n the second floor.
“Communicate with my dream lover the matters done in dreams.”

“…Hey, what about your persona?”

Lu Teng: “Since it fell apart a long time ago, isn’t it better to be more honest with you?”

Xu Xu couldn’t falsely say no, but the whole time she was carried upstairs, her heart was racing as if a little motor was inside, almost like it was going to jump out.

Until her back hit the soft bed, she suddenly awoke, flipping over and crawling to the edge.

Before she could get far, she was pulled back to Lu Teng’s side by her ankle.
Turning over, a man’s firm chest entered her vision.


In just the time it took for her to crawl two steps, this person had already stripped himself.

Lu Teng leaned over and kissed her with some rudeness.
In their intermingling breaths, there was the smell special to a man.

The enthusiastic, dense, smell of hormones that made one’s face red and ears hot.

Xu Xu was a little overwhelmed, she pushed his shoulder with a red face.

Lu Teng was unwilling to spare her……[Laozi will not cultivate any longer!!!]

Lu Teng looked at her eyes, and chuckled hoarsely… He vaguely said, “Wash after doing it, it’ll be quick.”

At that time, he still didn’t know the meaning of having one’s words turn out to be tragically prophetic.


At eight in the morning, Lu Teng wore only a loose pair of trousers as he warmed milk in the kitchen. 

The phone in his pocket suddenly and ominously began vibrating.

Once connected, Lu Shan Chuan’s voice despicably sounded.
“Brother, does it feel good to be a real man?”

Lu Teng: “…”


Not hearing anything, Lu Shan Chuan went ‘ah’.
“You guys aren’t compatible?”

Lu Teng laughed coldly and hung up.

F*cking incompatible.


F*cking incompatible!

Lu Teng took a deep breath, he laid face up on the sofa, and thought about what happened last night, wondering just what went wrong.

Bad skills?

Heh, impossible.

His foreplay was very meticulous and thorough- a full half hour- and in the end, it was Xu Xu who couldn’t take it anymore and begged him through tears.

When he entered, she didn’t really shout in pain either.
Contrarily, it was Lu Teng who was so tightly wrapped that his scalp felt numb.

But at the same time, he had never felt so good in his entire life.

Xu Xu hugged his neck, undulating beneath him.
Her smooth snowy arms swaying on his shoulders, like duckweed clinging to him for life.


In his ears were her quiet quick breaths.

[Prosperity, strength, democracy, civilization, harmony, 200 words omitted]

The author has something to say:

After the deed.

Xu Xu: Heehee, Lu Teng really loves me.

Lu Teng: F*ck! Where is laozi’s protagonist halo?! Is the virgin male trait useful to laozi? Shouldn’t laozi be gifted with exceptional endurance that will shock people?!

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