“Here comes the Duke of Diollus!”

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The doors of the imperial ballroom were opened when the debutant ball (*young male and female aristocrat’s social debut stage) was in full swing.

Dazzling lights poured down from the ornate chandeliers, the windows were adorned with gold, jewels, and luxurious tapestries…..

Everyone’s eyes gathered on me as I proudly entered the luxurious venue.


“What? Who is this?”

As expected, everyone was surprised.

“The Duke of Diollus has two daughters.
Which of the two are you talking about?”

“Look over there.
Princess Lilia Diollus is already here.
They’re talking about Princess Rubetria Diollus.”

“No, I think the servants made a mistake.
Princess Rubetria Diorus is a super fat red-haired girl.”

“That lady’s hair is also red, right? “

“Ah, but still, is she really that beautiful lady?”

“Is that really Princess Rubettria Diollus?”

I could hear voices whispering from all over the place about how they couldn’t recognize me.

I gave a gentle smile to the aristocratic boys who looked at me with blushed cheeks, and soon they started arguing with each other, saying that I smiled at one of them.

Oh, it feels great.

I took a deep breath and looked further into the ballroom.
Some faces that recognized the changed me caught my eye.

‘Your expressions are a spectacle.’

Lilia Diollus and her group opened their eyes so wide that it wouldn’t be a surprise if they fell out.

Ricky Diollus, who opened his mouth as if surprised, was among my friends who were foolishly blushing at me.

Even the fifth Princess Lisbeth, who looked at me with a curious gaze, greeted me by raising the wine glass she was holding….

Their gazes stared straight at me as if time had stopped, I really liked this.

This is the life of a celeb! (*short for celebrity)

“Li, Lilia.
Is that really Rubetria?”

“Come on, surely….
It isn’t right?”


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Lilia and her group kept whispering over and over again.

Again, and again, and again.

I deliberately walked towards them first.
When I was fat, the sound of high heels clacking, which I couldn’t even look at in fear of spraining my feet, was pleasant.

“Hello, Lilia.”

Standing in front of the trembling Lilia, I smiled as brightly as possible.

‘Are you pissed off? Are you going to explode from anger?’

The ugly duckling of the duke’s family, who she had been tormenting without hesitation, returned with a complete transformation, wouldn’t she be upset?

I raised my chin arrogantly with a proud heart while spreading the fan I was holding which covered my mouth and smiled with only my eyes.

“Hey, you’re Princess Rubette, aren’t you?”

“That’s right, Lady Pelkan.
I am Rubetria.
Was the last time I saw you last year? What did Lady say about buying macarons at the dessert shop?”

The daughter of Count Pelkan, who was standing next to Lilia, blushed brightly as she vaguely remembered what happened last year.

“Oh my, the princess is at the dessert shop every time I see her.
She eats so many sweets until her cheeks bursts, so she gets fat.”

She was the girl who dared to make such rude comments to me, the daughter of the Duke, behind my back because of her friendship with Lilia.

The timid Rubette couldn’t say a word at that time, but… 

‘I am different.’

The me who is now inside of Rubette, is a woman who has lived her entire life in splendor.

Everyone envied my life, and because I had never been ignored by anyone, I was rather proud and arrogant.

“It’s been so long that I can’t remember.
Nice to see you after a long time.
Let’s have a cup of tea next time.”

“Oh, that… yes.
All right.
And, thank you.”

Generously, I covered Lady Pelkan’s absurd remarks as much as I could, and she blushed in embarrassment and nodded her head.

At most, the girls, who were only fifteen or sixteen years old, immediately longed for my dignified appearance, which was a 180 degrees change.

“Ru, Princess Rubette.
By the way, the dress you’re wearing right now….”

“Oh, that’s right.
You recognize it.
When I said I was going to have a late debut, Madame Becky made a dress and sent it to me.”

“What? Is that true?”

“Oh, my god.….”

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The noble girls were green with envy, while Lilia, who was in the middle, froze in shock.
I managed to swallow a laugh at Lilia’s expression.

The black evening dress I’m wearing right now is handmade by Madame Becky, a famous tailor in the Islands.

The dress of a renowned tailor, who only made clothes according to her beliefs, could only be worn by the Imperial Princesses after waiting a full year.

‘I know how much you wanted to wear Becky’s dress.’

I also knew that Lilia tried several times to place an order and drank water.

TL/N: Drank water: Korean expression meaning having a hard time

If someone like me ‘daringly’ wears such a dress, she’ll burst with anger.

“A lot of things I haven’t seen…, you’re thin.

“Um, well? Rather than being skinny, aren’t I now in a more healthy state? It’s all thanks to you.
Thank you.”

To be precise, it is thanks to you and your mother that I’ve been try

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