he newly bought underwear container was in a light colored long box, perfect for putting it at the bottom of the closet.

She pulled her underwear out from the pile of clothes, and carefully rolled them up like sushi standing.


After finishing hers, she glanced at the dark colored men’s boxers on the left side.
Licking her lips, she sneakily set the clothes that she had stacked already on top of them.

Before she could sigh in relief, someone suddenly spoke from behind her.
“I can’t find my clothes that way.”

Xu Xu jumped in fright, she almost fell head first into the closet.

She turned around.
Lu Teng laid on his side on the bed, supporting his head as he looked over, very much awake.

“Didn’t you go to sleep?”

Lu Teng patted the bed.
“I can’t fall asleep alone.”

He continued with the topic just now.
“Why didn’t you organize my underwear?”

Xu Xu’s face instantly flushed red.

“I did.
I put them away nicely.”

Lu Teng pointed at the box by her hand that was just put away.
“They have to be that way too, rolled up standing in a line.”


Xu Xu’s fingers moved.
Just as she was about to pick up the pile of clothes that was meant to conceal but made it worse, a pair of hands wrapped around her waist and directly brought her to the bed.


“Forget about it, I’ll take care of it myself.
Now, accompany me for a noon nap?”

The bitterness of the noon naps these past few days were still vivid, Xu Xu was severely traumatized by these two words.

She hurriedly pulled his hands away.
“I still have to wash the clothes.”

Lu Teng didn’t move, he was calm.
“I already washed them.”

Xu Xu: “I have to prepare lessons.”

“You’re on marriage leave right now, what lessons are you preparing?”


Out of excuses.

Lu Teng lowered his eyes.
He was silent for a moment, then asked with uncertainty, “My skills are bad?”

Indeed, every time it came to this matter, she was rather contradictory.

Lu Teng thought about it.
Except for the first time that was unexpectedly terrible, he personally felt that he performed normally the few times after that… probably.

Now, being rejected the nth time he tactfully proposed the matter, he was hurt.
He pressed the woman on the bed and asked unyieldingly, “How bad is it? Is it very bad?”

Xu Xu didn’t know how the topic turned from noon nap to bedroom skills, it took a long time before she reacted.
Her cheeks flushed immediately, the red color extended to her neck.
She was so embarrassed she wanted to knock him out with a smack.

Receiving no reply, Lu Teng thought it was more effective to communicate while practicing.
He pressed her waist and began to undo the pajama shirt…

At the crucial moment, Song Yuanyuan’s call saved Xu Xu.

She rolled off the bed, went to the bathroom to wash her face, and cautiously stuck her head out.
Lu Teng was currently sprawled on his back on the bed, one arm over his eyes, gasping to suppress his reaction.

Xu Xu felt that it really was a bit too much for her to be like this.
She heard that men were like this when they first start, they can’t stop once they’ve tasted meat.
She should be understanding, she can’t keep on hiding from it.

After she changed, she crouched by the bed and lightly kissed him at the corner of his mouth.
“Sorry, it’s been a very long time since I’ve seen Yuanyuan.
We’ll just have afternoon tea and I’ll be back very soon, I promise.”

Lu Teng didn’t move, he sounded depressed, “We’re continuing when you come back.”

He paused.
“Three times.”

Xu Xu was quiet, then she smashed him in the face with a pillow and fled with her bag.

The muffled sound of the door closing came from the doorway.

Lu Teng calmed down for a few minutes, moved his arm away, and stared at the ceiling, spacing out.

After a few seconds, he felt for his phone beside the pillow and searched on Baidu: How can a man improve his skills?

Links loaded on the page, there were plenty of similar questions.
Lu Teng felt somewhat comforted in his heart.

In the replies, most of them were ads for all kinds of  health supplements for men.

Some of the replies with many likes were “Just practice more with your girlfriend” and “The work isn’t important, the capital is where the flaw is at.”

Lu Teng: “…”

Just as he entered a state of deep self-doubt, the doorbell suddenly rang. 

Xu Xu had bought a lot of household items online these past few days, so he didn’t think it strange.
He casually straightened the T-shirt he was wearing and got up to open the door.

The door hadn’t been opened fully yet when a woman’s voice shot over: “How much longer are you going to hide from me?”

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