neck which a blue colored tie clung unto as the priest started the sermon. He held my hand although, the warmth of his palm seeping through the silky material of my hand glove. All what the priest preached about barely made it into my ears as I was worked up to the extent that the thumping of my loud heartbeats was echoing loudly in my ears, leaving a continuous ringing sound behind.

The ring bearer, who was a cute little girl in a blue dress which Ive never seen before, brought forth the rings and I picked up the bigger one and slipped the ring on Lucas ring finger while repeating the traditional vows along with the priest. Luca did the same, his large palms almost swallowing my left finger completely as he slipped the ring on my fourth finger- and then the priest declared us man and wife, without asking the crowd if there was anybody that would like to object to the marriage- not like anyone would even dare.

”You may now kiss the bride. ” The priest called out and I felt blood rush in my face and my pulse race uncontrollably as Lucas fingers reached for the edge of my veil as if on slow motion mode and unveiled my face before nudging my face up with a light grip on my jaw, leaving me no option than to finally stare into his face.

Our eyes locked for the first time and my heart stutter slowly as his grey eyes framed with curly, dark lashes lowered and focused on my lips. He leaned down and tugged my face upwards before lightly brushing his lips against mine. My eyes slid shut before his lips touched mine and I felt him press his lips firmly against mine, sending chills sliding down my spine and my heart thumping nervously against my chest as he brushed his lips against mine over and over again before pulling away as everyone started cheering loudly. I blinked my eyes open and our eyes locked again for a few seconds before I ducked my head the moment he released his light hold on my chin.

…and there goes my first kiss.

My heart was beating loudly and my lips felt tingly, I wanted to wipe the feeling off with the back of my palm but couldn since we were before a huge crowd, and I wouldn dare ruin my makeup. Luca took my hand in his and turned around to face the crowd- and the cheers went up even more.

I caught sight of my brother who was standing beside father on the front row of the crowd, a scowl on his face with his hands at his sides. I puffed out a breath and focused on the fact that Luca was leading me down the aisle this time- as his wife.

I was legally married to Luca Ricci.

My name was no longer Sofia Giuliani anymore. It was now automatically Sofia Ricci.

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