Lins cell group ate away at the huge wall of food. They have already dug a deep cave into it. Lin let the diggers dig in front, while the others cells ate the food leftover from the digging.

Lin wanted to see, what will happen if it dug down deep enough. There might be something interesting if it dug deep enough.

There are now as much as one hundred cells in Lins cell group, with thirty of them being diggers, but there was still only one observer. Lin was puzzled by this. Why did cells which split from the observer not have vision?

Putting that aside, now, one hundred cells were inside the deep hole Lin dug, eating. As for the strange cells outside, Lin has decided not to kill them after some calculations. Lin felt there were a few words to explain why.

…its not worthwhile.

Attacking the strange cells would probably kill a dozen or so cells, but eating the strange cells would only give Lin three new cells, so it was not worthwhile.

As the number of cells grew, so did Lins intellect, and it believed it would become even smarter in the near future.

As such, Lin decided to continue digging into the white wall of food and devour it.

As Lin went deeper and deeper in, it found that the food wasn as fragile or soft as the surface. Instead, it slowly became harder and harder. After a while, the diggers began to struggle in digging deeper. As for the normal cells, they couldn even do anything against the hard surface.

Although Lin wanted to continue to dig deeper, it gave up and looked back. It found that it was very deep inside the wall, and that the cave entrance seemed small from the distance they were at.

Suddenly, Lin had an idea.

Are the liquids that the strange cells release able to dissolve the food? If Lin was able to use them, it may be able to dissolve the hard food.

But how could it use those liquids? Its probably not possible to capture one of them. Lin then remembered that there was the cell which ate the solvent and only suffered some damage. They then split into slightly a different looking cell.

The new cell was darker in color, with a cell membrane not as clear as the normal ones. Unlike a normal cell, Lin couldn see the nucleus of the new cell that clearly as it was hidden behind its less transparent cell membrane.

After exiting the hole it had created, Lins observer cell quickly found traces of the strange cells. Lin found they did not eat and keep on digging deeper like Lin did, but instead only ate a little food off the surface then move on.

Speaking of food, Lin still didn know what to call it. All it knew was definite about it is that its soft and white. Its size varied from small fragment to being humongous like the wall. Lin couldn think of a good word to call it, so it just called it food.

However, Lin knew that food wasn just white and soft all the time. There were endless types of food.

As an example, the strange cells were a type of food.

Lins cell group swam above a few of them. The cell group was made up of the observer and the new cell, with ten diggers backing them up. This came at a total of twelve cells.

As for the other cells, Lin decided to leave them in the cave to continue to grow and thrive.

The strange cells had no eyes so it could not tell that Lin was above it. Lin knew not to get to close though, as they could somehow tell when Lins cell were near them.

There were about five strange cells in total, about one more than when Lin last checked. Maybe one of the strange cells divided.

Lin slowly swam to the strange cell closest to its group, and then let the new cell go first.

As the new cell approached, the strange cell responded, releasing a large amount of solvent from its holes. The solvent surrounded the new cell.

The new cell did not dissolve into goo like the normal cells. Only some signs of decay appeared on the cells outer membrane, but this didn affect the cells insides, with Lin not feeling any pain.

….the new cell had the ability to resist the strange cells solvent.

An idea appeared in Lins mind instantly.

It think it knew what was going on here.

The cells which split from cells damaged from rubbing against the food constantly became harder and gained a serrated surface. This is how the diggers came to be.

This new cell is also the result of a cell damaged by solvent splitting, and as such gained the ability to resist it.

What is this phenomenon called?

Thats right.. its….

Evolution! (G: this is not how evolution works.)

Although Lin did not entirely know what this word meant, Lin knew that with it, it could improve its cell group.

Lins thought were then interrupted by pain.

It saw as the new cell began to dissolve into goop. Because of constant exposure to the solvent the new cell began to break down. It seemed even if the new cell was resistant to the strange cells solvent, it could not handle them alone.

The strange cell seemed to have become exhausted, thanks to the large release of solvent.

This showed to already be much better results then before. Before, Lin had to sacrifice a dozen cells to take out one strange cell.

Now it only had to sacrifice one.

The diggers made quick work of the exhausted strange cell, tearing it to pieces. The remains were then eaten by the diggers.

Now to deal with the other strange cells.

Lin found a problem though, it had no new cells to resist the solvent.

Lin let the diggers who ate the strange cells split, which would probably produce a cell with solvency resistance again.

Unexpectedly, after waiting for the diggers to eat and split, Lin found the newly split cells looked strange.

The first difference of its shape. These diggers were no longer round, but instead had a sharp, protruding side. In other words, a tapered shape, with a thread of serrations.

It seemed more capable of drilling holes and digging.

At least the shape of these tapered cells made it think so, but it was still unknown whether these cells had resistance to the solvent.

Lin intended to have these cone cells attack strange cells to see if they did have a resistance.

There were only three cones, as although all ten diggers ate the remains of the strange cell, seven of them split into ordinary diggers. Lin theorized it was the amount of strange cell remains they ate that was the reason why seven of the cells didn split into cone cells.

Lin let two cone cells go towards the strange cells, while one stayed. It didn want the new cells to die like last time.

The cone cells drilled into the strange cells not giving them the time to release their solvent. The bodies of the strange cells burst open releasing large amounts of the solution.

One of the cone cells instantly dissolved, while the other had time to retreat with damage to its hardened membrane.

While the cone cells were not as resistant to the solvent, they seemed to have better resistance then ordinary cells.

Perhaps only damaged cells can produce cells with solvency resistance.

Lin then remembered its original purpose of being here. It was not to make a resistant cell but to somehow get the strange cells solution into the hole to melt the hard food.

Maybe it could try to eat and store the liquids somehow?

As Lin thought of ideas, its thought became richer and richer.

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