Chapter 10: CEO Daughter-in-Law

When Lu Teng called, Miss Li was making congee.
She stirred slowly with a wok spatula in one hand and held the phone in the other.

“Son, when are you coming back? Mom will steam a fish for you, okay?”

Lu Teng’s voice sounded a little like he was floating.
“Okay, it just happens I’m bringing the girl over today.
Tell the auntie to make a few spicy dishes.”

The corners of Miss Li’s lips stiffened.
“T-today? Why so sudden?”

“We just got the certificate, so we’re dropping by to see you along the way.”


Miss Li’s spatula was thrown on the floor with a clang.

Father Lu ran in from the living room in fright.
He hurriedly turned off the stove.
“How are you? So careless? Look at you, just cook congee if you’re cooking congee, what are you talking on the phone for!”

Miss Li foolishly stood for two seconds, then she reacted.
She gulped and said, “I might be a grandma soon.”

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Father Lu’s eyes widened.
“What? She’s been married before too?”


Miss Li’s voice got higher.
“What are you being fierce for? What’s wrong with having been married before? Your outdated way of thinking is problematic! Now, there is freedom in love! Discrimination against women is out of style now, got it?”

Bam, a hat (accusation) was put on his head just like that.
Father Lu grit his teeth, he changed the topic with a taut face.
“They got married in such a hurry, we don’t even know how many months along the child is.”

Miss Li did some calculating.
“Last time our son came back for dinner, his mood was already off.
If it happened at that time, then no matter what, it shouldn’t be three months yet.”

Father Lu nodded.
“That punk has some sense of responsibility, he didn’t cause my granddaughter to be an unregistered member of the household.”

“I think it’s best if the first is a son.
Big brother can protect little sister in the future.”


Thus, unbeknownst to the two parties involved, their child’s gender had been changed two or three times while they moved houses.

Four in the evening, the sound of a car engine came from the courtyard.

The two elders looked at each other and uniformly straightened their backs.

The front door opened.
The first to enter was their own pretentious son.
Wearing a light colored sweatshirt with sleeves pulled up to his elbows, he looked like he came back from playing ball.

Miss Li was full of disdain! What are you dressing so young for? Are you deliberately looking to annoy the girl?

Father Lu obviously thought the same, he tugged the corner of his lips and looked away.


Lu Teng who was inexplicably despised: “…”

The gazes of the two followed their son’s hand and landed on the girl that came in behind him.

A water blue dress, the wave-like ruffled hem lightly swayed against white calves.
Moving up, there was a clear and fair delicate face.
Fresh and bright, very temperamental.

Miss Li was taken aback.

The CEO daughter-in-law maintained herself really well.


Xu Xu was usually cold to strangers, but in private, her personality was the kind that was very well liked by elders.

By the end of the night, Miss Li, with a cup in her hand, was grinning ear to ear.

When they left, she even pulled Xu Xu’s hand, her entire face filled with unwillingness.
“How can you leave like this? I still want to ask you lots about how you usually maintain yourself!”

Lu Teng just happened to come downstairs from the study with Father Lu.
Hearing this sentence, he felt like he seemed to have forgotten something.

He looked at Xu Xu.
She was smiling and it didn’t seem like anything was wrong.

His heart relaxed and he went up and pulled his wife over.
“Dad, tell your wife to control herself.”


Miss Li: “…”

In the end, the two of them still stayed for a late-night snack.


On the way back, Lu Teng imagined the upcoming wedding night.
He was a bit unable to sit still.
He really wanted to pull out his laptop and watch a film to observe.

When he noticed that Xu Xu was too quiet, more than twenty minutes had already passed.

While they were at a red light, he turned and tapped Xu Xu on the forehead.
“What’s wrong? Are you uncomfortable?”

Xu Xu shook her head.
She was quiet for a moment, then said, “Sorry.”

Lu Teng: “?”

“I misunderstood you before.” Xu Xu looked at him with a complicated gaze.
“It turns out you really had such an ex-girlfriend.”

Lu Teng: “…”

“Did you not tell your mom that you’ve already broken up? She thought I was her the whole time.”



“No wonder she kept asking me if I was tired from managing a company and how I normally maintain myself.”

“Listen to me…”

“She’s a capable female CEO?”


“And she’s pregnant?”

Xu Xu: “I’m a little unhappy, can we sleep in separate rooms tonight?”


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