Chapter 40 Clam Princess

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Curved Jade didn’t know much about the Fleeting Life Wisdom either.

According to the “Legend of Immortals and Demons”, snakes could transform into flood dragons after cultivating for thousands of years, and flood dragons could ascend into dragons if they cultivated diligently for ten thousand years.
And Ming Ye was an example of this.
From a little black snake, he painstakingly cultivated into a flood dragon, obtaining an immortal fate and formidable strength, then became the master of the Shangqing Immortal Realm.

Originally, in another few thousand years, he could have even become a True God.

However, somehow, after the Great War of Gods and Devils, he sealed himself into the Fleeting Life Wisdom.

Fleeting Life Wisdom—— 


Burning his own cultivation and blood essence just to build a dream, going through reincarnation again and again just to see the departed one in his memory.

It was really sad to see Ming Ye exhausting his cultivation, immersing himself in the Fleeting Life Wisdom for nearly ten thousand years, turning from an almighty being that nearly became a God back then, into an unnoticeable flood dragon at the bottom of the Mo River today.

In the Fleeting Life Wisdom was the true life of Ming Ye and all the memories that he had experienced.
Even if someone entered the Fleeting Life Wisdom and replaced the people in it, every major event would still happen and remain unchanged.

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The moon was as bright as water and Su Su nervously approached the person in front of her.


Outside the barrier, the night of Shangqing was as beautiful as a painting, and the eternal mist decorated the windows.
The girl’s clothes were scattered and the jade beads on her neck were shining.

Tonight, she had come with no intention of living.

Su Su tore off a piece of cloth from the man’s black robe and blindfolded herself.
If she couldn’t see his cold expression, she wouldn’t be afraid or stop.

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Everything in her vision was pitch-black.
She braced herself and caressed his eyebrows.

Like in her dream, his skin was slightly cold, like it was tainted by the unworldly2 mist of Shangqing.
Her fingers moved down and stopped at his lips.

She timidly held his face, almost trembling, and kissed the man’s lips.

Their lips touched and her senses were magnified in the dark.
She didn’t know what she looked like to him at this moment.
Maybe he found her extremely intolerable.
The girl’s delicate body lightly trembled and she nervously curled her toes.
Her skin was flushed pink and he must have felt that she was extremely shameless.

But the small Clam Princess had nothing left ever since the day she had saved him.

The man was motionless, his breathing somewhat disordered. 

Su Su thought, for a calm man like him to be breathless, he must be very angry.
He must be so angry that he’ll kill me after tonight, and when Tian Huan wakes up, he can be together with Tian Huan without any worries.

She wasn’t Tian Huan.
Tian Huan wouldn’t be as stupid and slow in cultivation as she was; She also wouldn’t be as pathetic as she was, and would surely be the esteemed mistress of the entire Shangqing.

She gently bit him in her desperation and panic.
From his lips, all the way to his Adam’s apple.


Ming Ye’s lips were cold, just like his heart.

She whispered in his ear, “I hate you, I hate you to death.”

However, the girl’s angry words were laced with a bit of longing that even she herself didn’t realise.
She was saying words of loathing on one hand and clumsily kissing him on the other.
Her kiss was sweet and careful, for fear of hurting him.

He was the True Lord of Shangqing and the guardian of the Eastern Immortal Region.
Everyone thought that he should be invincible3, except for his young lady admirers who regarded him as a delicate precious treasure.

They lay on the bed with their breaths intertwined.

With the black silk cloth covering her eyes she hardened her heart and searched downward.

Su Su was startled to touch a scorching hot temperature and her wrist was weakly held. 

“Get out!” He said hoarsely.

As his anger surged, even the mist outside Shangqing churned.

She was confused, and originally tears had wet the corners of her eyes, but now she couldn’t help but smile.

“Ming Ye, you don’t hate me that much, do you?”

Ming Ye coldly said, “The pink pearl will be useless in less than an hour, and then I’ll personally kill you.”


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She wasn’t angry, instead, she happily rested her small head on his shoulder.
“It won’t be bad to die by your hands.
But Ming Ye, I’m afraid of pain, so don’t kill me with a trident.
Don’t use real fire to burn me either, although it’s said that roasted clams in the mortal world taste good.
It’s best not to break my clam shell.
For the Clam Clan, a shattered clam shell hurts more than a human’s broken bone.”

The man remained silent.

“If you don’t say anything, I’ll take that as a yes.”

As soon as her words fell, there was a small sound outside and an immortal maid said, “Reporting to True Lord, there’s a strange movement in Jasper Lake4.”

Su Su hurriedly covered Ming Ye’s lips.
The immortal maid didn’t dare to rashly enter without getting a reply, so she could only leave.

Once she left, Su Su sighed in relief.
Her ear was pressed against Ming Ye’s chest, so she could clearly hear his heart beating much faster when the immortal maid mentioned the word “Jasper Lake”.

Su Su murmured, “Tian Huan is going to wake up.”

She removed the cloth covering her eyes, and just when Ming Ye thought she was leaving, she suddenly leaned in and kissed him on the lips.
There wasn’t a place that wasn’t soft on the Clam Princess’s body.
She was unclothed, and her pale, slender fingers untied his hair and sank into it as she kissed him to death.

His fingers could finally move and he clasped her shoulder in a death grip, instantly bruising it.


She softly laughed and buried her little face in his neck.

His hand tightened and there was the sound of a bone dislocating.
She groaned and went to bite his neck.
But she couldn’t bear to bite hard and only bit softly.
Lovingly, respectfully, and pitifully approaching him.


Her tears fell into his hair where he couldn’t see them.

In just a few hours together, she used the pink pearl that she had cultivated for a hundred years and shattered half of her shoulder blade.

Su Su got up from the bed.
She was barefoot and crossed over him.
The moment she looked back, white mermaid yarn skillfully turned into a dress and covered her body.

Her ankle bells rang.

She hugged the shell and gently reminded him with a smile, “Ming Ye, I’m leaving.
Be careful when you lead the troops tomorrow.”

Before she left, she remembered that he took etiquette seriously and carefully put her shoes on.

She stepped on the golden dress, “Don’t blame me for not wearing this.
It’s Tian Huan’s size and too big for me to wear.”

No one in Shangqing cared about her, so how could anyone specifically tailor clothes for her.

The small clam sprite walked farther and farther away and disappeared into the white mist.

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Ming Ye kept his eyes closed for a long time before he finally opened his dark eyes and fiercely rubbed his lips.

He sat up from the bed, got dressed, and intended to teach that ignorant5 Clam Princess a lesson.
But the heavenly light of Jasper Lake was too bright.
He frowned and finally headed towards Jasper Lake.

Su Su sat on the banks of Mo River.

A man in bamboo patterned mermaid silk came treading the waves.
He held out his hand and Su Su placed the relic in his palm.

The waves of the Mo River rolled and the dead river prawns could faintly be seen inside. 

Su Su hung her head and softly asked, “Brother, how is Father King?”

The man that was about to leave turned back.
He laughed and said, “You still have the face to mention Father King.
Don’t you only have that fickle and dull Immortal Lord in your heart?”

Su Su lowered her head, “I’m sorry.”

Curved Jade numbly looked at Pang Yi Zhi’s face in front of it.
So just how many people had entered the Fleeting Life Wisdom and what surprise awaited it next?

The man took several steps, but seeing the girl still sitting alone on the riverbank, he walked back on the water and reached out to place his hand on the top of her head.
But soon confusion, and a few hints of boiling rage could be seen.

“You married Ming Ye and he didn’t even help you get rid of the turbid Qi of the mortal world? A hundred years have passed and your cultivation hasn’t improved at all! Sang Jiu, what kind of life are you living in Shangqing!”

Every ten years, Sang Jiu would ask people to send the relic here, so this was the first time in a hundred years that Sang6 You7 had seen her.
He thought that his little sister no longer had a demon body, he didn’t expect for her to be just the same8 as she was a hundred years ago!

Su Su said, “No one bullied me.”

But no one paid attention to me either, no one cared about me and no one wanted to talk to me.

Sang You mockingly said, “You’re unruly in Mo River, but you don’t even dare to extend your claws and teeth when you’re by his side.
Does he know what stupid things you’ve done for him?”

Su Su raised her voice, “Brother!”

Sang You: “Hah, right, you want to bear it all alone.
Look at this rolling black water in the Mo River.
It’s all because of that jinx that it’s become like this.
Sang Jiu, you can’t make up for it, and you can’t make up for him either!”

Su Su softly said, “Brother, he’ll become a god in the future.”

Sang You’s face twitched and he glanced at her with a straight face, but this time, he didn’t continue to refute.

For gods in this world, how many years does it take to become one?

The Great War of Gods and Devils was approaching.
If the devil creatures went rampant, not only the Mo River, but even the mortal world wouldn’t be preserved.

Sang You could only angrily say, “Scram back to Shangqing, Father King won’t want to see you.”

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Su Su forced a smile and nodded, “I’ll leave now.”

Sang You didn’t know that she had nowhere left to go, and when she looked back, under the golden light of the relic, the monstrous black waves had subsided.

Su Su felt relieved.
She wandered around the mortal world for a long time and finally settled down in a small bamboo forest. 

The small bamboo forest was extremely far from Shangqing and the place  was protected by a small Earth Immortal.
She cleansed the spring water for the small Earth Immortal, making it sweet and refreshing.
In exchange, he took her in and let her cultivate in the bamboo forest.

Su Su knew that Ming Ye wouldn’t let her go after forcibly seizing the relic.
Maybe he would catch up with her at any time.

But she lived through the first autumn, second autumn and until the mortal world’s third summer, and Ming Ye still hadn’t come looking for her.

She hadn’t heard about the Shangqing Immortal Realm losing an immortal wife either.

These past three years, the pagoda tree flower9 had transformed into a spirit, and the little mushroom had even transformed into an energetic little boy.
Even the butterflies under the spring water were flapping their wings to chat about the gossip of Shangqing.

They said——

“Saint Tian Huan has woken up.
True Lord Ming Ye personally set up a guarding array for her and helped her cleanse the turbid Qi that had accumulated when she was asleep for a hundred years!”

That night, Su Su stared blankly at the moon all night and was absent-minded when cleansing the spring water, causing her to be scolded by the small Earth Immortal.

“At Saint Tian Huan’s birthday banquet, True Lord Ming Ye presented her with a natal magic weapon and a flowy brocade skirt.
I heard that the magic weapon is woven using cloud brocade with mist as the thread.
It’s magnificent and can use the spiritual energy of heaven and earth for protection, with evil spirits unable to invade.”

Su Su covered her eyes with mermaid silk and told herself not to be jealous.

“I heard that after the Great War of Gods and Devils, True Lord Ming Ye is going to marry Saint Tian Huan.”


“Of course it’s true.
True Lord Ming Ye is indebted to Tian Huan’s father and he has taken care of the Saint for almost a thousand years.
Isn’t it only right for the two of them to be together?”

No one mentioned Su Su, and Ming Ye had never spoken about her to the outside world, so except for Shangqing, no one even knew that Ming Ye had married a Daoist partner long ago.

That night, Su Su wasn’t in a daze.
It had been almost three years and she had learned to ignore the rumours about the two of them long ago.
She diligently10 cleansed the spring water, scooped it up, savoured it, and found that it tasted good.

Not long after, the Great War of Gods and Devils began.

The mortal world was in turmoil.
The small Earth Immortal packed his treasures and said to Su Su, “I advise you to leave.
This place isn’t peaceful anymore.
Many gods have fallen.
Did you see the golden light yesterday? It was the light of divine weapons shattering.
We should find a place to hide if we can, such a battle is not for us to participate in.”

Su Su asked, “You say…… gods have fallen? Then will something happen to the immortal lords?”

The small Earth Immortal said, “When the nest is upset, no egg is left intact11, the immortal lords naturally can’t escape from it.
Have you heard about the God of War of Shangqing Immortal Realm, Ming Ye? I heard that he fell into the weak water and his life and death is unknown.
Even he can’t defeat the Devil God, so it’s better for us to run.”

Su Su froze, “Who are you talking about?”

Without waiting for the small Earth Immortal’s reply, she had already run out the door.

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