Lin has thought of this problem more then once.

Each type of cell in Lins cell group had a certain number. If all the type of cell died and the number went to zero, how could Lin get more of that type of cell?

Should it just do the same thing it did before to make them? For example, if you let a cell swallow solvent again, could you gain the acid ejectors again?

But what caused the cones to be produced? Lin still did not know what caused them to be produced.

But thats not the only problem, the steps in producing the cells could be troublesome even if you knew how to make them. What if Lin couldn get something thats needed to produce the cell? Was it possible for it to get the solvent again?

Lin didn think so.

Lin had to find a way to regain its cone cells and acid ejectors.

While Lin was think of this problem, its diggers have already eaten half of the amoeba, and their numbers rose, reaching a population of 699 diggers.

Lin began to implementing its ideas, starting with the storage of energy. Lin began by trying to prevent a cell which was already full from splitting and making it eat more.

How could you make a cell stop splitting? Lin did not know this, after all the splitting of cells wasn controlled by Lin and was instead automated. Lin decided to try to stop it by using its mind, forbidding the cell from doing anything Lin didn want it to do.

The attempt seemed successful. The digger did not split even when full, and continued eating the amoeba.

Next, was to try and store the food, Lin forbid the cell from digesting the food, and to just leave it inside its body.

It was successful, with the digger not digesting the food, but instead keeping it inside.

Lin did not expect it to be so easy, it was happy with the results.

Next, Lin made the cell keep on eating the amoeba, only allowing it to digest the minimum amount of food needed for activity. As the cell ate the food, it became bigger and bigger, and soon it was double the size it was before.

Storing the food inside the cell caused problems though, as it became slower and inflexible. It even started to become hard to tear off food.

While this made it difficult for the cell to eat more, this was a simple problem to solve for Lin. It simply had other cells feed the bloated cell, leaving it with only responsible for eating the food given to it.

Slowly, the cell started having interesting changes.

As it continued to only feed, the serrations on its outer membrane disappeared, a phenomenon Lin knew as degradation.

Its size also increased, becoming three times bigger then a normal digger. The pieces of the amoeba in the cell also started to dissolve but were not digested. Instead it turned into a kind of viscous liquid.

Lin didn know how these changes form. It was after all, not controlled by itself, but instead by the cells themselves.

Lin was not in 100% control of how these cells work, with splitting and other behaviors being operated by the cells. It seemed there were many mysteries about its cells it didn know about…

With its gradual increase of intelligence, it believed it could fully grasp these mysteries soon.

Lin also decided to give the new cell a name – the reservoir.

Lin could also have the reservoir split like other cells, but the newly split reservoir would be empty, and needed to be filled with food to turn into fat.

Lin felt good, as long as there were more reservoir, Lin didn have to be afraid of starving. This cell could not make up to much of Lins cell group though, as other then storing food they were useless, being unable to fight and moving very slowly.

The cell group continued to eat the amoeba. After a while, only 10% of the amoebas body was left. Lins cell group has already recovered its usual numbers, with thirty of them being reservoirs. With these, it was possible for Lin to move a considerable distance without the need to find food.

Now Lin wanted to regain its cones and acid ejectors.

Lin first tried to turn a digger into one of the two, using the same method it did with the reservoirs, of constantly thinking of turning the digger cell into them.

It didn work, the digger cell was still a digger cell even when it split.

Lin did not give up though, it tried numerous methods, from trying different things to trigger the evolution into a cone, to downright trying to squeeze it into the shape of one.

Of course, these methods failed. Lin felt it was very stupid to even try these methods…

Lin did not give up though, it kept on trying until one of its cells responded.

That cell was the normal cell, the cell with no special function.

This type of cell could only be split from one cell, it was the only one with vision: the observer.

The observer had not been involved in any special activity, so other then its vision, it remained the same, with cells splitting from it not even having its ability of sight.

These cells split from the observer were just normal cells. They usually evolved into diggers, but since it did not have time to become one, the normal cell responded to Lins thoughts.

Like a miracle, the normal cell began to grow longer, growing a tapered end like a cone, and a spiral of serrations.

It became exactly like the original cone cells.

Next, Lin tried to turn another normal cell into a acid injector, the results were just as successful.

So does this mean, even though normal cells had no special functions, it could evolve into other cells without having to be exposed to anything?

Can it evolve into other types other then Lins previous cells it already had?

Lin sent its thoughts to the normal cell, trying to turn it into a strange cell or amoeba.

…no response.

It seems the normal cell could only evolve into cells that were previously part of Lins cell group. They didn seem to have any shape shifting abilities, but instead recorded previous cells and transform into them.

But how did these cells record Lins previous cells? Did it have something to do with the observer?

Lin didn know, but since the biggest problem was solved, it did not care as it was happy.

Now, it was time for Lin and its cell group to explore the unknown!

The amoeba had been completely eaten, with its 1233 cells, Lin swam into the boundless blue ocean…

Lin had no real goal it wanted to go to. It didn know where it was going, there was just something attracting it in this direction.

It was warmth.

Swimming in this direction, Lin could feel the water become warmer, and it became more comfortable.

That direction seemed to be called above.

The closer it got to what was above, the warmer and brighter its surrounding became. Its cell group felt stronger, quicker as the water became warmer. The exact opposite of the sluggish feeling it had in the cold.

Just as the cell group rose, the observer who was in front found fresh food.

Above Lins cell group were a countless number of purple creatures.

They were oval in shape and covered in dense cilia, but were only half the size of Lins cells. They were quite numerous in number though.

They completely covered everything in the observers range of sight.

Lin calculated there were about ten thousand or even more.

This was another kind of cell, Lin could not think of a good name to call them so it just decided to call them purple cells.

These purple cells didn seem to care about Lins presence. Even when one of Lins cells were near a purple cell, they had no reaction, they were simply swimming up in the same direction Lin was.

If this was the case, then Lin decided to go up with these purple cells.

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