was going to find. What if he was staring at me with so much anger pouring off those unnerving eyes of his? Or what if he had already gotten completely naked in preparation for what was going to take place between us tonight? Or what if…

A quiet stuttered breath puffed out my lips as I felt him pull my hands off the sheets I had tightly fisted a few minutes ago, and next thing I knew, I was being moved on the bed.

To the center? Where he was going to do it?

I couldn help the second set of tears that spilled out the sides of my eyes and I tightly bit into my lower lips to stop a sob from slipping out unconsciously.

I felt my head being placed on a pillow before I finally stopped being moved and I held my breath again and awaited the worst.

”Open your eyes, ” Lucas voice commanded, the voice sounding close to my face and slipping into my ears immediately. I blinked my wet eyes open the next second as I couldn bring myself to disobey him despite the amount of fright stifling my fast pumping heart.

I blinked a couple of times before finally locking eyes with Luca, the whole surroundings of the room feeling bright and blurry because of the tears clinging to my lashes, as I stared into his grey eyes and unconsciously pressed my head into the pillow for there to be space between us, than there currently was.

”How old are you? ” He asked, slightly moving above me, which was when I noticed that he was slightly kneeling above me, his arms were on either side of my head and his face was a few inches away from mine. I ignored the way his big shoulders and biceps were making me feel extremely tiny compared to him as I tried to focus my overheating brain on his question.

”Im eighteen years of age, ” I whispered my answer, silently impressed in myself for not stuttering in between the words.

”Fuck. ” He quietly exclaimed above me and I flinched, immediately trying to figure out if I had done something to anger him at this very moment and coming up with nothing. He broke eye contact this time, staring at a spot above my head and I noticed the way his throat moved a few times in a swallowing motion while the protruding Adam apple protruding and way more more outlined than any one Ive ever set my eyes on. Father had something like that, but it was mostly covered in fat since he started putting on weight while my brother and I were growing up. I had no one elses to compare with Lucas since I had never seen any mans throat in this kind of close proximity– except my brothers, and his was barely outlined as hes still growing up.

”Sleep. ” He instructed the moment his gaze locked with mine once again and I blinked at him a couple of times, trying to confirm if I had heard him correctly.


Sleep as in, go into an unconscious state and lose all control of my body, leaving me in an extremely vulnerable state and leaving my body at risk of it being violated by him?

But sleep? He wanted me to sleep?

Or he wanted to wait until I went to sleep before pouncing?

I watched as he pulled his hands from either sides of my head and rolled his whole body over to the other side of the huge bed, keeping a wide space between us- which was when I noticed that he had pulled my body over to the very left side of the bed, instead of the middle I had thought. My eyes followed his every move while my heart stay pounding hard against the insides of my chest and I watched as he sat on the other side of the bed with his elbows on his thighs.

I blinked as my eyes took in the whole expanse of his back, the upper side of his back was very wide and my eyes immediately zeroed in on a scar in the left lower side of his back. It looked jagged and shrieked tightly together like the actual wound was way bigger but the scar then chose to not be as big as the initial wound. I had no idea what kind of wound the scar was form, I have seen quite enough gunshot wounds while growing up to be able to identify a wound from a bullet on first glance, but this one was quite… confusing and complex looking.

Wait, why was I suddenly analyzing his scar?

Luca choose that particular moment to glance behind him and I flushed red on mortification as his eyes locked with mine, I averted my gaze immediately and turned around on the bed, facing the other side of the room and silently praying that he had gone back to staring at his fists and meditating instead of staring at my awkwardly, curled position. My knees were tucked behind my thighs and I was very aware that my robe had rode upwards on my thighs along the line, but I was too frozen and scared to do a thing about it. I felt very vulnerable and wanted nothing more than to curl into a small ball beneath the blanket that I was currently on– but I wouldn dare move around on the bed just to get beneath the blanket.

Luca had asked me to sleep which my over analyzing mind had broken down into multiple meanings even though it only had one actual meaning.

It could be that he actually wanted me to sleep, because maybe he had suddenly lost interest in my body like I had feared– and hoped.

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