Chapter 39.2 Fleeting Life Wisdom

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“Can she be even more shameless?”

“If she cares about her reputation, she should ask for a divorce.
Why won’t she consider it? Our Shangqing1 Immortal Realm is not a place for a clam demon like her to stay.
It is said that she came from the mortal world’s Mo River.
Do you know what kind of place the Mo River is? The black water is dirty and smelly, and one look at it will make you feel so disgusted that you’ll be uncomfortable for days.”

“You misspoke.
She shamelessly got married to the True Lord Ming2 Ye3.
The True Lord is now the Lord of Shangqing, we still have to call her Master.”

This sarcastic remark drew a burst of ridicule.


“Who doesn’t know that the True Lord deeply hates her.
It’s been almost a hundred years since they were married and he has never been to her courtyard before.
The True Lord married her for the sake of the Saint.
These past one hundred years, he’s been looking for gifts and treasures, just to wake up the Saint.
I heard that she’ll be waking up in a few days.
When that time comes, there’ll be no place left for the clam demon.”

Curved Jade had turned into a jade bracelet as it followed Su Su into the Fleeting Life Wisdom.
Hearing this, it deeply sighed.

It turns out that the demon at the bottom of the Mo River actually came from the Shangqing Immortal Realm ten thousand years ago.

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“Sang Jiu” was dressed in pink mermaid yarn, her two white and delicate jade feet were bare, and a bell was tied to her ankle.
She had an innocent look, but her outfit seemed extremely frivolous in the eyes of the small immortals.

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The women deliberately amplified their voices to humiliate “Sang Jiu”, making Curved Jade feel a wave of worry.

It also didn’t expect that in the Fleeting Life Wisdom, Su Su would actually hold the clam demon’s role.
This role wasn’t that bad.
At least it was better than a carp or a rock, but it wasn’t good either.

Sang Jiu was in a bad situation.
Her cultivation level was lower than everyone else’s in the Shangqing Immortal Realm and she was often bullied.

She loved the flood dragon Ming Ye, but he hated her.

Worst of all, the Saint was about to wake up.

If Su Su was lucky enough to replace the Saint in the Fleeting Life Wisdom, the difficulty of awakening the flood dragon would be more than a few levels easier.

Looking at “Sang Jiu”, who looked eighty percent similar to Ye Xi Wu, Curved Jade’s heart was overwhelmed with melancholy.
Because of the situation in the Fleeting Life Wisdom, Su Su couldn’t remember that she was Li Su Su and only thought that she was “Sang Jiu” now.

Even if Curved Jade followed her in, it wasn’t able to speak to or remind her.
It was just an ordinary jade bracelet now, so it was useless to worry.

Su Su steps paused.
The women assumed she was going to cry of loneliness like before, but to their surprise, she suddenly turned her head around, let out a ‘hmph’ and said, “Since you know I’m your master, you should shut your mouths.
Even if Ming Ye doesn’t love me, I’m still the mistress of Shangqing.”

After speaking, she splashed out the contents of the wooden basin in her hand and the wet mermaid yarn flew out, covering the talkative small immortals.

They screamed, and after tearing the mermaid yarn, they were boiling with rage7, “You……you!”

Su S’s face twisted wryly, “I-I-I, although I can’t beat you all, Ming Ye takes rules seriously.
If you dare to raise your hands to me, tomorrow you’ll be expelled from Shangqing!”


Their faces were red with anger.
Su Su ignored them, holding the wooden basin and not even wanting the mermaid yarn anymore, she walked towards the bamboo house. 

Once she entered the house, the smile on her face dimmed.
She sat at the table in a daze until the moon came out.

She changed into a dignified gold dress, properly put on her shoes, and carried a glazed lamp out the door.
The mist in the Shangqing Immortal Realm didn’t disperse all year round.
She waved her sleeve to brush it away as she walked towards the familiar yet unfamiliar palace hall. 

The closer she got, the stronger the bitterness in her heart.

When she saw the brightly lit place, she rubbed the spot where her heart was located and softly sighed.

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They say……the Saint is going to wake up.

When she woke up, Ming Ye would hate her even more.

Su Su’s heart felt extremely uncomfortable.
Because of this realisation, her pride made her want to turn around and leave.
However, thinking about her King Father and the people under the Mo River, she couldn’t turn around and go back. 

She carried the lamp and moved forward.
The small immortal maid curtsied  when she saw her.
Her actions were very respectful, but her expression wasn’t.
In the Shangqing Immortal Realm, Sang Jiu seemed to be the filthiest existence.
If it wasn’t for Ming Ye’s strict jurisdiction and serious adherence to the rules, she was afraid she wouldn’t have been able to live until today.

But because of this, she had always held hope for him.

The immortal maid said, “The True Lord has said that the Princess may go straight in when she arrives.”

Su Su nodded.
She didn’t enquire into the immortal maid’s tone and walked in, holding the lamp.


Behind the black hundred birds screen, a shadow sitting cross-legged was faintly visible.
Seeing him, Su Su’s heartbeat couldn’t help but thump faster, and a few hints of anticipation and joy seemed to grow in her heart.

However, when she thought about what she was here for, she disheartenedly slumped her shoulders and respectfully kneeled down, “I beg the True Lord to lend the Buddhism relic to the Clam Clan.”

The water of the Mo River would rise every ten years, and the bottom of the river would be in turmoil, causing countless dead or injured prawn soldiers.
It was no wonder that the talkative fairies would call the Mo River dirty and smelly, because this was the current sad and desolate situation.

No matter how much he hated her, once the ten-year period was here, Su Su still had to be thick-skinned to borrow the relic and help the Mo River calm the flood.

The man behind the screen slowly opened his eyes.

His tone was cold, with even a few hints of indifference, “Not today, I’ll lend it to you after nine days.”

Su Su was a little anxious, “But, the water level of the Mo River will rise tomorrow, something will happen without the relic.”

The other party’s tone still remained the same, “Tian Huan is going to wake up and she’ll need the relic to purify her turbid Qi.”

Hearing the name Tian Huan, bitterness filled Su Su’s mouth.
If it was the past it would be fine.
She couldn’t compete with Saint Tian Huan, and didn’t dare to do so.

But not today, she wouldn’t leave until she got the relic.

She pursed her lips and looked up, “Ming Ye, I beg you to lend me the relic.
I’ll immediately return it to you after I’m done using it.”

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The man coldly looked at her, “How long has it been? You’re still so unruly.’”


As soon as his words fell, Su Su was hit in the shoulder by the dark light of the array he’d arranged and let out a muffled groan. 

From behind the screen, the man saw the girl in the golden dress lift her face.
She smiled and wiped the blood off from the corner of her mouth, then almost mischievously8 said, “If I can’t call you Ming Ye, then I’ll call you husband.
Even if you beat me to death today, I’ll still get the relic.” 

To hell with his Saint Tian Huan.
If I don’t get the relic today, I’ll bring Tian Huan down with me9.

She got up from the floor and went around the screen, no longer bothering with those d*mn rules and stared at the man.
The moment Curved Jade saw the man’s appearance, its eyes widened incredulously. Who’s this man in front of me that looks eighty percent similar to Tantai Jin?! It can’t be right? It can’t be what I think it is, right?

Tantai Jin had actually replaced the immortal flood dragon himself in the Fleeting Life Wisdom.
Wouldn’t it be up to him whether to become a Buddha or a devil!

Curved Jade was very desperate. What else is there to do with this defiance of natural order! 

It couldn’t speak, and in despair, it suddenly came up with an idea.
Now that Tantai Jin replaced the immortal flood dragon, would he be able to feel his feelings?

Tantai Jin didn’t have the String of Affection, but the immortal flood dragon did.
Good fortune follows disaster, and disaster lurks within good fortune.
Maybe this time, the Fleeting Life Wisdom would allow Su Su to remove the evil bone successfully.

Curved Jade suddenly felt happy inside and was no longer in despair.
Their success or failure depended on this chance.

On the other side, Ming Ye’s dark pupils reflected Su Su’s current appearance.

Su Su said, “I know you hate me.
Give me the relic and I’ll leave.”

Ming Ye indifferently looked at her, “Sang Jiu, don’t think that this lord10 won’t kill you.”

Su Su thought to herself, “You will, of course you will.”

How could he pity her if he didn’t love her?

Su Su took out a pink pearl on her.
It was extremely beautiful and almost half the size of her palm.

Su Su nervously licked the corner of her lips as she was about to do something bad, “I know you’re injured from finding a spirit marrow for Tian Huan and you still have to lead the army to kill the Nightmare Demon tomorrow.
I won’t hurt you, I just want the relic.”

After speaking, Su Su crushed the pink pearl.

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The pearl turned into powder, passing through the array and falling upon the man.

Although Su Su’s cultivation level wasn’t high, for a hundred years, she had carefully cultivated such a pearl, so she could still immobilise the True Lord for a short time.

It was also Ming Ye’s fault for risking his life for Tian Huan everytime, and returning injured.
Also most of the people of Shangqing looked down on Su Su and treated her like a nobody11, including him who didn’t guard against her, which gave her a chance to take advantage of.

Su Su climbed onto Ming Ye’s luohan bed12.

His icy-cold dark pupils looked over, expecting her to be afraid.
After all, for a hundred years, every time he got angry she would quickly back off.
This time, however, she didn’t.
Her cheeks were flushed and she whispered, “I don’t have bad intentions.
Please excuse me.”

She undid his clothes, revealing the man’s broad and firm chest.

Su Su’s pale finger pointed at his heart and his breathing obviously quickened, purely out of anger.

“Today, if you take the relic away and let something happen to Tian Huan, don’t ever return to Shangqing Immortal Realm, and the people of Shangqing will execute you on sight.”

Her eyelashes fluttered and she looked up at him with her wet eyes.

Her tears were about to fall, but her mouth still stubbornly said, “In that case, it doesn’t matter if I don’t return, since once Tian Huan wakes up, you’ll want to kill me.”

Ming Ye’s eyes darkened and he didn’t speak.

Su Su took out the relic, and as soon as the golden relic landed in her palm, she hid it properly in her shell.

She sat cross-legged across from him, rubbed her eyes and whispered, “It has been a hundred years and this is the first time I’m this close to you.

“You must wish you could kill me right now.
That’s fine, since from now on I won’t like you anymore.

“Everyone treats me like a monster in Shangqing.” Her tears fell and she hung her head so that he couldn’t see them, “But in Mo River, I’m a princess too.”

She lifted her head, and with bright eyes, she timidly yet boldly looked at him. 

“Since you don’t want me anymore, there’s nothing else for me to be afraid of.”

Watching up until this point, Curved Jade was inwardly scolding sh*t, f**k, “……”

This can’t be right! What does Little Master want to do?!

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