The amoeba felt it was surrounded by a large number of cells. In response, it made a large amount of tentacles, intending to counterattack.

The diggers attack power were not as good as the cone cells, but they made up for it with numbers, with there being more than seven hundred of them. They could also tear the outer membrane of the amoeba with their serrations.

Tactics…. planning….

Lin had every cell, including the observer, join the battle as these words appeared in its mind.

While the amoebas tentacles could take dozens of diggers, Lin in return would surround their tentacles with diggers and cones, cutting them off and releasing the swallowed diggers.

At the same time, acid ejectors would spray large amounts of solvent in the wounds caused by the diggers and cones.

While the amoebas outer membrane seem to be gaining resistance to the solvent, it would still feel great pain from the solvent directly injected into its wounds. The amoeba distorted its body and seemed to not want to try and devour the cells anymore.

The amoeba floated up, in an attempt to run away. Its body became wavy as it swam as far away as it could from Lins swarm of cells.


Looking at the fleeing amoeba, this simple idea appeared in Lins mind.

The diggers and cones pierced into the fleeing amoebas body with their sharp serrations. They began twisting, tearing off the amoebas flesh and creating many wounds on its body.

The amoeba desperately twisted it body, trying to throw the cells off it. It was quite effective, as the cells were thrown off the amoeba and weren able to catch up with it.

Lin let these cells eat the remains of the amoeba left behind, while the cells still latched on continued their assault.

This went on until the last cell was thrown off.

As the amoeba escaped it left a lot of sawed off flesh behind. While Lin did inflict great damage on the amoeba it was too big. It seemed unlikely itll die of its wounds. When the last cell was thrown off, the amoeba still had 70% of its body mass left, far from reaching its nucleus.

Either way, the 30% of it left behind, was enough to preoccupy the cells for a long time.

While Lin had the cells eat the remains, it thought about how to deal with the amoeba better.

Although the amoeba could deform its body into many shapes, this caused it to be very weak and fragile. Lins main problem was its large size, which made it difficult to deal with.

In the battle, it lost about half of its cells, which was to big of a loss.

Lin shouldve retreated earlier in the fight, but every cell loss also decreased Lins intellect, causing it to not be able to think of a proper plan.

Lin then thought of an idea, what about increasing the size of the cells?

Its cells can eat more food to grow bigger, but there was a limit in which itll divide. Lins cells could not grow indefinitely.

If Lin had a huge cell, it could rely on it to fight. If it just had one cone cell as big, no only half as big as the amoeba , it couldve easily teared the amoeba apart.

But how could Lin increase its cells to such a size?

Maybe the amoeba could give it answers.

Lin focused on the cells which were eating the amoebas remains and thought of an idea.

Since the acid injectors changed because of the solvent of the strange cells, maybe these cells will change if they eat the amoebas remains too-

… it hurts!

The sudden pain interrupted Lins thoughts.

From the observers point of view, Lin saw as a cone cell slowly eating food slowly sank to the water as Lin lost connection to it.


How did it die?

Form what Lin could tell it only felt a acute pain. If this was a virus attack, it wouldve lasted longer. If it was another cell, Lins observer wouldve saw it, but nothing could be seen.

Another body slowly sinked.

A new danger…

Another acute feeling of pain assaulted Lin.

Another cell started sinking.

An unknown danger….

Lin had a bad feeling, it had all the cells stop eating and gather together, surrounding the observer. The observer looked around trying to figure out the cause of this new danger.

This time, Lin saw a danger unlike any it saw before…

In the place where the amoebas remains floated, a wonderful, difficult to shape thing grew in the water. It shined with a crystalline shine, growing across the water. It stretched out numerous tentacles which connected with each other. It kept on growing, changing the blue scenery into a shining background.

The tentacles which protruded from it were not soft like the amoebas, and were instead rigid, twisting around as it covered everything in front of Lin. It was necessary to fortitude the side these crystalline tentacles came from.

This phenomenon….

A new vocabulary appeared in Lins mind.

Frozen, ice crystals.

These shining crystals things were called ice! Its constant growth was the freezing of water!

Moreover, the rate of freezing was quick, as Lin was thinking, the ice crystals had already made contact with Lins cell group.

As long as the cells had even slight exposure to the ice crystals, they would instantly be frozen solid. Lin would then feel a pain, and lose connection to the cell.

Are these crystals the reason for the sudden pain?

Although Lin now knew the cause of the danger, it still had no way to stop it. Even the acid solvent would instantly froze into a solid when released.

Lin couldn fight back…

It couldn escape…

It could only wait.

Wait for a miracle to come… or death.

Lin had the cells surround the observer cell, in hopes they would block the cold. After all, this was its only cell with vision and it needed it to live.

The ice crystals continued to spread without care, cells being frozen one by one. Lin lost connection to each one of them, it felt as its intellect lowered, and it felt a new pain… the cold.

Even though. numerous cells surrounded the observer, it seemed futile. The cold simply passed through each barrier of cells, freezing them as it went deeper.

Lins cells dropped to five hundred, then only a hundred.. until finally it fell to the double digits.

At that moment, the pain Lin felt suddenly disappeared, but the cold still remained.

The ice crystals seems to have stopped… why?

Looking around, Lin saw only ninety one diggers surrounded the observer.

They seemed to be resisting the ice.

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