After swallowing two pieces of food, it was a little bigger and more powerful. It was also a little faster, all of which meant it can find more food and as such get more energy.

Devour, engulf, phagocytosis!

It almost swallowed up all the things around, and its body expanded by almost double its previous size.

It was still not satisfied though, it swam across the water, looking for more food to devour.

When the last piece of food was devoured, its body seemed to have expanded to its very limit. After devouring another piece of food, it did not continue to increase in body size. Instead, its nucleus started to slowly split, until the cell split into two.

It became two completely identical cells with the same spherical membrane and nucleus.

Its consciousness did not split into two, however.

Even as it was split into two cells, it still felt like they were both part of its body. It could control the two cells at will, as if it was moving its hands.

”What are hands? ”

Its thought seemed to have become enriched, with the extra nucleus improving its capablility to think. With this increase in intellect it had more questions.

”Who am I? ”

”I should have a name… ”

”And that name is… ”

”Lin. ”

It didn know why, it only had that word in its mind.

”Thats my name, Lin… it sounds nice. ”

Lin continued onward, and the two cells swam through the water to continue collecting food.

The more food it collected, the more cells it had, the smarter it would be, and the greater power it would have.

Since Lin had two cells now, it collected food quicker. Soon, one of the cells had enough food and entered the stage of division.

When the cell split, Lin became three identical cells, three individuals, all symbolizing the existence of Lin.

Lin could control them completely. Although they weren connected physically, it was not anymore difficult to control one of them then three of them.

Lin began to think of more questions, and quickly thought of the biggest problem at the moment.

The dark…

Yes, it couldn observe its surrounding situation. Although it could feel the water around it, it couldn know its conditions in more detail then that. As such, everything around it was boundless darkness…

”Eyes… ”

The word appeared in Lins thoughts, but it could not understand what it meant further.

In order to understand the meaning of the word, Lin tried to eat more food, but it realized the surrounding food was almost completely eaten. It was going to have to swim further beyond.

Three small cells with the same consciousness embarked on a journey…

”? ”

Suddenly, Lin found that the cell in front of the group seemed to have touched something. Unlike the food, this thing was very hard, and smaller.

Unable to tell what it was, Lin had one of the cells swallow the hard object.

”…it seems impossible to digest. ”

Even though the object was inside one of Lins cells, it showed no sign of shrinking. It simply quietly floated inside the cell.

It seemed to be useless?

Lin didn care much about it, it went on looking for food again.

It found a lot of food near where it found the hard object, but didn find anything similar to the hard object.

It carried on with its task of devouring food, and one of Lins cells was once again filled and split into two.

Lin now had four cells, but it still didn feel like enough, so it ate more.

By the time Lin had gained its fifth cell, Lins previous thought came back.

”I want to see… ”

”I want to see everything outside! I don want to live in the darkness! ”

When its desires became strong enough, the nucleus in the cell with the hard object trembled.

A tentacle came out of the nucleus, gently touching the hard object and pushing to the surface of the cell membrane.

As the hard object broke through the surface, a light shined through the darkness and flowed into Lins mind.

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