s but I was too scared to turn around on the bed. This side of the bed was the part I detest the most, I preferred lying on my left hand side, but since I was on the left side of the bed, Id have to face the inside of the bed if I want to sleep on my right hand side– and risk brushing my body with Lucas, or just facing his direction in particular.

I pressed my head into the pillow and breathed out a long sigh, my bladder was starting to fill up and Id be pressed to empty it any moment from now, which means I was going to have to get up from the bed…

Ugh, my life is so shitty.

I curled into myself even more and tried to imagine how my life was going to look now that I was officially a wife. Would I have to start acting all mature like how a wife was supposed to? Was Luca going to want to put a baby in me immediately? Or was he going to wait?

I stretched out my cramped legs and puffed out a slow sigh before tugging my robe around me even more, to shield my arms and shoulders from the cold air blowing around in the room.

Different thoughts continued to flood into my mind and my mind kept drifting from one thing to the other until the whole thoughts became jumbled at a point. I blinked my eyes a couple to blink the sleep off the moment I realized that I was dozing off.

The bed suddenly dipped beside me and I jolted fearfully and gripped the sheets beneath my pillow as different dreadful thoughts started to flood my head. I felt Luca get off the bed and after a few seconds, the bathroom door got pulled open, letting a flood of light into the dark room for a fleeting second before it got quietly closed.

My breath finally whooshed out loudly and without any hitch for the first time since I got on the bed beside him last night. I was still too scared and frozen with fright to think about turning my head around and glancing into his side of the bed.

I prayed my fast beating heartbeat which was echoing loudly in my head wasn sounding loudly around the whole room because I was supposed to be asleep and not still awake with so many thoughts floating around in my head.

I squeezed the sheets and curled into myself even more as the bathroom door got pulled open once again, spilling a ray of bright light into the room which only lasted for a few seconds before the whole room got plunged into darkness. The other side of the bed dipped and I instinctively shifted towards the very edge of the bed again, my whole body pulled tight and my heart racing fast.

I waited and waited, expecting the worst.

Once nothing happened again, I was able to start breathing more fully after a while, unlike how I was only taking in tiny breaths while waiting for Luca to pounce.

I started thinking about different things again, and again. Slightly moving my legs forward to take out the numbness that was starting to spread out. My thoughts started to jumble up and blend into each other confusingly at a point, I tried to sort the thoughts out and figure out which one was which, but they kept mixing up and blending into each other until I finally fell asleep, my fingers still clutching the sheets beneath my pillow tightly.


When I slowly came back to consciousness, I refused to peel my eyes open until after waiting a few minutes for some unknown reason. My heart was pounding against the walls of my chest as I slowly blinked my eyes open.

The first thing I did was to slowly turn my head around on the pillow to check the other side of the bed. The empty spot I was greeted made a harsh, relived breath whoosh out of my mouth. I fell back against my pillow and dragged in a long breath as everything started to register in my head.

I cannot believe I have been able to fall asleep.

I slowly sat up and the loud ringing in my head made me lay my head back against the pillow for a few more minutes before finally lifting into a sitting position, more slowly.

I pulled open my robe to check if everything was still in place and breathed out a tiny sigh on noticing no difference on how it was now, compared to how it was last night.

So he ended up not doing a thing to me.

Thats… new.

I pushed myself off the bed and quickly headed to the bathroom to offload my bladder which I had been holding onto since the middle of the night. I paused outside the door and held my breath as a thought suddenly popped into my head.

What if he was currently using the bathroom?

I waited behind the door for a few slow seconds before lifting my hand and quietly knocking against the door. I repeated the motion a few more times until I was sure the bathroom was empty before making my way into it and carefully shutting it behind me.

Once I was done offloading my bladder, I stood before the huge mirror in the bathroom and twisted my lips from side to side. Compared to the smaller, rectangular mirror in the bathrooms back at home, the one I was currently staring into was almost floor length, starting from the high roof, and coming down to the ends of my knees.

I lifted my hands and watched myself in the mirror as I slowly braided my hair into a single piece before tying it up in the middle of my head to keep it from getting soaked in the shower I planned on taking in a few minutes.

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