go out of their mind.

‘The one who will wear the bloody laurel wreath, what is your name?’

If you entered the name of your choice after this bizarre question, the game would start in full swing according to her guidance.
While also explaining things like the UI, stats, and skills.

Wasn’t this common in dating simulation games? An NPC who gives all kinds of information to the player.
A nice and cool helper who is the object of great affection by the players.
The character entrusted with that role was none other than Celina.

‘[Player Name], your choices will change the fate of the Empire.
Which man’s hand will you hold? I’m curious.’

Sometimes it was also possible to have a relationship with this kind of NPC, but that was not possible in this game based on my novel.
The reason was simple.
Because I set it up so that the men would fall in love with each other.

However, she was so wise that she was the greatest and most important female character in my worldview.
Not only did she appear a lot, but she also had quite a lot of contact with the main character, Mikael.
A relationship good enough to enjoy tea together sometimes.

So, without further ado, I designated Celina as my helper.
Of course, I cherished her as a character as much as I did Mikael.

She helped the ‘player’ become Mikael, who is a ‘top’, showed the status window while secretly giving a glimpse of the events for the targets’ specific routes, the ‘bottoms’, and was also in charge of closing and saving the game.

It meant that there was only one being who knew the real ‘inner side’ of this world.
It could also be referred to as an ‘overseer’.

The beginning of the game was simple.

The scene where ‘Mikael’, an archmage’s apprentice who just came out to society after graduating with excellent grades and breaking the record of the most historic academy in the great empire of ‘Arcadia’, holds the hand of ‘Celina’, the archmage’s daughter, and gives a polite greeting.

This was the prologue stage in which the player entered their name.
Of course, the player was entirely free to choose a different name instead of ‘Mikael’.

The protagonist had numerous fights.
The story ended with victory and true love, but behind it, trials abounded.

I loved the people inside my worldview, but I hated them as much.
It was a work that was created for fun, but ended with grief.

The sloppy writing that was its foundation was risky.
Writing without knowing my capabilities, the panels urged me every second to give them something to prey on, eating away all my mental and physical strength.

I hated it.
But I loved it that much.
So no matter what, I had to see it to the end.

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