he blink of an eye. 

However, the number of enemies was still higher.
The enemy who should have become the seventh corpse came one step ahead of him and slashed at Karum’s back. 

“Hey, ‘Rum!” 

Karum turned to hear Abadd’s voice calling to him. 

At the same time,



Abadd’s sword pierced the enemy’s stomach, making a seventh corpse. 

“If you are grateful, call me ¹Big Brother.” 

Karum growled at Abadd as he responded. 

“What do you mean ‘Big Brother’? I’m older!” 

“Yeah, by a lot, two months!” 

“So it’s still not Big Brother!” 

“How dare you speak like that to your savior, ²Little Brother.” 

“If it wasn’t for me, he would have killed you!” 

“Tsk tsk.
Little brother is still a long way from growing up.” 

Swoosh-, Gasp-! 

As Abadd’s sword pierced the next enemy’s throat, Karum split an enemy’s head through his helmet. 

Thump-, thud!-

At nearly the same time, two bodies fell to the ground.
Abadd asked quickly, as he aimed for the next enemy. 

“Okay, I’ll cut you some slack.
Then let’s make it something else then?” 


“To repay me for saving your life.” 

“What are you talking about!? I’ve saved your life hundreds of times!” 

“That’s already a thing of the past.
If you think that’s not fair, why didn’t you quibble over it beforehand?” 

“What? How can you even say that!?” 

“So, what was it?” 

“… Huh?” 

Karum, who had been screaming until his face turned red, faltered for a moment. 

“What are you talking about?” 

“A method used by the Unknown Assassin.
You saw it, what was it?”

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“Ah, that…..” 


He cut one of the enemy’s necks.
Then, Karum removed the ax blade and struck one of the enemies who was aiming for Abadd’s shoulder.
Then, the two of them, who had just crossed the brink of death once more, continued their conversation as if nothing had happened. 

“What was it?” 



“He had no weapons.” 

Karum frowned. 

“I did a body search, but I couldn’t find anything.
There was really nothing.” 

“Isn’t it a kind of poison, not a weapon? Where is the weapon that makes only the eyes melt?” 

“There was no poison.” 

“I am.
Then you should have made him confess!” 

“You think I didn’t ask?” 

“So, what did the Unknown Assassin say?” 

“Don’t look at me.” 

“…… Huh?” 

Abadd stopped moving his sword for a moment. 

“What else do you mean?” 

“He said that I would die if I looked at him.” 

This time his mouth was slightly ajar. 


“That’s all?” 

Karum shook his head.
However, his eyes looked like he’d seen a ghost, then he found the enemy and made another corpse. 

Abadd got angry one beat later. 

“You son of a bitch ³Bear Cub! Is that the only thing you found out?”

“Then what do you want me to say? Even after a body search, nothing was found.” 

“Oh, so did you believe that? It’s obviously a lie! Don’t you know why the Unknown Assassin is called the Unknown Assassin? You don’t know why we’ve been obsessed with just that one assassin!? It’s because we have no idea what kind of technique he uses! But you said you saw with your own eyes and still didn’t find anything? Damn it, does that make sense? You should have made him confess by slicing off his fingers and toes!” 



Karum stopped talking and cut the enemy’s waist in half instead. 

Blood spattered everywhere as though he’d had failed to control his emotions rather than his strength.
Thanks to this, Karum was covered all over his body with the blood of the enemy.
Abadd had a disgusted expression on his face, and took a step back. 

“Go away, you Bear Cub!” 

Karum didn’t lose his temper, instead he had a disappointed expression on his face. 

“That…… I thought it truly could be the case.” 

Abadd made an expression as if he had heard the world’s greatest bullshit. 

“Are you a human being? No matter how much you resemble a bear, you’re still a human, right?” 

“I know, I know.
It’s ridiculous, but…” 

Karum bit his lip. 

Radan’s voice that had been clamoring for him not to look into his eyes was still clear. 

It was strange because it was too desperate to be a lie. 

He wondered if it was an attempt to run away, but instead of running away, Radan closed his eyes tightly. 

He did not open his eyes even once until the moment he was dragged back to the military camp and locked up in a dungeon. 

That was very strange. 

Karum knew that Radan had pretended to be blind, and that it was all a lie.
When he fled after killing Count Custer Radan didn’t look blind in the slightest.
He ran through the forest, for the first time, without hesitation. 

He was as fast and silent as an assassin.
As a result, he too suffered greatly.
If Radan had any stamina left, he would have missed Radan. 

“But why…… ” 

But why did you close your eyes like that? 

Why did you tell me not to look into your eyes so desperately? 

What was still so strange…is that he’d been worried since then. 

Abadd pressed Karum, who was drowning in thought. 

“But why, what?” 

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“…… I don’t think he was lying.” 

“Stop it!” 

Abadd clicked his tongue and ground his teeth. 

“I did too.
I believed him.
But this is the price, damn it.” 


 An enemy’s head was cut off as though to vent his anger. 

“I’m going crazy with rage.
I’m so pitiful and pathetic to be fooled by such lies.
Damn it, I can’t believe I’m telling you this! That’s what pisses me off the most.
Damn it! He was the Unknown Assassin!“ 

Karum felt that way too. 

After discovering the identity of Radan, he was so apoplectic with rage that his head was spinning. 

Nevertheless, when he thought about Radan as he was captured, he did not get angry at all.
It was just bizarre. 

Even after Radan’s identity was discovered, he did not demonstrate the appearance of an assassin at all. 

It was just Radan. 

No matter how slow-witted a person he was, he could tell there was no other assassin like that.
There was something about Radan. 

“Maybe…… ” 

“Maybe, what?” 

Karum murmured in an unsure voice. 

“I don’t know…… but there’s something though.
I think there’s something I need to know about the Unknown Assassin.” 

“Of course.
We need to find out what information he’s stolen and what he’s been scheming!” 

“No, not like that.” 

“Then what? What are you talking about?” 

“I just thought there was something.
That is…… I’m not good at speaking, so I can’t say anything…… Still, I think there is something.” 

“Well what are you talking about?” 

Karum grumbled. 

“You Bear, you are a very strange person right now.
How can you be saying the same thing as Sidris?” 

Sidris and Karum were complete opposites. 

Karum was the type to use his body quicker to use his head, and Sidris was always coolheaded.
Karum was intuitive, and Sidris was thoroughly analytical.

Two completely different people said the same thing about the Unknown Assassin. 

There must be something more.
‘There was something they didn’t understand at the moment’. 

Those were Sidris’s words. 

He gave an excessive amount of concern to the prophecy about Leshak.
The prophecy was said that Leshak would die by the bite of a snake, and Kemened’s assassin group referred to the Unknown Assassin as the Blue Snake. 

And they said a Blue Snake would bite Leshak’s heart. 

Sidris pointed out that before that, Leshak had dreamed of being bitten by a snake.
At that time Leshak said that it was a snake with blue eyes. 

Prophets, enemies, and the person in question. 

It happened at different times, but they all said the same thing.
Sidris thought it couldn’t be a coincidence. 

“It’s strange.”  

Said Karum, who was facing the enemy, as he tilted his head. 

Abadd was impressed by his bear-like stamina which allowed him to relax.
He then asked the reason. 

“Why?”  A

“If you’re talking about the Unknown Assassin and His Majesty, it is kind of strange.” K

“What? It all fits so well that it makes me feel awful.”  A

“That……the Unknown Assassin always uses the same method.
I mean by melting the eyes.” K

“Well?” A

“Then why did His Majesty say it would kill him by biting his heart?” K

“Oh……?” A

As soon as he heard it, Abadd’s mouth, which was about to say something strange, stopped at that moment. 

Somehow he knew the reason why Leshak said that his heart was bitten. 

The reason was right before his eyes… 

If you’re reading this anywhere other than Foolishtranslationss.wordpress.com, it was stolen from the translator’s website.
Reading this anywhere other than the translator’s website ensures that the translator may never translate any other works.
Thank you.


¹ (형) Hyung – is Korean for an old brother, or a male who’s in the age range of an older brother. 

-[I debated endlessly about translating this from Hyung to Big Brother (time I could have spent translating), but at the end of the day my creed is to not have my translations turn into a social studies lesson, so…if you disagree just mentality change it.]

² (아우) one’s junior/a male’s little brother – it can mean little sister too, but no on uses that way anymore.

³ Bear, means dim-witted – Cub, is used to belittle him as though he were a child.
It actually said kid/child, but I changed it cause Bear Kid/child, sounded stupid. 

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