“Stop it.
I will not tolerate any further commotion.”

Elijah’s expression seemed too peaceful for him to have thrown an expensive bowl.

“Don’t say those vulgar things ever again.
Celina, Elizabeth.
It’s a warning for both of you.
What is this indecent behavior, so early in the morning?”

He was savoring wine from a turquoise bottle, gracefully holding the glass, from very early in the morning.
Only the servant who cleaned up the tableware that had scattered into pieces on the floor was proving that the sound she had just heard was not false.

“I apologize.
I overreacted.
I’ll be careful in the future.”

Elizabeth withdrew immediately.
But I didn’t apologize until the end.
I didn’t want to say anything that was not in my heart.
Fortunately, Elijah didn’t seem to want to ask such a thing from me.

“You, really! Don’t say that again! I thought my heart was going to drop for a moment.”

Evan grabbed my shoulder and scolded me.

“Is that so? You know I’m joking.”

I responded casually and looked across the table.
Mikael looked a little shocked.
I felt a little sorry for some reason.

Evan turned his head to follow my gaze, which had stopped exactly in one place, and immediately buried his face in his hands.
His shoulders trembled, following a deep sigh.

I’m sorry you’re seeing this kind of thing on your first time here.
We are a bit like this.
I’m embarrassed to say it myself, but we’re not on very good terms.”

“I’m alone, so I don’t know very well, but… I heard that family members usually fight like this.
Don’t mind me.”

Mikael replied with a slight stiffness.
I covered my mouth and smiled lightly.
Because those words were one of the choices in the game.

It seems that my expectation of Master’s children was too high.
Honestly, I’m a little disappointed.]

I’m alone, so I don’t know very well, but… I heard that family members usually fight like this.
Don’t mind me.]

It was very fun.
In that sense, could you fight one more time?]

That’s right.
It wasn’t a very important choice.
I began to eat a salad with colorful ingredients.
Both vegetables and fruits were fresh, and the sauce tasted very good.

Come to think of it, you collapsed again.
I’m really sorry I couldn’t go see you.
I was going to bring this up first, but I was surprised by those words from earlier and forgot.”

Evan, who always sat next to Celina during meals, spoke again.

“I was really distracted by the banquet yesterday.”

“That’s right.
I understand.
Celi— no.
That’s not it.”

I swallowed the salad and the slip of the tongue.

[Writer! Get yourself together! You have to call yourself properly!]

The chat window scolded me immediately.
I mean, I’m not doing this on purpose! What can I do? I wasn’t Celina in the first place!

“Hm? What did you say?”

Evan opened his eyes wide.
I quickly corrected myself.

“It’s not the first time this has happened to me, so how can my brother come every time?”

Evan Dell was the standard of an upright man.
He was a really trustworthy person because I made him into a good character.

What I wrote was an adult novel full of bloodshed and R-rated scenes, and because the worldview wasn’t bright as it was a game that was also made for adults, I had to have this kind of character.

I kept worrying because I couldn’t go.
I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright.
In return, make sure to come next time.
You’re the only one here who sincerely takes care of me.
I like you.”

I smiled a little.
I was cringing from seeing the conversation I had written coming out of my mouth like this.


The eyes of the kind Evan twinkled as if his heart was moved, and he suddenly began to put food on my plate.
If that wasn’t enough, he spread marmalade jam on the bread very enthusiastically and even brought it close to my mouth and waited.

“My little sister, eat a lot and be strong.

I’m sorry, but eating a lot won’t make Celina stronger.
She can’t even eat a lot because she has a small appetite.
I reluctantly took a bite of the bread Evan was giving me.

“The imperial family called us.
We are to visit them next week.”

Elijah brought up the main topic of the day.
Ooh, it keeps progressing like the story.
I chewed the bread in silence.
I didn’t want to eat, but I didn’t have anything to do other than this.

“Weren’t we going there anyway because of the Princess’ coming-of-age ceremony? I don’t know about our sister who gets called to that place periodically, but why are they even inviting us again?”

Elizabeth, who had been looking at Mikael, turned her gaze completely towards Elijah.

“They asked us to come and see the opera.”

“So, it’s an opera.
Even so, only people who wear masks live there.”

Hendrik said sarcastically.
It was not strange that these wizards were so wary of the imperial family.

“Come to think of it, the Princess’ coming-of-age ceremony is in May, isn’t it, Master?”

Mikael asked.
Elijah nodded lightly.

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