a few questions, who had made an absurd diagnosis. 

“You seem to have lost your memory from shock.”

It’s not enough for them to kidnap me, and now they’re even treating me as a patient with amnesia… At first, I was worried, because I wondered just how much it would cost me to get out of this situation.

But after a few conversations with the girl, I was finally convinced.
That this is not an ordinary kidnapping, it is in a slightly unrealistic situation.

“So my name is…..Rubette? Not Juliet Karenina?”

“My Lady…”

Can I see the mirror? No, I’ll see it for myself.”

At first glance, I noticed that my fingers looked fat like swollen fishcakes, but at that time I tried not to believe it until I finally saw my reflection in the mirror with my own eyes.

Something that only happens in movies can’t happen to me who was quietly living in the 21st century.

“Oh shit…..!”

But the reality was so cruel.
This wasn’t a dream, I fell asleep and woke up as an unknown girl.

This girl fell into a pond for some reason and lost consciousness, and she just woke up.

The even bigger problem is.

If I swapped my body with that fat woman who might be leaving now on the other side of the Earth, that might also be unrealistic, but understandable to some extent.

Well, fantasy movies featuring people who suddenly changed their bodies have always been the subject of all ages.


“Descartes, you say?”

“Yes, my lady.
You are from the family of Duke of Diollus, one of the fourth Dukedom of the Descartes Empire, Princess Rubetria Diollus, the only Princess of Diollus VIII, Duke Leonard Diollus.”

Rebecca, who introduced herself as a maid of honor by her side, had already repeated the same words about 20 times, but showed no signs of annoyance.

Apparently, Rebecca thinks that this fat lady has really lost her memory, and she seems to feel sorry for me.

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In fact, I really deserve that sympathy.

This place is…

Because it didn’t seem like I’m still on Earth!

I was able to be sure of it, because I’ve worked hard to study history, and I don’t want to hear rumors that I had an empty brain while leaving as a famous celebrity.

Descartes Empire? I really don’t know…

At least, it was a completely unknown country that had never existed in the history of the West from the past to the present.

“So you don’t know? Korea…….”


“U.K., USA, ahm.., you don’t know those countries?”


Even a primitive tribe living in the outback of Amman would not be unaware of places like England and America.

It wasn’t difficult to admit that this was not the world I know of, since it was already unrealistic from the fact that I had entered into someone else’s body.

Of course, admitting it and accepting it are two different things.

I sat blankly on the bed for a very long time, just hoping that ‘This is a nightmare’, as Rebecca patiently stood by my side.

“If she’s awake, then she’s awake.
But why do we need to show our faces in her room?”

“But Lilia, she’s still known as a good girl, If we don’t pretend to visit her, we will be criticized.”

And the ‘first’ uninvited guests I met here appeared when I could no longer deny that this is reality, and not a dream.

“Who do you think would be interested in you, by causing a suicide commotion? What a stupid thing to do.”

Is she thirteen or fourteen years old? A gorgeous-looking girl with blond hair and golden eyes, a truly gorgeous-looking girl, quarreled with me as soon as she entered my room.

“You just managed to wake up.
But if I were you, I would just have let myself die, rather than leaving as an ugly fat lady.”

A boy of about the same age as me said those words, while dragging himself into a chair as if it were his room.

The two children, showing clear hostility, looked really alike.
Even without introducing them as brothers and sisters, I could tell who they were.

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