” The woman announced while waving her hand around the whole room. It was pointless of me to try searching for a small dress when everything here were the same size and almost the same style.

”Id go with anyone you feel like, ” I replied, feeling emotional drained all over again. I just wanted to get it over with at this point.

”Perfect. ” The woman nodded her head and with the assistance of two more women, they managed to pull off one of the huge dress off the mannequin. Thirty minutes later, I was in the dress, in the changing room filled with a floor length mirror on a part of the wall.

The dress hugged my waist snugly but was slipping off my chest a little due to the cups being a bit bigger than my breasts, other than that, it was perfectly fine in everyones eyes. It was armless and transparent in the waists area. Tiny sparkling stones were used to form different intricate designs on the transparent part of the dress, while the flare got designed with bigger stones.

All in all, it was a really beautiful dress, a dress meant to make everyones head turn, a dress meant to steal the full attention of the groom, a dress made to create a dramatic entrance, a dress that was made for the spotlight, all of which I was trying to avoid from the very start.

I breathed out a small sigh as I took in my appearance in the mirror, I couldn deny the fact that I looked good in the dress.

I hate my life.


The days came and went by in a blur, making me dread the wedding day as it got nearer. I barely saw father throughout the week except at dinner once and wed barely exchanged a few words. I spent most night talking to my younger brother, trying my very best to treasure every moment spent with him.

He had accompanied me to get my hair and nails done while the guards hovered around as usual, I was already used to doing almost everything with them breathing down my neck at this point.

A day to the wedding, mother has accompanied me to get my whole body waxed after a quick breakfast, we didn speak to each other until she asked if I was hungry at a point, which I wasn and that was it.

I was sitting beside my window that evening, looking up advices for a virgin having sex for the first time on my laptop, my mother and I never talked about anything personal and the only time this topic has been mentioned to me was in school during studies and thats that.

Different options came forth, all of which revolved around the girl being extra comfortable to begin with around the man- something I definitely wasn around Luca… heck, I haven been officially introduced to him, I had no idea what he looked like up close except for a few times that Ive seen him during some gatherings. Another option was lube for much needed lubrication, an option I knew was out of the question.

With a resigned sigh, I closed the laptop and leaned my head against the cold wall, there was so many emotions running through my head. I blinked once before squeezing my eyes tight. Ive shed a lot of tears since I got told I was getting married to

Luca to the extent of my eyes running out of extra tears.

This time tomorrow I was going to be sitting beside my husband while everyone wined and dined around me, then an hour later we were going to head to his house where he was going to…

I breathed out another sigh and forced my eyes open, refusing to complete the thought in my head. My clothes have already been packed by the house helps, I had no idea what was packed and what wasn , mother supervised it so I was sure all what I was going to need was going to be in it.

Father said I couldn take any of my books since apparently a wife wasn supposed to be wasting time away by reading stupid books.

I pushed away from the floor and made my way towards my adjoining bathroom, I stood before my mirror and stared at my reflection, my hair was done high on my head to hold the tiara and veil tightly, the skincare I had received today made my face glow, but my eyes looked empty and sunken.

I cleaned my teeth and headed back into my room, sliding beneath my covers and hugging to my chest, my favorite book which I had reread a countless times since I knew I wouldn be seeing it again after tonight.

It was going to be a long day tomorrow and the makeup artist and designers were going to be here by seven. With that in mind, I fell into a dreamless sleep with tears clinging to my curly eyelashes.

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