Lin saw the light, but what it saw was only light. All that changed from the previous darkness was that now there was also shining light… meaningless.

Lynn needed more detailed information then this , a more detailed image so that it could see everything.

As Lin thought this, the cells nucleus trembled and more tentacles sprouted from it, connecting to the hard object.

Lins vision wasn just light and darkness any longer, blurred images started to appear in Lins mind. First, only very turbid colors, but as time passed on, the turbidity faded and the image became clearer.

Blue… this was the first color Lin saw, then it saw a few spherical objects floating in the blue background.

”Are these… my cells? ”

As the image became more clear, Lin clearly saw the appearance of its own cells. Almost transparent membrane, a gray nucleus, slowly floating in the water, swaying with the waves… it felt very fascinating and peculiar.

It was nice to have eyes.

Lin observed the four cells around it, including the cell that had eyes, a total of five.

The only problem was that it couldn see what its eye looked like, so Lin decided to split the cell with an eye first. After all, the hard object was now part of it so maybe it could also split.

Lin started to look around for food once again.

Thanks to its vision, it could see its surroundings, but in addition to its own cells, all it could see was blue.

Blue, this was the color of water.

Suddenly, Lin saw something. A white, round object appeared in front of its cells.

The white thing was only a fifth the size of Lins cells, and felt soft like the food it ate before. Was it the thing it used to eat?

Without hesitation, Lin had the cell with an eye eat the object.

After the digestion of the object was complete, Lin continued to swim onward.

Thanks to its vision, Lin quickly found more of the white round food. It didn take long for Lins eye cell to have enough energy to split.

Lin felt as the cell with an eye began to split in two. It felt excited to see what its eye looked like.

Excited? Lin found that there was another new word in its thoughts. What did it mean?

It didn matter for now, the eye cell was beginning to split!

”? ”

Lin couldn see itself. It found that it could still only see from one perspective, and the cell which split from the eye cell was in front of it…

But it had no eyes, and Lin couldn receive any images from this new cell.

Does the division of cells not include the eye?

Lin did not understand this, but it could see a difference in the cells split from the eye cell compared to other cells.

The surface of the membrane of these cells seemed to have a small area that reflected light.


Thats right, thats the word, there was a small area of crystallized surface on the membrane of the newly split cell.

Lin didn know what its use was, it didn feel anything special from this little crystal. It wasn an eye because it couldn see anything.

Lin decided to move on to other things. In order for it to gain more knowledge, it had to grow its group of cells.

Lin directed the six cells to swim forward and look for more food.

The cell with an eye, Lin intended to give this cell a special name…


It sounded like a good name…

Observer used its vision to search for food. Unlike the other cells which had to get in contact to find food, Observer simply need to look at a direction to tell the location of food. When food was spotted, Lin would make one of the other cells swallow it.

As Lin gobbled up more food, its group of cells grew. Lin found as long as the number of cells increased, its thoughts would become sharper and it would know more words.

Once the number of cells reached fifteen , the surrounding food was exhausted.

It was now time to move on to a new location.

Lin put observer in the center of the group of cells, and had the surrounding cells circle it.

Lin wandered around the blue world, slowly growing on the way. It found it had not encountered something new for quite a long time.

The only things in its sight were water and food. Other than that, there was nothing.


Just when Lin thought this, it saw something special.

The thing appeared above the observer cell. It looked strange, being dark and round. It was probably only thirteenth of the size of one of Lins cells and was covered in spikes.

Should it eat it? Maybe it was food.

Lin made one of the cells go near the mysterious object, and then swallowed it.

Initially, Lin didn feel anything different. The object shook slightly inside the cell, and didn seem to get digested.

Suddenly, Lins cell started to twitch, and the originally healthily cell started to shrink. The spiked object began to move and plunged into the nucleus of the cell.

Lin started to feel a feeling it never felt before.

This was the first time it felt this feeling, but unlike before, it was not interested in this feeling. In fact, it wanted to get rid of it.

Is this… pain?

As the object penetrated into the nucleus, Lins thoughts were heavily impacted.

It hurts…. it hurts!

Finally, the nucleus of the cell shrank like the membrane of the cell, and the pain faded. At the same time the pain stopped, Lins connection to the cell was lost.

Did it die? Is it dead?

Lins cells surrounded the dead cell, Lin did not know what to do with it.

Dead… this was a new word which echoed through Lins thoughts.

It seemed that it wasn over yet though, as the dead cell began to swell up, and burst open. The black spike balls which caused the death of Lins cell rushed out.

There were at least thirty of these spike balls, more than the number of cells Lin had. One of the spike balls penetrated one of the cells membrane. Just like the cell before it, this cell shrank quickly.

”Im going to die, die, die, escape, fight back? Escape, run away! ”

Looking at the spike balls, countless thoughts flashed through Lins mind.

Lin retreated.

It had cells swim away from the spike balls as quickly as possible.

The spike balls didn seem to move autonomously, so they didn chase after Lins cells.

Lin kept swimming away until it couldn see any spike balls.

Just now, what was that? Those spike balls…

After confirming that it was now safe, Lin began to recall the situation.

It learned a lesson from that experience, the world didn just have food and strange object which gave it vision. It also had horrible things which could kill it.

It had to be more careful, Lins consciousness was produced by its cell population.

As long as one of these cells existed, its consciousness would also keep on existing.

But on the contrary, if there are no cells left, it would be the end of the creature known as Lin.

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