I quickly shook my head.

“It’s because I’m nervous, me.
My heart is going to explode.
It’s going to shorten my life expectancy.
Don’t you know what you look like? Do you not look in the mirror?”

“… What?”

He replied after a long time, in a confused voice.
I just glared at him sideways.
Mikael, who had been staring at me for a while, suddenly burst into a fit of laughter as his expression seemed relieved.

“Ah, really.
I never thought you were…”

“You understand, right? Then, I hope you do it moderately from now on.”

I spoke bluntly.
But come to think of it, I felt like I was losing my dignity in front of him.

[Mikael doesn’t care at all.
Just do as you please.
This is the first time he’s actually seen you, so he doesn’t know anything about your personality.]

Celina, who had been keeping quiet, reacted.
She pretended not to know a while ago, and now she was showing up.
I was speechless, really.

“But why is it so cold here?”

I sniffled.
I couldn’t feel it when I was running to death while escaping the lump of scrap metal and when Mikael was holding me, but here, too, the cold was thick.
The whole place seemed to be like this.

“The temperature here is a little low because of the management of Master’s research items.
I’m sorry, I didn’t think about it.
You shouldn’t catch a cold.”

Mikael hurriedly took off the warm-brown coat he was wearing and put it on me.
He closed it meticulously, not forgetting the buttons.
Being like this, I felt like an immature child that couldn’t be controlled.

This man was good, but the situation itself wasn’t pleasant at all.
As if to culminate my helplessness, a fresh flower was tangled and dangling from the ends of my hair.

I sighed and pulled the blue flower out of my completely ruined hair.
I pulled so hard that my scalp tingled.

“Do you want to pull your hair out?”

Mikael immediately reacted.

“Shall I help you?”

Thank you.”

“Then excuse me for a moment.”

He gently rummaged through my purple hair and began to pluck the flowers one by one.
Strangely, his touch made me feel drowsy.
I was leaving it to Mikael for a while, but a text appeared in front of my eyes.

[That’s why I told you it was best not to leave.]

I didn’t know this was going to happen.

“I’m done.
But where did you leave your shoes?”

Beyond the increasingly dimming chat window, Mikael leaned down to meet me at eye level.

“Well… Up there.”

“Because you were running away?”

Mikael asked with a smiling face.
I quickly became embarrassed.

“There was no time to think.”

“You know.
That’s not used for killing.
It’s just for catching.”

“What did you say?”

My eyes widened.

“There’s no way Master would put such a scary thing in this castle, above all places.”

“Why are you saying that now!”

About that.
As you know, there was no time to talk, right?”

He answered slyly.
I burst into laughter at the sense of futility that rushed in.

‘Hey, you.
Did you know that too?’

[I never said you were going to die.
I just said you were going to get caught.]

I can’t believe these two.

“But it certainly looks a bit threatening, doesn’t it? It’s not impossible to misunderstand.”

Mikael reached again for the broken piece of iron.
The knight was instantly reassembled.
Even if it didn’t kill me, I stealthily held on to his shirt sleeve because the impact from earlier was still there.

He stared alternately between me and the sleeve I was holding on to, then smiled gently.

“There’s nothing to worry about.”

“I know.
I know.
But to be honest, I’m still scared.”

I muttered like an excuse.

“Then I’ll send it back quickly.”

Mikael swung his index finger in the air, and the iron knight turned around and walked away, making a clanking noise.

The magic I set up wasn’t very cool and flashy.
There were endless ways to be derived and changed, but the basic framework was very simple.

Control and defy the laws of nature as one wishes.

It was the same when wizards fought among themselves.
And in the game, it was named ‘skill’, with properties such as water, fire, etc.

It had to be like that to fight monsters and have fun growing up as a player.

“By the way, Mikael.
Why are there no doors here?”

After the iron knight disappeared completely from view, I grudgingly stared at the smooth walls.
Had there been just one open door, I would have been able to hide.

“It’s because they’re subtly hidden.”

“Can you see everything?”


He replied, showing a slight embarrassment.
I pouted.
Tsk, it was an unfair space to Celina in the first place.
Why would a damn crystal ball send someone to this place?

“Then we should go find your lost shoes now.”

As if to prove what he had said, Mikael made a door appear directly on the wall.
Then he held out his hand to me.

Magic is the best! I took a light step, holding his hand.

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