Should Lin once again travel across the boundless blue ocean? Or should it instead stay at the wall of food and continue eating?

Of course, Lin decided to continue eating, after all there was no reason for it to leave so why should it? If Lin did leave, there were also many uncertainties and potential dangers. Lin didn want to take those risk.

As such, Lin decided the to devour the huge wall of food. With it, its cell group could maybe reach tens of thousands, no, it could maybe even reach over hundred million cells!

Lin couldn have ever imagined things at such a massive scale before, but with the growth of its cell group, Lins intellect was increasing by the second.

Lin didn think of one thing though…

The future…

Lins cells teared away at the huge chunk of food, starting in the hole it dug in the wall of food. The acid ejectors melted the food, while remaining cells would tear and chop away, gobbling up as much food as quickly possible.

Lins cell group continued to grow in size. When they reached about a thousand cells, Lins observer cell could barely keep sight on all of them.

Lin once again wondered why the observer cell could not produce other cells with vision. The cells split from the observer still seemed to be completely normal cells.

These normal cells will in the end, become diggers from digging away at the wall, but seem to never gain sight.

Just as Lin started feeling annoyed, a unusual object appeared in its field of sight.

A huge, blue object was hovering over the white wall of food. It seemed to be alive, and was constantly moving.

Its movements did not seem to cause damage to the food below it. Lin judged that the thing was not eating. The creature also looked very strange, with a body that did not seem to have a fixed form, and constantly changed shape. It was just like a….


Lin did not know why that word appeared in its mind, but it thought of a more accurate name at the next moment.


Very interesting name.

Lin did not have any thoughts of aggression as the amoeba was to big. About a thousand of Lins cells stack together would only be half of its size, as such it gave up any plans of attacking it.

Now thinking about it, why should Lin have to attack other creatures at sight?

But what else can you do but attack them?

Lin did not know.

Lin continued its observation of the amoeba as it kept contorting into different shapes. A small thing then appeared and slowly slid near the amoeba.

The little things were similar in size to Lins cells, but were oval and green. They were probably another kind of cell.

As the green cells approached, the amoeba suddenly reacted, as its body surface started protruding out like a tentacle, reaching out towards where the green cells were.

No its a lot less protruding like a tentacle, and more transforming a part of its body into a tentacle.

The green cells were not all that evasive, and were easily caught by the tentacle. The tentacle sucked up all the green cells, and the swallowed cells were slowly sent along the tentacle into the center of the body.

The amoebas body was highly transparent so Lin could see what happened to these green cells inside its body.

It saw as the cells were concentrated into a single area, near a black spherical object, which is probably the nucleus of the amoeba. The bodies of the green cells then began to shrink until there was nothing left.

The green cells seemed to have been digested. But what causes them to be digested?

Speaking of it, the same was true for the food Lins own cells digested. The food simply disappeared inside the body, Lin couldn tell what was causing it.

There were many green cells drifting around and the amoeba only got part of them. Many green cells also floated near Lins cell group.

Although these green cells themselves did not pose a threat from what Lin could tell, it was nervous. The amoeba seemed to be following along to where the green cell were.

It was also very quick.

The speed of the amoeba was much faster than Lins cells, and it kept moving towards where the green cells were.

Should it run away? Maybe counterattack?

Lin decided to not run away, it has gone through many battles and felt that its cell group was now very strong.

It felt it could face the giant amoeba.

With ninety seven acid ejectors, its self confidence was also very high.

The acid ejectors charged at the amoeba, and the amoeba seeming to realizing something was coming closer to it, accelerated its speed.

Lin was curious about the perception of the amoeba. It obviously had no vision, or else it wouldve already realized Lin was around. How did it know the location of food? It also isn touch, it somehow already knew the location of the green cells before it made contact with them.

The strange cells were also somehow able to react to things close to them too.

Lin had a desire to obtain this ability, as it still couldn split the observer cell into new observers.

The amoeba sensing the acids ejectors in its proximity, launched the first attack. It sent a large protruding part of it towards the acid ejectors, and that protruding part divided into many more smaller tentacles. The tentacles grabbed at the acid ejectors.

When the acid ejectors got close to these tentacles , they would spray a large amount of solvent on them. The tentacles reacted with a ulcer when the solvent made contact with them. The amoeba, feeling pain would then shrink back those tentacles.

As the amoeba was dealing with Lins acid ejectors, Lin dispatched its second attack.

It consisted of three hundred cone cells that were constantly drilling away at food. Thanks to this their cones had become quite sharp, with them even being able to drill away at food that once required the solvent to break down.

The amoeba did not stay still either and counterattacked. It gathered its small tentacles together making giant tentacles, which while still melting when in contact with the solvent wouldn be as affected.

Using these large tentacles, the amoeba caught some acid ejectors and sucked them into its body. While the liquid of the acid ejectors brought damage to the amoeba, it did not cause any serious damage.

By the point the amoeba was about to deal with the acid ejectors, the cone cells were already closing in on it. They pierced into the outer membrane of the amoeba and began spinning.

The action of rotating improving digging was discovered by Lin. This helped dig up food faster, with some diggers even evolving elliptical fins on their backs to improve the speed of rotation.

The drillers tore apart the outer layer of the amoeba into numerous small pieces. The amoeba did not retreat yet though, and instead tried devouring the cells drilling in it with its tentacles.

This was futile however as the cone cells had serrated edges and could cut through flesh easily, and some would simply drill holes out of the tentacles.

Some of the cone cells were also devoured, seemingly frozen inside the tentacles.

When the digestion of these cells began, it was painful, with Lin losing connection with the cell shortly after.

Lin felt its way of attack was the wrong way to defeat it. Even if they were both hurting each other, it was still impossible to kill something two thousand times larger then one of its own cells with its current numbers.

Lin continued attacking though.

Now, Lin even had the diggers stop eating and participate in the battle.

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