Chapter 8: Go Do It at My House [Xu Xu]

The result of being romantic in the cinema was that, when the two came out, they discovered that it was raining hard outside.

Xu Xu’s action of holding her face froze as she stared at the curtain of rain and went, “Ah.”

Neither of them brought an umbrella.

At 2 AM, all the convenience stores had closed.

Xu Xu lowered her head to look at the long white cotton dress she was wearing and fell into silence.


Lu Teng thought for a bit and said, “I’ll give you my shirt, and we will run to the car together.”

Xu Xu glanced at him, lowered her head, and kicked the ground.
“Then you’re going to streak?”

When she was hugged by him just now, she felt it.
He wasn’t wearing anything else underneath.

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“You want me to wear it back?”


Xu Xu turned to look at the rain outside the window.
The bit of awkwardness she had from the kiss had already been suppressed, she was very calm.
“If not, then you want to do something immoral?”

Lu Teng unfathomably laughed, but still obediently put on the clothes.

The two waited in the car for ten minutes, but the rain showed no signs of letting up and got heavier instead.

Xu Xu was a bit upset.
“Sorry, if I knew, I wouldn’t have invited you out.”

He had just been on a plane for over ten hours, then watched a two and a half hour movie, even a person of iron would be at their limit.

Lu Teng stroked her soft long hair.
“What are you apologizing for?”

Only when he touched her hair did he realize that the right side of her head was completely wet.
From her hair to her shoulders, the entire area was wet.

“You were exposed to the rain? Why didn’t you say anything?”

Xu Xu hadn’t noticed and touched her right shoulder.
“Just a little bit, it’s okay.”

Under many years of training from Miss Li acting delicate, Lu Teng felt that his girlfriend getting wet from the rain was a huge matter.

Even the normally fierce Miss Li would roll around in bed in pain, what more Xu Xu who was so slender and delicate.

He no longer waited and directly started the car.
“My house is nearby, let’s go get changed first.”


Xu Xu suddenly turned her head, her black eyes quietly stared at him for two seconds before she said oh.
“Does this mean, ‘should we go do it at my place’?”

“If you’re tired…”

Halfway into his words, he belatedly realized the colorful joke that Xu Xu just told and couldn’t help raising an eyebrow at her.

Xu Xu coughed and looked away.
“I’m just joking to lighten things up.”

Lu Teng squeezed the back of her neck.
“Don’t carelessly make this kind of joke.”


This is my first time telling it ah, the effect isn’t very good.

Lu Teng’s apartment was on the twelfth floor.

Since they got on the elevator, Xu Xu didn’t speak much, blindly following behind Lu Teng.

The second time they met after confirming their relationship, she followed him home.
Xu Xu felt like this relationship was on a rocketship.

Lu Teng took a key out from the pocket of his suit pants.
He turned around halfway and asked her, “Are you cold?”


Xu Xu shook her head, then hesitated and said in a small voice, “A little hungry.”

Lu Teng smiled, leaned over, and just as he was about to speak, the door to the right in front opened and a coquettish woman’s voice rang out.

Lu, you’re back!”

Lu Teng’s brows furrowed, he did not turn around.

The sound of slippers approached and a woman’s high reedy voice said, “I haven’t seen you come here for a long time! The property distributed small gifts for the Qixi Festival last month.
You weren’t here, so I brought it in for you.
I’ll get it for you in a moment?”

Lu Teng: “No need, it’s not convenient.”

“How can that be? It’s just a couple steps across the hall.”

The woman laughed happily and took two more steps forward.

At this moment, she saw Xu Xu who was blocked by Lu Teng before.

The woman’s smile froze and she asked, “Who is this? Your little sister?”

Her tone wasn’t friendly at all.

Xu Xu silently turned her body a little and looked over Lu Teng’s shoulder.


A very scantily dressed woman.
She wore a loose wide translucent smock, the shape of her underwear underneath could be vaguely seen, and a pair of shorts that just barely covered the top of her thighs, her dazzling white legs exposed beneath.

Xu Xu looked down at herself.
She still felt that her own legs were fairer and more slender.

It’s just that she doesn’t know if Lu Teng prefers more voluptuous women.

While the two women were sizing each other up, the man panicking inside calmly opened the door, his tone was no different than normal: “Wife, you’re not coming in?”

Xu Xu glanced at him and didn’t refute.
She gave the woman outside a shallow smile and walked in.

Two seconds later, there was the sound of the woman’s flustered footsteps.

Lu Teng stood in the entrance hall.
As if he didn’t know anything, he pulled out a pair of men’s slippers.
“Make do with these, I’ll buy you new ones tomorrow.”

Xu Xu didn’t bring it up either.
She changed her shoes and followed him inside.

This apartment couldn’t be considered big, but for a man living alone, it was more than enough space.

There was a long sofa in the living room directly opposite the LED TV.
On it were quite a few T-shirts and suit pants thrown about.
Scattered on the coffee table in the middle were various economics and finance magazines.

In the corner of the wall with the TV, a Samoyed that only reached one’s knees laid lazily on a cushioned pad.
Hearing noises, it swayed its tail, opened one eye, then slowly crawled back.

Xu Xu was a little surprised.

Lu Teng, however, appeared as usual.
He bent over to pick up all the clothes and tossed them all into the washing machine on the balcony.

Turning around and seeing Xu Xu’s wide eyes, his expression was unchanged.
“If a man’s apartment is really so clean that there’s not even a speck of dust, he is either mysophobic or gay.”


She couldn’t refute this.

Lu Teng brought out a new towel and toiletries from the cabinet.
“Bear with these for now.”

Xu Xu took them and entered the bathroom.
With both hands on the door handle, she stood for two seconds and still couldn’t resist.

“Your neighbor…does she normally come out in the early hours of the morning dressed like that?”

A smile slowly appeared in Lu Teng’s dark eyes, his face that was against the light was unfathomably gentle.

He came over and gently bit her lips, completing the action that was interrupted at the door just now.

After a gentle short kiss, he straightened up and lightly swiped her cheek with his hand.
“Don’t be jealous, I don’t go out and wander in the wee morning hours.”

Xu Xu’s ears heated up.
She pushed him away and ran into the bathroom, locking the door with a click.

Lu Teng licked his lips, feeling a little parched.


After showering, Lu Teng just happened to come out of the kitchen with two bowls of noodles in hand.
Their appearance was so-so, but they were praiseworthy in essence.

Xu Xu ate until she was half full in encouragement, her clothes had dried, and when she returned home, it was already almost four.

Xu Xu was a little sorry.
“Take a good rest when you get back, I will pay more attention in the future.”

Lu Teng disagreed, “No.
If you pay any more attention, I’m afraid we only see each other once in six months.
Moreover, I suffered no losses tonight…”

His voice faded and stopped here without continuing.

The ambiguous temperature climbed the car door bit by bit.

Xu Xu promptly said good night, opened the door, and got out.


Lu Teng sat in the car for half a cigarette’s time.
When the window on the twelfth floor lit up, he slowly turned the wheel and left.

Just then, he almost asked if he could go up and sit1.

Too damn beastly.

Not in line with his current persona.


[1]A pun! The word for doing it (做) and sitting (坐) are homophones, both pronounced zuò.
He would be asking if he could go to her house to sit for a bit, but it could also sound like he’s asking to do it, hence why it’s too beastly a request for his facade.

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