After learning of the word ”dangerous ”, Lin began to search for food more carefully.

Now that it had thirteen cells, Lin didn disperse them in a circle like before, but instead had them stay close to each other, moving along with the observer cell.

Lin was thinking of what it should do the next time it encountered those spike balls.

Escape? Run away? Lin still remembered how only one of those spike balls entered its cell, yet more than thirty came out.

What if it couldn escape and was surrounded by a crowd of spike balls?


How can you do a counterattack?

It couldn think of anything…

Lin needed to eat more food.

Lin continued to moved forward, and its observer cell spotted a strange, huge object in front of it.

The object was white and extremely huge. Lin couldn see where it ended or began, whether it looked up, down, right or left. It extended into the boundless blue, like a huge white wall blocking Lins cell group.

Lin made its cells touch the surface of the object to see what it was.

This soft feeling…


This huge object was all food? Such a huge object as this?

If Lin was to eat all of this, it would have an unimaginable amount of cells.


Lin let a cell membrane open, gently absorbing a piece of the wall into the cell.

The observer could see, and Lin could feel it. The piece of the wall slowly digested in the cell…

This giant wall was indeed food, and it was no different from the small pieces of food it had encountered before.

Just like someone who had discovered a mountain of gold, Lins cells jumped at the wall of food and swallowed it up. The only one not participating was the observer who stayed to look out for danger.

The pain that Lin felt before, it would never forget that experience. Even with such a huge prize in front of it, Lin did not dare to act uncaringly.

Although the wall was huge, it was soft. As long as the cells gently rubbed against the wall, they could scoop out big pieces of it.

In this way, Lins feast began, and its cell kept shoveling out pieces of food and swallowing them. After eating a certain amount, theyll spilt.

While feasting on the wall, Lins cells were like groundhogs, digging deeper and deeper into the wall of food and creating pits in it.


Lin once again wondered about the new word which appeared in its thoughts, but unlike before, the thing seemed difficult to understand. Lin could not understand the extremely complicated structure of this groundhog.

Lin decided to not think much about it.

After a while, a huge amount of food was devoured, leaving a giant pit. The number of cells also went up to 30. Lin noticed that cell which were digging deeper into the wall had changed.

It seemed that since the food deeper into the wall was not as soft as the surface, the cells which rubbed against the wall would experience a slight breakage in their membrane thanks to the constant friction. This led to a special kind of cell being produced.

The new type of cell was not only harder, but its surface also had jagged protrusions that made it easier to dig into the wall.

Lin decided to call these new cell, ”diggers ”.

Lin felt this new name fit pretty well.

Now, it had about fifty cells, with ten of them being diggers.

Even though the wall seemed to be endless, Lin had confidence that it could eat it all without any problem.

Everything is not that simple, however.

The observer cell watching the cells eating from higher up, suddenly saw a few oval shaped things.

These strange things also had cell membranes, but they were roughly three times as big as Lins cells. The body of these oval shaped creatures were also covered with holes. Lin had a bad feeling about them.

The amount of cells Lin had increased so much that it could instantly tell. These strange things were also cells just like it. There were about five of these cells and they slowly swam towards the wall of food. Surely enough, the cells came to eat some of the food.

The way these strange cells are was odd. They sprayed a green liquid from the holes on their bodies. When food came in contact with this liquid, it would dissolve into a goop. These strange cells fed by sucking these dissolved pieces of food.

Lin saw that one of the strange cells came close to Lins cells, and the green liquid secreted by it slightly touched one of the cell.

It hurts!

Lin felt pain again, it saw as the cell membrane of the cell touched broke down from contact with the green liquid, and melted into goop. Along with the dissolved food, it was sucked into the strange cell.

Lin felt the sense of danger again, and countless thoughts flashed through it.

Counterattack, counterattack, counterattack, kill, kill, KILL!


Anger, this was a new word that described how Lin felt. Lins cells rushed at the strange cells surrounding them.

The strange cells seeming to be aware of the danger they were in, started to sway their bodies, ejecting waves of green liquid. Several cells which were to close were instantly dissolved.


Lins attack did not end, more cells rushed up, and were dissolved once again. From the remains of these cells, jagged figures rushed out at the strange cells.

These were the diggers.

The jagged protrusions of the diggers stabbed the bodies of the strange cells, and the diggers began twisting around. Like teeth, it teared at the bodies of the strange cells.

The cell membranes of the strange cells were teared off in large pieces by the diggers. In response, the strange cells twisted around in pain not being able to damage the harder bodies of the diggers.

Lin noticed that the strange cells could only release a limited amount of the liquids, and they seemed exhausted.

The diggers did not stop their assault, tearing apart the outer and inner layers of the strange cells until they finally were able to slice away at their nucleus.

Joy, victory, happiness.

Lin felt these new feelings. These feeling felt the exact opposite of pain. Just like when it found food, Lin was satisfied.

Lin had some cells eat the remains of the strange cells. The materials of the strange cells which released those terrible liquids were no different from the white, soft food. The strange cells were easily digested, but one of the cells was damaged by the residual liquids left inside the strange cell.

Suddenly, the injured cells began to start splitting.

Splitting was a very peculiar behavior. It not only produced new cells, but also completely repaired any damage inflicted on the cell before splitting.

The new cell which split from the injured cell was barely different from the original. The only differences seemed to be that the cell membrane was slightly darker.

Lin didn know what special abilities the cell had, so it decided to leave them alone for now.

As Lin looked around, it saw a few other strange cells far away, eating as if they haven noticed the brutal massacre of their companions.

e they not conscious of their surroundings?

Lin felt it was very strange, but it didn care.

Now Lin had only thirty-nine cells as eleven of them were dissolved by the strange cells. Lin decided to continue eating so it could replenish its numbers. It would then begin its attack on the strange cells.

Lin now knew it had the ability to fight back, so it wanted to use its abilities to kill anything that brought danger to itself.

Lin continued to let its cells eat the white wall. It needed more numbers, more intellect, more power….

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